People Share The Best Video Games For Couples To Play Together

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After a long day at work or school, grown-ups and children alike love nothing more than to unwind by playing a video game.

Though, video games aren't always an activity guaranteed to bring couples and families closer together.

Indeed, parents and spouses are known for occasionally having to pry the game controls out of their spouses' or children's hands in order for them to do their homework and chores... or even simply pay attention.

There are some couples, however, who found a way to ensure that such an occurrence will never happen.

Which is to find a video game the two of them can enjoy together.

Redditor HornedOwlsNest was curious to hear which video games were ideally suited for couples to play together, leading them to ask:

"What is the best video game for couples to play?"

Divinity Original Sin 2

"Divinity Original Sin 2 was perfectfor me and my significant other since we are both intoD&D."-Jurelover


"My wife and I loved playing through it together."- woogachaka



"Portal and Portal 2"- Pm_me_fluffy_stuff

Dead By Daylight

"My SO and I play 'Dead by Daylight' as survivors."

"We get frustrated together when the killer is good, and we cheer together when the killer is bad."

"Perfect bonding experience."- NihilisticMind

Gang Beasts

"'Gang Beasts', trust me you will laugh yourselves to death."- CheekyFeller

City Beef GIF by Gang BeastsGiphy


"'Overcooked', if you love a cooperation challenge."

"It could also ruin your relationship."

"Also, for those looking for a similar experience with less stress, you might try 'Diner Bros', though I think it's only on Steam/PC at the moment."- Decimaelstrom

Castle Crashers

"'Castle Crashers'"- OpulentOwl·



"It’s for two people and it’s where people work together."- mcboy973

Happy Well Done GIF by LaffGiphy

Don't Starve Together

"My wife and I play 'Dont Starve Together' a lot on the PC."

"We both have our own PCs and it is such a great time."

"Besides DST, my wife and I love playing single player detective games where you need to solve an overarching mystery."

"We get addicted and we must complete it together and she usually watches and helps solve while I do the actual playing."

"They are a slow burn with hardly any action and are great to spend time with a partner on."

"Examples are, 'The Painscreek Killings' and 'Return of the Obra Dinn' as our two favorites we spent dedicated time together on."- LOSTonABC

So Many To Choose From!

"If your SO is into action games: 'Borderlands', 'Sniper Elite', 'Left 4 Dead'."

"Also 'Battle Royales'."

"If your SO is into non-violent games: 'Stardew Valley', 'Factorio', 'Minecraft', 'Terraria, Starbound', 'Don't Starve Together', etc."

"If your SO is not used to videogames: Story driven games you can play together such as 'The Red Strings Club', 'Oxenfree', 'Life is Strange', Telltale games in general."

"If your SO is into board games/party games: 'Monster Prom', 'Tricky Towers', 'Town of Salem', etc."

"Would also recommend: 'Dungeon of the Endless', coop tower defense dungeon crawler, and 'The Escapists 2', silly prison break sim."- Jurelover

They say a little competition is healthy in every relationship.

And is there really a better outlet to take out one's frustrations on your partner than Street Fighter

Then too, if the Black Mirror episode 'Striking Vipers' taught us anything, video games can result in some surprisingly sexy outcomes...

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