People Explain Which Animals Are Far More Dangerous Than People Think
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Remember that cute dinosaur from Jurassic Park? You know the one.

One of the antagonists, Dennis, Nedry, was trying to smuggle dinosaur embryos off the island when he encountered the Dilophosaurus.

The carnivorous dinosaur appeared to look harmless and playful, almost like a puppy needing love and attention.

Unfortunately for Nedry, karma got him in the end, as a Dilophosaurus suddenly appeared in Nedry's getaway jeep and devoured him alive after spitting venom in his eyes.

The scene may have been a general reminder never to underestimate the aggressive nature of an animal, living or extinct.

Curious to explore this notion, Redditor Farkle_Griffen asked:

"What animal is way more dangerous than people assume it is?"

They may be small and slow, but they sure carry lethal microscopic friends.


"Slugs and snails! They can transmit a lethal disease that infects the brain called rat lungworm through contamination of food. Always wash your produce, and wash your hands if you handle gastropods!"

– synapticrelay

Bad Escargot

"Slugs. They are crammed with bacteria. If you ate one raw you are in for a really bad time and likely a trip to the hospital."

– Carrelio

Many reptiles are considered to be dangerous and aggressive, while some appear less harmful.

Don't Be Deceived By Its Speed

"Turtle, there are some that bite you like you are a lettuce."

– xleaxfeli

Do Not Pet

"Armadillos. Getting bit by one is a big deal, you'll need about 10 shots to inoculate you for all the junk you might have gotten infected with."

– CaffeinatedHBIC

They are furry. And that's about it going for their cuteness factor.

Leave The Biting For The Trees

"Beavers. They can get to about 65 lbs, are pretty agressive when provoked, and gnaw on trees. It will bite you like you're butter."

– TheRealOgMark

Admire From Afar

"Koalas! They look like teddy bears and will rip your face off."

"And not only are people surprised by how sharp their teeth and claws are, but they're ALSO surprised by how many vaginas they each have!"

– Hullaba-Loo

It's All About Their Venom


– Cautious-Quantity-28

"Oh yup def, people always forget/never know that they're actually venomous as well (while it prob won't kill you, apparently it hurts like hell)."

– will-o-the-wisps

The great outdoors can be breathtaking. But a wrong encounter with one of the environs will leave you with your last breath.

Stay Out Of Their Way

"Moose. They're huge, bigger than people believe them to be, and quite aggressive."

– SendMeNudesThough


"Deer. Stop trying to pet deer! Stop encouraging your pets to go over to deer! They weigh more than you do, half of them have bone spikes sticking out of their heads, and they are dumb as sh*t."

"A doe will attack a threat to fawns if it can, and a buck is an extra moron and will attack just because."

– Redqueenhypo

Majestic Killing Machines

"Horses and cows."

"They are big, they are heavy, they are VERY strong, they have bricks for feet, and they are nervy prey animals that see EVERYTHING as a potential threat."

"I've grown up around farms, and I've seen several people kicked. Half a ton of muscle power concentrated into one hoof will smash bones like a cheap dinner plate."

"A lot of people also don't realise that Horses can and will bite, and when they do, it hurts like you wouldn't believe. Their teeth aren't sharp, but their jaws are strong, so it's like having a handful of your flesh put into an industrial vice."

– DendroNate

Basically, never underestimate the strength of animals, regardless of size, speed, or how cute they look.

Animals are unpredictable, but as long as we respect the boundaries of undomesticated species when we encounter them in the wild, they should pose no harm to us or feel the need to aggressively protect themselves.

Otherwise, you may go by the way of Nedry.

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