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People Reveal The Absolute Best Insults They've Seen Someone Land

Reddit user MirrorFunhouse asked: 'What's an insult that's been thrown at you (or you heard toward someone else) that you actually admired or just made you laugh?'

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We all have those moments when we want to have the perfect comeback, but we draw a complete blank.

Until three days later when we have an epiphany about what we should have said.

Well, maybe these bons mots can put some weapons in your arsenal.

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The Most Creative Insults People Have Ever Heard

Reddit user No_Throat_1574 asked: 'What is the most creative insult you’ve ever heard?'

When it comes to insults, clever is better.

Anyone can go the obvious route of simply calling out a person's physical appearance or intellectual capacity.

But if you really want to be remembered, you've got to be creative.

The playwright William Shakespeare was fond of clever insults.

And Ballroom culture made reading and shade into artforms.

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Insults are almost never necessary or called for, particularly directly to someone's face, in front of a whole crowd of people.

Even so, sometimes when a truly brutal insult is thrown at you, you can't help but appreciate it just a little bit.

Whether or not this was something this conversational bully came up with on the fly, or was waiting days, weeks, months or years to unleash on you, clever word choice is hard to ignore and not appreciate.

Including when the tables are turned, and you've come up with something wickedly clever, if not at all nice, to unfurl on someone you're conversing with.

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Rather than resorting to simple name-calling, many people will rack their brains for a clever insult that leaves their adversary speechless.

Of course, there are some fairly common insults that everyone knows and can keep in their back pocket when needed, also guaranteed to leave their conversation partner speechless as well.

Sometimes, however, they are not left speechless because they can't find a clever comeback to the insult just thrown at them, but rather because they have no idea what was just said to them.

Owing to the fact that this particular insult might be commonplace in another country, but makes no sense elsewhere, with it's meaning garbled, if there was any meaning left at all.

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People are required to have a license to drive, fish, and have certain jobs.

So it boggles my mind that people aren't required to have a license to have kids.

Some of the cruelest and most vicious things I've ever heard were words uttered by a parent to a child.

As an adult, I was haunted by a few thigs.

I can't imagine the scaring of an adolescent.

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