People Share The Best Unisex Christmas Gifts For This Holiday Season
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Tis' almost the season of giving, and some of us like to get a head start on our shopping...

Some people are just impossible to shop for. When in doubt, it's best to buy unisex and useful. Though Christmas is over a month away, it's never a bad idea to get ahead, and to start thinking of the tougher people on your gift list.

Redditor u/MrPartyPancake gave us some ideas for our Christmas shopping lists by asking... What's the best gifts you can give a person, no matter if they're female or male?

20. Gift idea compatible with USBs and Spotify playlists


"My brother and I (43 and 41) give each other mix CDs every year. It's my absolute favorite gift because he put the time and effort to think about it and make the CD. We've done this since college when we were too poor to get each other real presents."


19. This useful gift hits the nail on the head 

"Young adults who've moved out on their own often need tools for basic household maintenance. My uncle gave me a tool box when I was 18 and it was one of the best and most useful gifts I've received."


"My Dad gave me an awesome metal carrying type toolbox first year I was on my own. Each year he'd give me some tools, hammer, ratcheting screwdriver, tape measure, etc. I have the most awesome set of tools for taking care of stuff now."


18. A gift that keeps on giving all year long

"If you know someone is into skincare or cool trends, subscribing them to a gifted monthly box is a great idea. My mother is tough when it comes to presents. I bought her a year-long subscription to Birchbox and she gets monthly samples of skincare, makeup, and hair products. It's tailored to her and she loves the little present that keeps on giving.


17. Anyone would appreciate this

"For the last handful of years I've asked for a Southwest Airlines gift card. I don't need anymore things, and I prefer to pick them out myself when I do, but I fly multiple times a year, so having a flight or two paid for is nice."


16. Redeemable experiences

"Lately I've been just buying everyone in my family a groupon or gift certificate for a cool local activity. Escape rooms, massages, dinner, a day at the zoo, ropes courses. There are a lot of great options.

People tend to be happier when given an experience rather than a thing. I don't remember what my mother got me for Christmas last year but my sister got me and my husband a pass to an escape room and we had a blast."


15. All that's missing is some milk


"One year my sister and I baked a whole mess of various cookies. We did two types of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, white chocolate macadamia, a coconut macaroon thing, brandy snaps, and decorated sugar cookies. We threw a few of each of them into cheap tins, attached a nice card, and mailed them off the next day to everyone we could think of."


14. For the cat lovers on your list

"One of my favorite Christmas presents was a self-cleaning litter box. It was made to roll to one side and a little drawer caught all of the clumps and strained the litter. So much easier!

I had no idea such magic existed."


13. Everyone has a favorite piece of luggage

"One year my godfather got me a small suitcase. One of those carry-on sizes. It's been 15 years, it's falling apart a bit, but I still use it all the time! Perfect size for just weekend getaway trips; ie staying at a friend or family's house, out of town for a football game, etc."


12. We all have cell phones, so this is perfect

"Portable USB power supply is handy for anyone with a phone or other devices."


11. A potentially very valuable gift

"I once had a boss who gave each employee a lottery scratch ticket. Everyone enjoyed seeing if they won or if anyone in the office won. Went over pretty well."


10. A one of a kind gift

"My grandfather died about 25 years ago. I worked in a trade for many years, bumped into a contractor who also worked with my grandfather when he was alive. Gave me a tape recording from his answering machine from the late 80's/early 90's of my grandfather calling this contractors office, and forgetting To hang up the phone while the tape was recording,

He orders lunch, orders an extra apple pie, cracks some jokes with his friends and jokingly busted some chops and never realized the phone was still in his hand thinking it was just ringing. I made a copy and gave it to my mother for Xmas. She had no clue. She cried."


9. Nothing like mom's cooking

"My Mom made my brother and I (m) a cookbook of our favorite dishes. That was 25 years ago; it was totally unexpected, but both of us use the books when the mood strikes to recreate childhood favorites Mom used to make. Our cookbooks are prized possessions now, and we both use them regularly. If your son can boil water and you can cook, consider giving this special Christmas gift!"


8. Keep your loved ones safe on the road

"My mom gives me a AAA card every year. It's my one of my favorite gifts because it makes me feel safe."


I get the young drivers in the family AAA and renew it every year. Its not cool or fun to open but they're soooo thankful when they don't have to pay for a tow truck or lockout. It always pays for itself, plus there's no waste involved.


7. Socks that will last

"Darn Tough Socks."


"Nice socks are the best gift. Expensive socks - real wool, a brand name like Tough Socks, SmartWool, or some other 'fancy' socks are an A+ gift.

Hand knitted socks are an A++ gift."


6. Books and booze (or tea, hot chocolate, etc.)


"My standard 'You won't tell me what to get you so here's what I settled on' is a book and a bottle of booze of some description. The booze gives me the opportunity to get them something I know they'll like, and the book gives me the opportunity to get them something I think they'll like, and that is personal to them -- especially if I write something on the inner cover that makes it unique."


"An alternative for those who don't drink alcohol is nice hot chocolate mixes, or syrups to mix with soda water for fancy sodas. You can even make your own, too."


5. There's no gift like time spent together

"When I was living 10 hours away from my folks (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away), my brothers once flew me home for Christmas to be my mom and dad's Christmas gift. It was the BEST Christmas any of us ever had."


4. People love when you pay attention to what they say

"Not very personal maybe, but I try to slyly find out if there's something they've been saving up for, and then get them a gift card for the store so they can put it towards whatever they have their eye on. You can do it in a low-key enough way that maybe they don't even realize they mentioned it, and it shows that you pay attention to them/know them well, which is a gift in itself."


3. Who doesn't love a day off?

"A day off.

Especially parents of little kids. Ironically, for "Father's Day", when my kids were babies/toddlers, my wife would take the kids to the kid amusement park and let me chill at home. Sweet sweet silence!"


2. I loved getting this in college

"One of the best things I've gotten were grocery store gift cards. I was just out of college, broke and the peace of mind I got knowing that I had one less expense to worry about for a little while was incredible.

My whole family gave me them, and I was able to eat and actually eat well for a few months while I got my finances in order.

Not really a fun gift, but it was the one I was the most appreciative of for sure!"


1. Make it personal

"Something personalised - doesn't have to be a lot

Buy a $2 wine/beer glass etc. (depending on their preference) and get their initials engraved into it for another $5 (you can get this done at most key-cutting places) or a symbol that's relevant for them. Most people are thrilled, and my father still jealously guards 'his' pint glass from a few years ago.

It turns cheap gifts into something that comes across as heartfelt and valuable."


Do you have a gift that you'd recommend for anyone?

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