Pick up lines, often groan inducing and yet we love them for a laugh. But laughter at least breaks the ice right? Right??? Well some are just a little much although sometimes memorable. The absolute worst those writer has heard was so bad and said with such confidence it still solicits a laugh.

We went out as a group of women newly 21. One friend strayed from the group and was talking to two, very flirty, brothers at the bar. Whatever type of triangle they were thinking wasn't happening on our watch and we quickly got her back to the table. One of the men confidently walks over, flashes a smile, and holds his arms out proclaiming to us all “Come on, I'm a tube steak smothered in underwear baby!"

The second one was a man who acting all smooth looked me up and down and said "girl I like your resume." To which I responded, "I didn't apply for the position." They went for their shot so hard and to their credit I've never forgotten either of them.

Redditor triggeranimal wanted to hear the best of the worst pick up lines the Internet had to offer. They asked:

"What's a pickup line so bad it's awesome?"

Reddit delivered.

Musical chairs anyone?

I'd steal every chair so you could sit on my face. (Used on me once through text.) I responded with ‘I'd sit on the floor.’” Intenational_Fig524

They're not wrong...

“Do you know how much a Polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice.” Nuffsaid98

Not sure now to respond to that...

“You seem to have dropped something there... Oh, its your standards! Can I buy you a drink?" Smiles_will_help

schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC Giphy

Smack with dictionary, got it.

“My faves are 1: ‘when I saw you walk by it was like I was at the atm…..I had to check my balance’ and 2: ‘are you a dictionary?….Cause you got definition.’” triggeranimal

Laughter is key.

​“When I was in uni. I was drunk and sat down next to this girl at a party, and said. ‘If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put you and me together.’ She looked at me confused and I was like. ‘No that didn't make sense.’... She started laughing. At that moment I knew. The best thing to do is try and make people laugh. And not use a chat up line seriously.” Dr_Downvote_

Have you heard about safe sex?

​“Are you looking for a STUD? Because I already have the STD, all I need is U.” AGH8

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​Three for one...

​“Got three for y'all 1) Are you my pinky toe because I wanna bang you on my coffee table 2) Hey did I see you on Trip Advisor the other day? Yeah, I was looking for the best place to eat out 3) Sit on my face and I'll guess your weight. If I'm wrong, I'll eat the difference.dangerburns880

Extended warranty...

“I'm calling you about your cars extended warranty, we'd like to know if you could sit down with a representative this Friday afternoon at ___(Insert Restaurant here) at _o'clock. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day."​ high-im-stupid

Tired Hurry Up GIF by Sandro Cavazza Giphy

Mmmmmm no...

Hey girl are you a microwave? Cause mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm​.Birthday-Specialist

That got morbid quick...

Damn girl are you a toaster cuz I wanna take a bath w/ you.” Captain-Seahawks

Pick up lines at cheesy but not used seriously can be a way to break the ice with some laughs in the right circumstance. We'd love to hear your best one liners.

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