Movies That Were So Bad People Couldn't Even Finish Them

Bad movies are a very special breed.

There are some bad movies that people tend to hold in about as high regard as they do any good movie.

Movies whose mediocrity, or downright awfulness, are almost part of their charm, make going to midnight screenings, or enjoying with friends over a couple of drinks, something to look forward to.

No one would expect Spice World to end up on the national film registry or lists of best films ever made, but it gets viewed repeatedly.

Some bad movies, however, do not fall into that "so bad they're almost good" category.

Indeed, these are the bad movies that people found so unbearably awful, that they couldn't even find it in them to stay with them till the end.

Redditor MichaelDj54 was curious to hear which movies people found so unbearable that sitting through them till the end was never going to happen, leading them to ask:
"What movie was so bad, you didn't even finish it?"

It's Awfulness Brought Them Together...

"'Jack and Jill'."

"Though to be fair it was one of my first dates with my now bf so we got to bond over sh*tting on the movie."- DaRoosta321

adam sandler GIFGiphy

Lost In Translation

"The 'Artemis Fowl' movie."

"Big fan of the book."

"First movie in awhile I turned off in the first 30 minutes."- hips_an_nips

"'Artemis Fowl'."

"Both my wife and I are huge fans of the books, and we have been for years."

"The movie was a horrendous pile of garbage, and even Judi Dench couldn’t save it."- Walking_Ruin

Though, No One Can Deny It Was Anything But Dull...


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One, (Or Six?) Too Many Sequels...

"Not surprising, but one of the later 'Transformers'."

"My friend and I wanted to watch it and rip it apart, but it was so bad it wasn't even funny. "

"Maybe the sixth one?"

"With the boss with the car collection?"- imthatstarlette

Bad Isn't Sexy...

"'50 Shades of Gray'."

"No, the sex stuff didn’t bother me."

"I am far from a prude, but this movie in my opinion was just dumb."

"I made it through like the first 45-ish minutes and gave up."- Scary_Fawn_1107

So Bad, There Isn't Even An Applicable Emoji!

"The emoji movie."- 6BSweetDreaming19

Emoji Faces GIF by Lauryn SiegelGiphy

Easy To Hate A Movie Where All The Leads Are Despicable

"'Suicide Squad 'is one of the rare movies I actually fell asleep while watching it at the theatre."- ErBoProxy

Anything But "Wonder"ful...


"I loved the first one and wanted to like it so bad too :(."- Taziira

The Songs Added More Than They Seemed...

"Live action 'Mulan'."- Zeignoy

Walt Disney Action GIF by Disney+Giphy

"Elementary, My Dear Watson"

"The Will Ferrell 'Sherlock Holmes' movie."

"Utter garbage."- jbase1775

Where To Even Begin...

"Battlefield Earth."- SuvenPan

Dropping 'Avatar' from the title didn't help...

"The sh*thole live-action 'Avatar: The Last Airbender."- SkeetMasta


Not A Tower Worth Climbing...

"'The Dark Tower'."

"Tried to watch it twice; fell asleep twice."- Stay_Over_There

Everyone needs a good "guilty pleasure' movie then can return to every now and again

When it comes to most of these movies on this list, however, the only people who should be feeling guilty are the ones responsible for unleashing them on the public...

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