Singles Reveal The One Quality They're Looking For In A Significant Other

Singles Reveal The One Quality They're Looking For In A Significant Other

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We all can imagine our perfect match, but what makes them so perfect and dreamy? Everyone is has different tastes in what they like in a partner, but some traits have a unanimous vote.

saminthetardis asks:

What is the one quality you MUST have in a significant other?

Maturity is a must

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The ability to convey feelings and resentments maturely. Things don't always have to go perfectly, but when they don't I want someone who's willing to work with me to figure it out.

Laughter is an amazing tool

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A sense of humor. Doesn't exactly need to be the funniest person, but if I throw sarcasm at him or joke around and he takes it seriously every time, yeah don't know how I'd deal with that.

Showing interest in your interests

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Care about your hobbies even if they don't partake. I love gaming and Esports (in a healthy dose of course). SO is absolutely not into that stuff. But she still asks me about it every now and then. I have no intention of bringing her into gaming unless she wants to. But the fact that she cares and asks shows a lot.

Dig a little deeper

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Respect for who I am as a human being. This girl I dated legitimately didn't care about my personal life and what I did, unless it was something "interesting" to her. She got hurt when I didn't seem to care about things, but if you ain't willing to put in the effort to at least try to care, I ain't either.

Some people need the minimum...

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They MUST have a pulse.

Communication is key!

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Good communication skills.

Get silly with it

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This is gonna sound stupid but silliness. I get downright weird sometimes and if my SO can't get weird, too, and prefers to sit back and judge me, it's likely not going to work.

Roll with those punches

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Able to "roll with the punches". If something comes our way we should be able to plan/face it head on and move from there. Running away or blaming doesn't solve anything

Patience is everything

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I've been single for 8 years. I'm not going to know how to be amazing as part of a couple right away.

Get out and experience new things!

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A sense of adventure. I certainly know the value of lounging on the couch in my PJs with Netflix, but the routine kills me. Gotta be willing to do or try something new now and then.

You are a partner, not a jester

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They've gotta be able to entertain themselves sometimes. I've dated people who constantly had to be interacting even if we were watching a film or chilling, but I need quiet moments and sometimes want to get absorbed into a book, game or whatever.

Someone likes a challenge

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Must be willing to have heated debates about the dumbest, most non-consequential bs imaginable. Like subtle lifestyle differences.

Stinky breath is never attractive

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Not a smoker.

It's a bit judgemental, but I can't stand cigarette smell, and smokers just exude it everywhere. In their clothes, their breath, their homes usually reek of it. No thank you.

No one likes to be controlled

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He needs to balance with me. If he cant give me space and have his own thing going on, it's a no go.

No cats or horses!

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Gotta be human. Or at least passable as human.

This doesn't come easy for some people

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On the same money page

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The same attitude towards money that you have. If you're one of the YOLO types and your S.O. is all "plan our retirement the day we start jobs", it isn't going to work out. Nor the other way. And if you're a moderate, you need to find a moderate, too.

Beauty and brains is always a plus

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Has to be smart

Bare minimum right there...

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They need to exist, anything else is a bonus

It's good to be honest

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Honestly, sexual compatibility.

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