People Share Their Biggest Movie Related Pet Peeves
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The theater is a sacred place. There are behaviors that decent people need to follow.

Be quiet, pay attention to the film and respect others.

But, films can be filled with things that are annoying.

Why can't Hollywood find more originality? Who is writing the characters?

The same old isn't flying any longer.

Redditor freebird451 wanted to know what all the dos and donts when it comes to screening films by asking:

"What is your biggest pet peeve about movies?"


Cheap imitation of news network graphics lol. What really ticks me off is that many of these studios are owned by the same companies that own both the studio and the TV stations yet they can't nail graphics for news reporting segments most of the time? SMH.

CNN coverage graphics on Warner Bros movies are mostly spot on though. EnoughPM2020


Housing Issues. 

Everyone has immaculate, well decorated living quarters. TheGreatMongor

Or its exceedingly messy and the bumbling character tries to straighten it up.

Like, throw a few old receipts and a coupon book on the table. Maybe a key bowl with all the spare and extra keys in there too. CB-Thompson

Sexy Time. 

A couple will have sex and after just roll over and go to sleep like there's no clean up involved. BobSacamano86

Yeah this bugs me. Like at least pee after sex so you don't get a UTI. And why do so many sex scenes have the woman wearing a bra? Who has sex with no knickers but a bra on? The bra is the first underwear to come off. Smokeylongred

Maybe it's just that everyone in those movies is oblivious like me.

People in movies and tv will believe the stupidest, most unbelievable lies and will even roll their eyes at how weird the person is acting, but still believe what they are saying. OnionTamer

I might be one of those people you are talking about. I tend to be oblivious to everything and never really pick up on when people are being weird. Or if I do, I just say to myself they're being weird, and then go about my business. I've been caught by surprise parties for me so many times, and I never see it coming, even though people are acting so weird just beforehand. Maybe it's just that everyone in those movies is oblivious like me. GovernorSan

Useless People.

The classic sequel "let's add a character that came out of nowhere and make it mostly about them."

The majority of those characters are flat, annoying and the main character seemed forced interacting with them. Transparent-Paint


Boys & Girls...

Male and female counterparts don't always have to be a love interest, men and women can save the world and just be friends. mister1bollock

Can I take this further and say that not every movie needs a damn love interest? The one that immediately comes to mind is Wonder Woman. clemboy500

Terrible People. 

When characters that are supposed to be super out there looks-wise for narrative reasons just aren't. Usually it happens more with terribly ugly people not being ugly at all, but it also happens that amazingly attractive people are also not at all more attractive than anyone else in the movie.

The whole "take your glasses off and straighten your hair and you're suddenly beautiful and all is solved" thing is sort of a sub trope of that for me. Rahvithecolorful

Bad Guys....

How the main character can cause massive collateral damage and no one bats an eye. Addboiz

I like it when he kills a dozen minions, but is somehow redeemed when he lets the main bad guy live. 2243217910346


Just SECONDS.....

People who text in movies theaters.

But actual movie wise, when bad guys give a long ass speech to the good guy who's down, calling him names and insulting him and telling him your plan, all until help comes at the last second. Just SECONDS of shutting your greedy little mouth and the win would've been yours, you dumb fool. ireplytodumbidiots


The hammer cocking sound they use every time someone pulls out a pistol. Glocks do not have hammers. Hollywood stop it already. Gritch

Also the steel scraping sound whenever a sword or dagger is unsheathed. Like, are they all hiding rocks in their scabbards. pronoun99

I Need a Hero...

The hero gets punched and kicked in the face multiple times, and there's no swelling. Just a little blood at the corner of the mouth, which can be wiped away. In real life, your face would look like a bag of purple potatoes for more than a week. BobbyVolcano


"gun shot fake out."

I don't know what this trope is officially called but I call it the "gun shot fake out."

it happens usually when the bad guy has their weapon pointed at the good guy and goes to pull the trigger, the camera will then focus on the good guy closing his eyes to accept his fate, and then we hear the gun shot.

good guy opens his eyes and the camera pans out revealing that he's unharmed. we then get a view of the bad guy realizing he's in fact been shot, as he fall to the ground dead revealing a second good guy who was hidden behind the bad guys figure until he fell. Second good guy will then say some generic line like "I told you, I always got your back"

God! it's so overused, it makes my eyes roll. the thing is you can always see it a mile away too and it's not like many films/tv shows even try to mix it up or hide it. ThatKiwiBloke

Drives me nuts.

When there is an issue that could be solved by someone taking 10 seconds to explain properly, but someone else won't let them talk. Drives me nuts. athaliah

So Dumb. 

Whenever a character does something stupid that doesn't make sense in order to convenience the plot. Hypronic

Like nebula in infinity war xD "hey Pete, I know Thanos is subdued into a temporary sleep and we're about to defeat him, but I just want to let you know now that he killed your girlfriend. Oh you're going up to him aggressively? Oh okay, well I won't stop ya!" ireplytodumbidiots


When a gun is drawn in a movie, there is always a metallic sound effect when the gun moves at all. If your gun makes a clacking sound every time you move slightly to the side, YOUR GUN IS BROKEN. Lovebot_AI


​Roger Ebert calls....

Roger Ebert calls it the idiot plot device. Rather than 2 characters actually talk and have a civil conversation, they are just idiots and assumes the worst. This is what drives the story forward.

Character wasn't actually cheating, it was just a misunderstanding which they try to explain but idiot character number 2 doesn't want to hear it so idiot character number 1 just lets it stew and doesn't try to explain it at all until the end of the movie. insane__knight

Speed is what i Need....

This is just my latest one, but after recently watching Ford vs. Ferrari it is fresh in my mind. It is especially inexcusable in Ford vs Ferrari actually, but I'd say the Fast and the Furious movies are among the biggest offenders, which is maybe a bit more excusable since they are just silly movies all around.

And that is the idea that when in a car chase or maybe a race, you can be driving along doing your best to go faster than the other guy, but then he begins to catch up to you. So the only option left for you now is to suddenly shift into another gear which somehow makes you go faster.

Now, which way are they shifting? Up? or down?

And if shifting could somehow give you this added speed, why were you waiting to shift anyway?

The reason it is especially bad in Ford vs Ferrari is that it occurs in a race on the Mulsanne straight where both cars would be going flat out, yet somehow, Ken Miles is just flying down that straight keeping some extra gear in reserve that he doesn't use until the Ferrari catches him and he needs just a bit more speed. gcm6664

The Liquid...

When it's obvious there is no liquid in a coffee cup. like I can understand an actor not wanting to sip on coffee for hours if a scene is going to take awhile to film but jeez would it hurt you to fill it up with some water so that your actions look normal? ThatKiwiBloke

"you are the last of your kind"

My pet peeve with movies: corny lines/tropes like, "you are the last of your kind" and stuff like that. It's just overdone at this point.

My pet peeve about going to the movies: hecklers. We get it. You're funny (not always). Don't take me out of the movie with your yelling at the screen. And when hecklers tell a lame joke it just gets really awkward and makes me want to leave the theater. ThunderingSacks


Their trailers. Gives too much away or is a lie. missesr0b0t0

Trailers are one of my favorite things. I actually think there should be an award category for them at the Oscars because there are some that have truly been masterfully created. AshtonLinnea


There are behaviors that decent people need to follow.

Be quiet, pay attention to the film and respect others.

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