Cashiers Break Down Which Items Cause Them To Silently Judge Customers

It's human nature to have various opinions about the people we come across.

What sets us apart from heathens is that we keep our judgments to ourselves–especially when they are not of the flattering variety.

The people who probably interact with strangers the most are those who work in any type of service industry, and they should be good about keeping their mouths shut if they don't have anything nice to say about a customer or of their purchases.

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Part of being the boss/owner of any business is to make sure it’s run properly. That employees are working by the book, and up to a reasonable standard. Sadly, if some employees prove unable, or unwilling, to improve, then bosses often have no choice but to let them go. Most bosses don’t enjoy doing this, […] More

Pumpin' the tane down in New Orleans sounds sexy, but Tina and the group left out the part of having to deal with actual people. Those hard working people who work in the gas stations have to deal with far more drama than we could believe.

Redditor u/tylerpv10 wanted to know what all the petroleum attendants needed to share by asking.... Night shift gas station clerks of reddit, what's the weirdest thing you've ever encountered?

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