Sometimes it is merely the thought that counts. One doesn't have to go into hock to shower someone with attention and material love. And often a truly creative and witty gag gift can go a long way. Now don't get me wrong diamonds and fancy vacations are fabulous but so are small, even "cheap" gestures. We can all use a good backscratcher. Or a heavy duty flashlight. And new pairs of socks and underwear are imperative. And who amongst us wouldn't love a 'Golden Girls' chia pet?

Redditor u/salawm wanted to know what gifts some of us would except when money isn't the objective by asking.... What is the cheapest gift you'd love to receive?

Soiled Love....


True story; I gave my wife dirt for our 10th wedding anniversary.

My wife and I tried to see who could give each other the cheapest anniversary gift. I called up a friend of mine, that went to the exact location we were married, and dug up a small jar of dirt and mailed it to me. I spent about $3 at Hobby Lobby on a tiny jar and some ribbon.

I won. CalmEnthusiasm

Risk it All! 

I'd love to just spend time with friends and play a full game of Risk. I'm at the point now where I don't really want things... I'd just rather spend time with people. AlexanderTox

RISK is only worth it if everyone is at the same playing level or on the same page. Imagine strategy like chess with multiple people. If one person gets it way more than the rest it's no fun for anyone. SuSpence11

Pickle Tickle...

A pickle wedge.

My wife came home from work one day and announces "I have a pickle for you if you'd like it." She saved the pickle wedge from her sandwich because she knew I liked them.

I'd marry her again if I could. superredmenace

Fidget Addiction.... 

My son (eight) fell victim to the fidget spinner craze this spring. So of course, I bought him one, because it's $5 and why the heck not? Anyway, Mother's Day rolled around, and he was so upset because he didn't have any money to get me a present. So he went into his room and wrapped up his fidget spinner (at the time, his most prized possession) and gave it to me.

I hugged him and thanked him immensely, and then asked if maybe we could just share it, since it's no fun playing by yourself. So he was happy too, and I didn't take his favorite toy. Fast forward a few months and we now have eight fidget spinners between us, because it's become this little inside thing where we buy each other one whenever we get a chance. SoraxvDingy



A handwritten letter telling me how much i impacted a student. I get a couple a year and they are always my favorite thing. jamin342

Lifes Go-to...

When you're sick and someone shows up with an aluminum casserole pan with comfort food. I don't even care what's inside--mac and cheese, shepherd's pie, hot dish, tuna noodle, lasagna, enchiladas, scalloped potatoes, or just some cheesy grits. A little note with good tidings and the baking instructions. It fills your house with a wonderful smell and fills your belly with hot food made by a human. That is how to make a friend forever.

Next time you hear that someone's having a crappy time at life, thoughts and prayers be damned, send them casseroles! It's like a giant billboard-sized message to someone that tells them that they matter and are cared for. CurlSagan

The Ole Standard....

Socks are always great. Seems like all my socks gets holes on them all the time. MeesterChicken

I have found that in terms of quality and durability, there is a big gap between cheap socks and expensive socks. Reddit

Sturdy socks: 'Gold Toe' socks are made with re-enforced toes so that they don't wear out too soon. The socks became popular during the Great Depression when money was tight but customers had a hard time telling them apart from other socks on display. Gold thread was added to the toes to help make them stand out. IndyScent

Those eyes....

For an anniversary, I woke up and my boyfriend threw a plushy owl on my face. Out of literally nowhere. He isn't very good with gifts or anniversaries, and we hadn't at all planned on buying something for each other. Realizing that he must've just seen that little plushy, thought about me (I love owls) and bought it for me was just the sweetest thing ever. I love that man so much. KimToq

Safe Home.... 

12$ cash from an old Australian couple to get home. The bus company wouldn't split my 25$ ticket between the 13$ I had cash and the 19$ I had on my debit card, they were behind me in line. I never even got their names. Not that they are ever going to read this, but thank you. EconomyViolinist

Sponsored by Pepsi....


i got a bottle of pepsi my little brother knew i was low when i was asleep so when he went shopping he snagged me one made my day. Ithasbegunagain

Hold ME! 

A hug. They're the greatest things on the planet. UnPhayzable

A sincere hug is even better. My crush gave me one about 4 weeks ago and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It also helps me sleep. (I have trouble sleeping due to anxiety, not because I am kinda creepy lol.) HappyGoLuckyFox

Wendy's Forever!


$10 gift card to Wendy's. I promise, I'll spend wisely. cricket9818

A Correspondence... 

A hand written letter or postcard, like, actually in the mail. MorasEscritoras

Love is in the Air....

For my son to say "I love you" for the first time. He's very good at hugging and kissing, so I know he does, but he hasn't really gotten around to learning the phrase yet (too busy talking about everything else, I suppose). I just can't wait to hear him say it. He's my favorite person in the world. Rainbowcoloredpoop

Time after Time... 

Time. There's never enough time to do everything that's needed let alone relax. ThisHandIsMyHand

Rock With You...


As silly as it sounds I really love rocks (and also crystals fossils). I'm always happy when someone finds a neat rock (and occasionally fossils) to give to me, I'm also the easiest person to shop for if you're going off on vacation cause I just ask for rocks. Once my friend brought me back a bunch of dead coral from vacation thinking it was just rocks which was also really cool! artificialn0cturne

You Gotta eat! 

I love getting food, it´s my favorite gift. A chocolate, a bag of chips, a beer ... that makes me genuinely happy, specially if you can share with the person that gave it to you. feto_ingeniero

Being Nailed!

Someone mentioned back scratches. YES.

My wife will simply not scratch my back the way I want for fear of hurting me, and I cannot convince her to do it harder or longer, despite the fact that whenever she does give me a bit of a scratch, I moan as if Heather Brooke is working her magic.

I'm not that physically fragile, love! Dig those nails in and WORK IT. xenobuzz

That's my Ice Cream!


Ben n Jerry's Ice cream. Some limited edition flavor. loganlogwood

A couple months ago I grabbed a few pints of B&J pumpkin cheesecake right before I figured they'd stop stocking it. A couple weeks ago I went to get my last pint out of the freezer and it was gone. Turns out my sister ate it. I was crushed. IcarianSkies

Love is in the Air.. 

Love. wildadragon

Thank you for going through and responding to all of the love ones saying "I love you" I noticed your name on an earlier one, and on this one too. Just wanted to thank you. QuitePugly


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