There's nothing quite like a peaceful night's sleep –– it's the next morning that sucks.

Whether it's the alarm or having sunlight hit your face or even having someone yell at you, there's always something that can ruin a perfectly fine morning.

These situations––and more!––came up after Redditor Xanduh asked the online community, "What's the worst thing to wake up to?"

"It can ruin your whole day."

Someone yelling at you. It can ruin a whole day.


"A call from work..."


A call from work wondering where I've been all morning.


"Your 3 year old..."

Your 3-year-old walking into your bedroom saying they "Don't feel good" and projectile vomiting into your face right as you open your eyes.


"Your dog gagging..."

Your dog gagging and about to throw up in the middle of night. Then hearing him eating it 15 seconds later.


"Got woken up by my dad..."

Got woken up by my dad early in the morning to inform me that my mother had passed away in the room across the hall from me. Worst part was that she was only sleeping there to look after a pup that was recently born from the two dogs we had at the time, otherwise my dad might've woken up and been able to do something about it.. The pup ended up crying late at night before or during her heart failure that I ended up passing off as it's really not that uncommon but it really makes me question if I could've done something or not to help her before it happened, think about it regularly. Calling work and breaking down to my pos boss wasn't great either, but hey, sh!t day.



Waking up to 30+ missed calls with a brutal hangover and can't remember what you did last night but you know it wasn't good. Panic.


"We don't tell her mother..."

I was babysitting my niece one time when she was about four. I packed her off to bed and went to watch a movie on the couch, where I promptly dozed off... only to be woken a few hours later in complete darkness, having no idea where I was, and with a tiny, clammy little demon-hand grabbing at my ankle. I've never been awake faster in my life, only to be greeted by a very confused child who just wanted a story and who no one had seen fit to tell me could get over the baby gate like a goddamn ninja.

We don't tell her mother about the time Aunt Hazel almost kicked her darling daughter through a window.



Once I woke up to find my dog had diarrhea everywhere! Large puddle on the floor and also in between the side of my bed and the wall. It was completely inside the outlet. I literally had to shut off the electricity and rewire a new out let that day.


"I work the early morning..."


I work the early morning shift and I'm already driving to work before the sun even comes up. a couple of times my phone has ended up under my pillow and I've missed my alarm only to wake up to the sun glaring in my eyes.


"My mom woke me up..."

My mom woke me up because my grandmother passed away.


"Nothing sends me..."

The sound of a seizure. Nothing sends me from 100% dead asleep to flying out of bed in a split second quite like that sound. Saved my husband's life when I heard him have a seizure in the bathroom and ran to find him face-down in the bathtub.



Back pain or a headache!! Absolutely ruins the whole day or waking up at midnight from a nightmare which means you'll have to wait like 10 mins to fall asleep again.


"Was covered..."

Hid chocolate in my bed the night before, forgot about it. Was covered in melted chocolate the next morning and thought i had shat myself.


"Reading until 12..."

Reading until 12 and then finally falling asleep to only wake up at 3 and then just lay there for 5 hours unable to fall back asleep again, every night for a week.


"When I was a teenager..."

A house fire.

When I was a teenager, my family was really poor and couldn't afford to use the furnace, so we used the woodstove. It only really heated the living room, so usually when I woke up my room would be so damn cold there would be frost on my wall.

One morning I woke up and it was actually kind of pleasantly warm for the first time ever? That was fantastic until I found out it was because the woodstove had set the inside of the walls on fire.


"Your toddler..."

Your toddler holding his hand close to your face with something resembling melted chocolate...

...then suddenly realizing you don't have chocolate in the house.


"I was working..."

Getting up too fast and not being able to see and thinking I had gone blind.

I was working as a camp counselor and there were some long days. I was waiting for my scouts to bring their gear and made a comfortable chair out of the sleeping bag pile. Must have dozed off when I heard the next kid come in. I jumped to my feet but literally, all I could see was black and stars. I kind of freaked out and started trying to feel my way around until I found a wall. My sight eventually came back, but that initial panic of not being able to see and how long it would be sucked.


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