People Share Their Best Father's Day Gift Ideas
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Happy Father's Day Dads! Hopefully 2021's celebration of all the pops out there will be more lively than the pandemic celebration.

So what can we all do or buy to make sure this year is the best of the best? Dad's are so much easier and simultaneously more difficult than mother's.

They say you don't have to put in a crazy amount of effort, because they claim to not need much but they do tend to notice mom's diamond earrings from the month before when they unwrap your gift for them... a bottle opener.

So a little effort is definitely appreciated.

Redditor u/botl_91 wanted to know our best options when shopping for dads by asking:

What's the best Father's Day gift idea?

Do dad's like flowers? Will they accept jewelry? Or is alcohol and a barbeque all that is necessary? I wouldn't really know, having never had a dad, so I find this an interesting topic. Please elaborate...


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"Just spending a relaxing day with my kids is a great gift. They're adults now living their lives but they make time to see their old dad."

- Ill_Maintenance8161


"Idk if this is the best. But every year I detail clean my dad's car. And he loves it cuz he is older. And such a busy man, he never has the time to do it himself. So if you got the supplies try surprising him with a super clean car."

- JonReis7347

"Oh I'd love this! And top off the gas tank, absolute heaven."

- Drink-my-koolaid

That Good Day

"When I was little, my dad (a single dad at the time) would take me to our local theme park every year on Father's Day. It was our little life hack - there were never any lines because no dad wanted to be in a gross theme park on Father's Day but my dad did. We did this for about a decade. Every year he would half joking half serious say he was going to make me go on the bungee jump with him; one year we got close, we made it all the way to the harnesses and I chickened out."

"So, a fast forward about 10 years, when I was in my mid-20s, Its Father's Day and I told my dad I was taking him on a surprise outing. He had no idea. I take him to the theme park and walk him right up to the bungee jump and buy two tickets. We had SO. MUCH. FUN. He's just the best god damn dad in the world and he made my otherwise crappy childhood so wonderful. Nothing is as precious to me as those memories and now we have another one from when we were both adults."

- okwerq

Sent Gifts

"One year I couldn't go home for Christmas so I sent my dad five pack of super bright LED flashlights just because I knew he would shine them in my brothers' eyes throughout the entire day. This is the equivalent of buying your brother's kid a noisy toy."

- Ok_Sector1162

Side Pocket

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"Best 'gift' I got my Dad was taking him out for a few drinks so we could talk and shoot some pool. It's an annual thing now."


Pool? You can play pool anytime, suddenly its a holiday celebration. Well to each their own. I know really it's about quality time. That's so... motherly. ;)

In his Image

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"I once made my dad a bobblehead of himself out of air-dry clay. It wasn't the best quality because I hadn't ever made a bobblehead before, but he LOVED it. He cried (a rare occurrence) and then showed everyone he knew."

- ekaterinaalexandrov


"Spending time and making memories. My Dad just died last week somewhat unexpectedly. I was able to see him and spend time before he passed which I will treasure forever. My Dad and I would make a point of just hanging out together on Father's day and do stuff."

"We did train rides, boat rides, plane rides. Sometimes just driving around and having dinner. The point was just to enjoy each other's time. I don't remember any physical gifts I gave him. But those memories of spending the day and doing awesome stuff I will keep with me forever. Miss you Dad ♥️"

"Edit: Wow, I had no idea this would blow up like this. Thank you all for the kind words and awards. Reading all of your stories about your own Dad's brings so many good tears. I am so lucky to have had such a great Dad and even luckier to tell him that before he passed . For those of you who didn't have a good Dad or didn't have one at all, be that Dad. To your kids, to your nieces and nephews, to your friends kids. Hell even to the neighborhood kids. It matters."

- trncegrle

A Beautiful Day

"Spend the day with him doing something he likes. The best Father's Day gift I got recently was a day at a streetcar museum with my three kids. I love museums, I love ice cream, and I love just spending the day with no pressure. I've been trying to get my daughter interested in golfing, with no success."

"The best gift I could get at this point would be for her to humor me for a bit and come with me to a driving range. Even if she never plays golf again, I would always remember that day like I will always remember the streetcar museum."

- wildgurularry

Blah Blah

"My stepdad is the most boring guy who channels the energy of Hank Hill's gang. Super hard to buy for. The only thing he would possibly want is expensive tools but he buys that stuff for himself. One year I got him a new trash can (he really likes emptying the garbage) filled with his favorite stuff--paper towels, Boraxo hand soap, peanuts, Top Ramen, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol. He loved it."

- WishBear19

Never Alone

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"I see a lot of leave me alone. I don't want to be left alone. Probably the best would be for them to set up some sort of outdoors activity."

"Like a slip and slide or something. And I can just watch them play. Then they bbq, which they can't do, but I'll help them. Maybe watch a movie together that night. Low key. Restful day and we spend it together."

- usernamesarehard1979

Sounds like every parent is really after the same things. Yes, they all enjoy quiet time, but being surrounded by love and good company is always the way to go.

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