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Caleb is a trans, POC artist who makes gorgeous illustrations. One of his illustrations depicts interfaith, gay relationships and, despite the heat he took at first, he's not standing down from spreading his message of love and inclusivity.

The illustration that received backlash pictures a gay couple and lesbian couple.

Both couples feature one Jew and one Muslim person.

Caleb's images provoked outrage from religious extremists.

One person stated,

"As a Jew I allow myself to speak on behalf of my Jewish/Muslim brothers represented here. May the eternal face burning clouds on your dwellings that your legs are broken, may your crops disappear, may Gd [sic] cover your cities under the oceans"

Others called the pairings "impossible", sinful, and numerous people wished illness and death upon him.

But despite the hatred, Caleb is "done being scared of homophobes".

Caleb's commitment to spreading love, not hate, as well as the images themselves are inspiring people everywhere.

Bravo for your beautiful message of love and inclusivity, Caleb!

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