Adults Divulge The Comfort Items They Still Sleep With Today
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Marshall from Paw Patrol makes the greatest knee pillow I have ever had.

Yes, I stole him from a baby.

No, I don't regret it.

The baby has tons of other toys and I have a connective tissue disorder so my skeleton is janky, at best.

Paw Patrol to the rescue!

Reddit user Civil-Scallion3503 asked:

"A surprisingly high amount of people (adults) still sleep with a comfort item, what’s yours?"

I know I'm not the only parent whose kid has "donated" a stuffy or two as a cuddle buddy. I'm also not the only one out here who needs a cuddle buddy to begin with.

Here's what Reddit uses:

Pork Chop

"A tiny throw pillow with a pig dressed in cowboy clothes. There's a western-style text font above it that reads 'pork chop.' "

"I'm 20 now and still sleep with it."

"It's a random pillow I saw in the mall when I was 2. I pointed at it and my mom bought it."

"I don't really like to keep a lot of things in my room. I give away a lot of stuff from my childhood but I can't let go of this one!"

- chwenotchews

"I love that! Really random but hey it’s what helps you sleep and that’s awesome."

- Civil-Scallion3503


The Classics

"The classic one: my teddy bear."

"It's 30 cm high. Apparently I love my teddys to death because I have to buy a new one every couple years. Then I have to slowly adjust to the new one as it smells and feels different from the old one."

"Also I absolutely hate it when I need to wash it. It doesn't smell or feel like teddy, just like my washing stuff."

"I really love it and need it. It's there for me when I cry, sleep, am happy, watching shows. I carry it with me through my flat. Sometimes I talk to it."

"Yes, I am living alone. Yes, I am a grown-up woman. Yes I know it's weird but luckily my partner knows about teddy and accepts it."

"I also have a big teddy watching over me and sitting in my unused side of my double bed."

- Kaelysaa

"Grown man here."

"I have a teddy as well. Last time he was washed, Reagan was in office. What makes teddy, teddy. Is that fact he's been well-loved."

"New bears are nothing like well-loved bears. There is comfort, there is safety."

"I don't give a f*ck if the outside world would thinks I'm strange. There are people out there committing real crimes. I refuse to be bear shamed."

- LibertyBibbity

"When I was 31, I received my first ever teddy bear. I had always wanted one and cried for like an hour when I opened the box my aunt sent me."

"His name is Bear Bear. Sleep well with him."

- Slight-Ad-1744

A Rock

"A literal rock - not even kidding."

"Specifically a quartz crystal - like I'm not into crystal mythology or whatever, I just really like this one rock. It is A Cool Rock, I've had it since 2015."

"This sounds stupid, but it feels like it's a privilege to be able to have something around that is older than me, my family and everything I know."

"I got it dated once, and it turns out it's 66 million years old - it's very cool that I'm lucky enough to have found something so old that I got to attached to."

"All rocks are super old, and we just dismiss it. It's nice to keep an eye open and then if you find one you like, you can find out more about it by asking around geology departments like I did."

"I am a 29 year old man, bur adulthood sometimes involves having Cool Rocks"

- cripple2493

"Humans have been collecting shiny rocks forever, I like this one the most so far."

- Gildian

The Right White

"I have permanent tinnitus from taking ototoxic medication."

"I wear earbuds or headphones during the vast majority of my downtime."

"I cannot sleep without a fan running. I need white noise or I can't relax."

- RABBIT_3314

"I don't have tinnitus but my parents do and I grew up in a very small house."

"My mom always had a box fan on at night to drown out the tinnitus so she could sleep, and you could hear it in every room... now I can't sleep without a box fan either."

- Lumpy_Space_Princess


"I've got a relatively large Elmo doll."

"Not like a tickle me Elmo toy, all he has is stuffing inside so he's very soft."

"Had one when I was kid. It's nice having one now too."

- UltimateStrenergy

"For me it's a tiny little Elmo doll! I've had it for 24 years now."

- hannahbeliever

Elmo Hello GIF by Sesame Street Giphy

They Cared Enough About A Stranger

"Back in 2017 I voluntarily admitted myself to a mental hospital for 11 days due to a really bad relapse into drug use."

"When they showed me to my room, on each bed was a small handmade blanket. I picked the bed I picked because one side of the blanket was red flannel and the other side is like nursery rhymes and it’s soft and so comfortable to lay with."

"It isn’t very big, it barely covers my torso, but the nurse who showed me to my bed told me the folks in the elderly care home down the road sew those blankets specifically for the people that come in to that hospital. They also make them for preemies at the nicu."

"It’s been five years and seven different places - and it will always stay on my pillow."

"Often I will fold it up and wrap it around my eyes when I’m feeling overwhelmed and I am reminded that someone who never met me, who never knew what brought me to that hospital bed… they made that blanket to comfort someone."

"They cared about a stranger enough to put their time and labor into this adorable little blanket and I cherish it."

- justhavinganap

Penis Face

"For Christmas my family plays a game where we trade around gag gifts and at the end the game the gift you end up with is the one you get. My oldest daughter has a dirty sense of humor."

"I now sleep with a 12"x12" plush penis."

"I tell people my penis is so big I can wrap my arms around it or lay my head on it. And damn if he doesn't have the cutest face on him. I am a 47 year old man, by the way."

- theomniconian

It Runs In The Family

"I have horrible sleeping problems because of my mental state so despite being 20 I still sleep with my llama plushie. His name is Menta (Hebrew for mint) and I love him dearly."

"I also have a few smaller plushies that are there to comfort me, two of them are realistic fish plushies in different sizes and they are both lawyers. They are father and son, it runs in the family."

"I’m not a marine biologist, so I don't know what they actually are - but they are awesome fishies."

- TomokaTheAxolotl

Fathers Day Hug GIF by Disney Giphy

Like A Baby

"I'm sleeping with my baby blanket now."

"It's made of some kind of thermal material, and it used to be white but is now a pretty unappealing gray color lol."

"It's older than I am, over thirty years. It's got so many holes in it due to childhood dogs biting it/me dragging it everywhere. One corner turned into a long rope like piece that I wrap around my fingers when zoning out."

"I sleep with it all the time. Its smell and feel calms me down."

"I can't wash it in machines or it will fall apart, so I hand wash it very rarely. It... gets pretty dirty from body oils I guess."

"I can't throw it out. The day I lose it or it gets damaged beyond repair will be a sad one."

- Stoobly

"My blankie."

"My mom bought it 9 years before I was born for a baby shower gift. For some reason she couldn’t bring herself to give it away. She bought another gift and put blankie in her closet."

"9 years later I was born and it’s been my comfort object for 37 years."

- MalaEnNova

The Vest

"After I wrecked my motorcycle, my best friend bought me a new vest because mine got destroyed."

"I wore it to bed every night and told everyone that I did so because it helped with the broken ribs (which it did, actually), but it was really because it was the only thing that helped with the crippling fear I had while I was concussed."

"Most of it I think had to do an identity crisis I was experiencing. Anyway, I don't sleep with it every night now, just when my anxiety gets bad. But it's always within arm's reach. Always."

"I also have a super soft sheepy squishmellow plush named Blossom that's usually floating around my bed. Lol"

- purplesheepy

It's your turn to get in on the action.

Do you have a cuddle buddy for bed time? If you're a parent - did you steal it from your kid? Be honest.

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