Star Trek Gift Ideas for Him George Takei Loves in 2019

Finding the perfect gift for your favorite Trekkie can be complicated. But, we searched all over and found the best gifts for the men in your life.

Sure, you can always get them a cute card or something, but sometimes unusual or creative gifts are the best. And the best ones are fantastic Star Trek props and trinkets. And I'm sure your brother, boyfriend, boy who is a friend, or uncle will love everything from a drone to a bottle opener.

If it's their birthday, you might want to go all out (although usually, it's the thought that counts), but we also have small stocking stuffers or gifts that will help them remember how much you care. So whether it's just a t-shirt or something more personal, it's creativity and intention that counts.

Metal Earth 3D Model Kits - Star Trek Set of 2 - Klingon Vor'Cha Class & Klingon Bird-of-Prey

If your special someone happens to love Klingons (cause they are the best), and they happen to love building models and replicating their favorite starships these two will be a great gift! They can build both a Vor'Cha Class spaceship and a Bird-of-Prey. You know, just in case we ever need someone who understands Klingon engineering.


Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

For the pizza lovers out there we have the only tool you'll ever need. It's perfect for the chefs who love to command the kitchen with their own pizza recipes, or for those who would rather order delivery. It's also great for a "Star Trek" themed pizza party or to eat alone while you're binging your favorite Star Trek series. Maybe you can also get inspired by Troi's favorite desserts and have pizza and chocolate cake.


I Am Functioning Within Normal Parameters Coffee Mugs

Mr. Laforge: How are you Data?

Data: How am I? I'm functioning within normal parameters.

That is still one of my favorite quotes of The Next Generation. This heat changing mug is for all Data fans out there. As long as we have hot coffee or "Tea. Earl Gray. Hot" I think we will be functioning within normal parameters.


Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair

Your very own captain's chair from the original series to feel like Captain Kirk. Once it's inflated you will be inclined to say things in a dramatic Starfleet captain fashion like "red alert!" You'll be commanding your own bridge in no time. Although, maybe stay away from sharp objects when using it.


CafePress Starfleet Academy Drinking Glass

We all know that part of going to college is finding your favorite beer glass. Yes, even in Starfleet. Just because they were all studying hard to become the next Starfleet officer doesn't mean students don't know how to party. After all, even Jean Luc Picard was somewhat of a party boy back in the days. So, cheers! or "IwlIj jachjaj" as Klingons would say. Which directly translates to "may your blood scream."


Star Trek Starfleet Starships Vinyl Wall Clock

We all know those guys who seem to have just moved into their apartment. There's nothing more than a bed and maybe a La-Z-Y Boy chair. It might be a "men" thing but honestly, some people need to put a little more effort into their homes. Help them feel more at home by adding some personality to their space. This wall clock will ensure that they're always on time and happens to look incredibly cool. You could also give them a poster, but most people have those. A clock seems way more original, plus it has all the starships.


CafePress I'd Rather Be Watching Star Trek Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Star Trek fans are also on the go, but we all know we'd rather be at home eating snacks and binging Star Trek (although many argue between The Original Series and The Next Generation). They need caffeine intake to be as efficient as Data analyzing some mathematical equations. So, this is the gift that allows them to live their life on the go while being direct about their intentions. Because, yes, we'd all rather be watching Star Trek.


Monopoly Klingon Collector's Edition

Monopoly is also known as the board game that has separated families for as long as it has been around. And, that may apply to the whole galaxy. Now, imagine playing Monopoly with a bunch of Klingons that might not be so nice about losing. It sounds like a fun night that will bring the competitive nature out of anyone. The game is also bilingual in English and Klingon. Still, a great gift.


Funko POP TV: Star Trek The Next Generation - Jean-Luc Picard Action Figure

You can't go wrong with a Funko POP figure of your favorite Trekkie's favorite character. This officially licensed figure of Captain Picard is so cute anyone will want to collect all the TNG officers. In fact, they should try to collect all Star Trek Funko POP! figures.


Star Trek Handle Phaser Gun Replica

Phaser guns are one of the coolest aspects of Starfleet. This replica is exactly the one they use in Star Trek Discovery, and it is one way to have a tiny part of the Star Trek universe. Plus, it's fun to pretend you can stun those who are annoying you.


Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Remote Control Drone

Drones are the logical first step to piloting your own starship. That is how Captain Archer began his interest in engineering and what lead him to the Enterprise. So, maybe by giving someone this gift you can spark the interest of our future engineers.


Brothers Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

Any beer lover has his favorite bottle opener. This one is the Enterprise. I'm sure Captain Picard wouldn't love the idea of using the Enterprise to open a bottle of Bud Light, but it looks classy and cool and Picard doesn't have to know.


Aquarius Star Trek 50th Anniversary 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle includes over 100 characters featured in the original series. This 3000 piece puzzle will definitely take some time to complete but once it's done I'm sure they'll spend even more time trying to name all the characters.

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