Speeding ambulance
Jonnica Hill/Unsplash

Aside from picking up a family member who is finally going home or going to experience the birth of a child, most trips to the hospital aren't usually ones to look forward to.

When you're a patient being admitted, chances are, an accident or a bad decision has led you there.

With medical professionals witnessing a garden variety of cases, there must be some cases that surely stuck out in their minds.

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Being a doctor comes with many challenges.

Long hours, challenging surgeries, icky symptoms or injuries.

The most frustrating challenge that all doctors find themselves dealing with, however, might be stubborn patients.

Patients who think they know better than their doctors, despite the fact that they haven't completed medical school or residency.

Or patients who simply don't seem to grasp what their doctors are telling them and constantly return with the same problem.

Often putting themselves in dangerous, possibly fatal, situations, and leading their doctors to wish that all their patients were just ever so slightly more informed.

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The Most Hurtful Things Medical Professionals Have Ever Said To Their Patients
Alexandr Podvalny/Unsplash

Doctors can both be the bearer of bad news by either confirming patients' suspicions about an ailment, or good news by assuring patients that their worst fears were just all in their heads.

In either scenario, one would hope medical professionals are empathetic when revealing a prognosis or providing insight into a patient's well-being.

But that isn't always the case.

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Doctor and Patient
Photo by Accuray on Unsplash

No one loves going to the doctor.

Een if we are merely going for a routine check-up, there's always the small chance that something might be majorly wrong.

Some people are so terrified of doctors and hospitals that it can sometimes literally take someone dragging them out the door, kicking and screaming, to get them to see a doctor.

Sometimes, when they arrive, they learn that had they waited even a minute longer, the consequences could have been dire.

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The only thing that is possibly more difficult than losing a loved one is being with them in their final days.

Or worse yet, their final moments.

When it's no longer a question of if but when.

No matter their age, or cause of death, when people know that the end is near, they will become reflective of their life and all they've accomplished.

And sadly, all the things they wish they'd done... or hadn't done.

The things they never got a chance to do or wished they'd never said.

Something that health care workers and home aids find themselves equally moved by as the family sitting vigil.

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