People Disclose The Best 'Didn't Know I Needed That' Gift They've Ever Received

People Disclose The Best 'Didn't Know I Needed That' Gift They've Ever Received
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Well, sometimes flashy, showy gifts aren't the way to go.

Sometimes you want to go the more "useful gift" route.

Redditor PenelopePew asked:

"What's the best 'I didn't know I needed that' gift you've received?"

Here were some of the answers.

Cut The Commute

"A door stopper on the end of a telescopic stick. Truly moving around in a wheel chair has been revolutionized for my mother. No need for anyone to hold the door."


Tick Shower Tock

"A clock for the bathroom. Wasn't intended for the bathroom was just a cute small clock but it matched my bathroom decor so it went there. It helped massively with time management specially for morning showers when I had no idea how long my showers were and used to end up rushing to get ready for work."


Like Heaven On A Cloud

"A good set of bath towels. My grandmother gave me a set as a graduation gift. I knew how expensive good towels and I knew she really had to save up for them, so I was thankful, but the same kind of thankful you are when grandpa gives you his dentures for Christmas.

"I'll be damned if I don't use those towels every day 7 years later (though I do need a new set at this point). They are very easily the most used gift I have ever been given."


Cat Control

"My nephew bought my wife a cheap plastic duck call. I have no idea why my nephew thought this a perfect gift, but he was 100% correct. It is now known as the 'cat whistle' in our house because the cats stop whatever naughty thing they were doing immediately upon hearing it."



"Two tickets to Les Miserables. I had absolutely no desire to see the show although my (now ex-) wife had been seriously hinting about it. When I opened the envelope on Christmas morning I was pretty pissed. She basically gifted herself. I was still pissed when I was dragged to the theater. The performance began... and I was in tears after ten minutes. It was just an incredible live performance and before we left I would buy the CD and listen to it for hours."


To Be Used

"My husband's aunt buys the most practical gifts you could think of! Every year for Christmas I'm excited for her gifts like she bought some insulated bags last year. The year before she got me a nice nail care set and the Rock file is perfect to use on my baby's nails! I never think of the things she buys but every thing she buys is super useful!"


New Hobbies

"My boss bought me a fountain pen with my name on it as a Teachers' Day gift. It's not even a quality one but it's actually my first fountain pen at the age of 20. I never knew I would be this obsessed, now I'm going to get myself a Lamy Safari and then even more. Prost, to expensive hobbies we've all not been able to resist!"



"My husband let me pick out this gift but my winter boots. They're probably ugly to some but they're lined with sheep's wool and they're so comfortable to wear and warm! I never found such comfortable boots and I wear them almost daily."


My Best Friend

"A kitten, from a total stranger. Yes, really. I wouldn't describe myself as much of a 'cat person', per se, and I wasn't even sure what to do with it at first. A few years down the line, and it's basically my best friend. A constant companion whenever I'm @ home. And to think I preferred dogs once, yeesh! :) "


A Little Bit Extra Support

"Insoles for my shoes. Hands down. I had never used insoles before, forgot they were even a thing to be honest. When i received them as a gift from my Mom and put them in my shoes was incredible. They make the world of a difference and helped A LOT with my constant foot pain from my insanely arched feet. Greatest gift ever."


When Frozen...

"A hot water bottle when I was living in an attic with terrible insulation. I went from freezing cold feet every night, to getting too hot halfway through the night."


"I now can't fall asleep without my hot water bottle. While it was a fairly inexpensive gift I think it's been one of the best gifts I've gotten in a while."


Toss $ Spin

"Salad spinner, having dry lettuce is actually seriously underrated."


"Mine doesn’t get the greens completely dry. What’s your secret?"


"Tossing and spinning a salad are different things, though."

"Before Hidden Valley became a thing, salad dressing was prepared in the bottom of the salad bowl, then you would fill the bowl with the salad ingredients and toss them in the dressing for an even coat before serving. Obviously, if you’re just doing oil and vinegar you could just pour over the top. But if you’re trying to make a fancy emulsion or something this is the procedure."


Small but Grand

"A small tool box from my father-in-law the first Christmas after I got married. I have used it so many times."


"You got to be careful, though. The small tool box my grandpa gave me has morphed into about $40000 worth of tools in my garage."



"A set of the complete works of Hayao Miyazaki. I hadn't even talked about his movies or anything, Mom just figured it'd be up my alley."


"As someone currently doing a 10 page research paper on the history of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli I wish my dad was that thoughtful. I've seen all of the films I can get my hands on and there are still a few more I need to see. I'm actually having to cut out When Marnie was There from my paper because I'm not sure I have the time to find and watch it!"



"When I was probably 11, my mother gifted me teal curtains and I absolutely hated them. Now that I’m an adult, I actually can’t imagine not having them because they really do tie the room together."


"My mom got me a new duvet when I was 12/13 and a second duvet she made into matching curtains, they were in hindsight pretty garish. But I’d shared a room until I was 11, so it was nice being given things that were just mine to make my space more personal. Seems an odd gift but for poorer families it can actually be quite meaningful."



"One of those plastic covers to use in the microwave... absolutely game changing."


"A plastic dome that is large enough to cover anything you put in a microwave. They help with cooking a bit I think but mostly they take the brunt of the mess that can happen when cooking stuff in there. That way you only need to clean the dome instead of the whole microwave."


20 razors...

"My mom used to get a bunch of stocking stuffers like razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Deodorant shaving creams shampoos and all that stuff. As well as stuff for colds. I never really thought it was all that exciting to be honest. Until I went to college and realized I had such a stockpile of crap that I would never need to buy it. It got to the point where I had so much, that toothpaste she had bought had been expired for two years."

"I currently have a stockpile of 20 razors and won’t need to buy anything for a couple years. It was a real lifesaver actually because when you are going to college you don’t realize you need to buy all this shit for yourself and it can really eat into your food and alcohol budget so sometimes you don’t think about it. I really grew to appreciate it in the end."


"why did she give me a knife?"

"It's kind of a weird one, for many reasons. About a year after my now-ex-wife and I separated, but before we actually divorced, she gave me a pocket knife as a random gift one day. It's nothing special, just a simple little knife. Unusual, since neither of us in our 15 years of marriage ever carried a knife, owned a pocket knife, or even expressed interest or desire in one."

"Every time I pick it up I still think to myself why did she give me a knife?' Holy sh*t I use that little bastard all the time! Get yourself a pocket knife - you'll be surprised how handy they can be."


Swiss Gear

"A small Swiss army knife! My husband is obsessed with them and bought me one to keep on my keychain. I put it on because it was a gift and to show him I appreciate it but since then I've changed my mind, that crap is amazing! It's got a small knife, scissors, screwdriver, tweezer and toothpick. I use it so much more than I could ever imagine!"


Yummy Yummy

"A steak quesadilla. Was going through a lot, had a bad day, life falling apart, but my brother brought me a quesadilla from Taco Bell once and it really turned things around. I kinda just saw that I have close people that think about me. Really gotta keep in mind that those small gifts can mean the world to somebody."


Sometimes you want substance over style.

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