What does one wear to a bridal shower? Who is to say really? People’s clothes are their own self expression. To commenting on them can be dicey. Case in point… Redditor Complex-Cup7367 wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit. He asked: […] More
People Share Their All-Time Favorite Curse-Free Swear Words
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Who doesn't love some good old fashion nastiness?

I don't mean like evil, mean-spirited craziness, I mean some nice tongue lashings.

Don't you love cursing someone out without having to use one off-colored word?

Redditor Saibotnl1 wanted to get a list together of all the saucy and sassy words that can be naughty and used in mixed company. They asked:

"What's an insult without any swear words?"
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People Confess The Most Soul-Crushing Thing Someone's Ever Said To Them
Tom Pumford on Unsplash

It's a fact of life that people can be brutal. Whether it's because a person is downright cruel or because he or she is drunk or angry, they can say some awful things.

My Indian aunt once mistakenly thought a cousin of mine was my daughter and told me American teenagers were trashy and stupid. I don't talk to that aunt anymore...

There is never an excuse to be that cruel, but that doesn't stop people from behaving that way.

Curious about this, Redditor Brilliant-End9428 asked:

"What is the most f*cked up thing someone said to you?"
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People Confess The Most Soul-Crushing Thing Someone's Ever Told Them
Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Communication isn't always easy. Sometimes, you say something you didn't mean to say, whether it's because a joke you made fell flat, or someone overheard something they weren't supposed to hear. And some people are just plain careless.

However, mean comments they make can be explained away and are usually followed by an apology.

Of course, some people are just plain nasty and want to deliver an insult that will shake you to your very core. The things people say to you can be mean, hurtful, and sometimes even soul-crushing.

Redditor Embarrassed-Host-949 was curious about the most soul-crushing thing Reddit users have ever heard someone say, and asked:

"What was the most soul crushing thing someone told you or you heard?"
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People Break Down The Most Creative Insults They've Ever Heard
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We as a people have been throwing shade for generations.

And it's only getting better.

An insult lands better with finesse and wit.

Let's get creative.

Redditor futuresbloodline wanted to hear all the best shade we have to throw. So they asked:

"What is the most creative insult you've been told that you couldn't even get mad at it?"
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