People Break Down Which Expensive Things Are Totally Worth The Money

I love to save money just about as much as I love money itself. Now, don't get me wrong, I love shopping but I love not having to worry about being broke more. Been there. Done that... a lot.

So I seek out deals constantly. If I can save a dime I will, proudly. So I will often buy generic or on clearance.

However, I have come to the realization that every once in a while it is important to spend. There are items out there that rely on quality--and that quality may have a higher cost. Certain last longer when you spend a little extra.

Redditoru/kushnairwanted to know about the times when money was actually... "no object!" They asked:

What is expensive, but worth buying?

When I first started getting into fitness I quickly learned that my $10 Walmart sneakers were not going to cut it. My feet were almost destroyed and the sneakers themselves maybe lasted a week. So now it's Nike and Adidas ($100) for comfort and success. However, when I purchase new pairs, even years late, I still tear up.


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"I'm usually a cheapskate, but I prioritise hiring people to fix things with a good reputation. I would rather pay one dude a reasonable amount to fix (house, car, equipment) than 2 separate people cheap rates to half a** it."

- internetsss

Feet Work

"Shoes for work because I walk around in them all day."

- Katie-Cross

"I like the adage "Always spend money that separates you from the ground" shoes, bed, tires, chair."

- darksidemojo

"A lot of shoes are built like crap these days tho, and cost a fortune."

- bow_down_whelp

Sleep Well

"Pillows. I used to buy $30 pillows every few months because they'd lose their support after a month or 2 and I'd start waking up with headaches and a sore neck. I invested in a good pillow a year ago and still going strong, for about $150."

- BrokenArmsFrigidMom

"That's what I used to think too, but I was spending close to $150 a year on pillows anyways. I'm sure there are other options cheaper than that. My point is it's a good investment to go high end than to buy cheap ones 5 times a year. I hope you can find one in your budget range that provides better long term value."

- BrokenArmsFrigidMom

On a Cloud

"Do not underestimate a great bed! One of the things I pay extra for. The difference in sleeping on the cheapest bed and one that is pricey (but more specific for your body) is a huuuge difference. It does wonders for your physical AND mental health."

- Bokun89

"Yes! Found out the hard way - screwed up my back by being too lazy to change a lumpy spring mattress on time. Ugh."

- BizarroAzzarro

Take a Seat

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"Comfortable office chairs."

- jonn1017

"Seriously, how is it possible that in 5 years, I've had two engagement rings and only one chair?"

- MissBeeslyIfYaNasty

All true, very true. The damage to your back with a bad office chair can be irreversible. And when needing competent handymen and women, people, open that wallet. It'll hurt but so can bigger and unnecessary repairs.

The Cut

raul julia GIFGiphy

"A good kitchen knife."

- devatrox

"Doesn't have to be too expensive either. Most people blow a lot of money on a set when really all they need is a solid $50-100 chef's knife (5-8" or so) for most tasks."

- irongull

For the Butt

"Those toilet seats that gently lower themselves. Never hear that SLAM again in the middle of the night."

- SillyCyban

"Those aren't even expensive. We got them at Home Depot or Lowe's or whatever by accident when we moved into our new house years ago, and they were the same price as the others. Found out after installing them that they lower slowly and they're fantastic. You walk away from the toilet like a hero in an action movie walking away from an explosion."

- sybrwookie

Mouth Issues

"Proper dental care. Not caring for teeth can cause many, many more health problems than just those related to the teeth. So besides brushing and flossing and cleaning your tongue you should also visit the dentist twice per year for a check up."

- TheIndieFolx

"You only get one set of teeth when older... it's the thing everyone sees when you speak to them... take my advice and take care of them! I didn't and now I have to get work done that would have been avoided with a simple daily brush."

- Spikebob21

Run Fast

"Quality running shoes. They'll do wonders for your feet. I've learned the hard way that if you buy cheap running shoes, you'll pay the price in terms of blisters and foot pain."

- JackFisherBooks

"My friend's sister had been running for like 10 years and was constantly dealing with blisters, foot pain, shin splints, etc. Everyone just assumed she was unlucky and for some reason no one thought too much more about it."

"Finally my friend's wife, who is a super experienced runner, asked about what shoes she wore and learned she had been buying Walmart brand running shoes and wearing them until they fall apart. And even after all that she still had to be convinced to spend on a proper pair of shoes."

- HooBoy401

On my Skin

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"Nice underwear. I thought it was ridiculous to spend the same amount on a single pair as I could on an entire pack of Hanes, but man does it make a difference in comfort."

- thevilamanrules

Made for Walking...

"Good work boots...forget those cheap crap ones the employer will buy you."

- sssnell

"My dad said the same thing, he even argued with the HR before in bis company after the company set a new policy stating its employees must use the boots the company provided."

- JohnsonTey_

Noises Off

"Good headphones. Noise canceling out the bus to work is absolutely life changing."

- jopapanek

"A brand called aftershocks uses "bone vibrations" or something to transmit noise, so they sit on a spot on your skull, right behind your ears. They're intended for athletes who need to hear traffic while they're running. Really useful!"

- superflybowling

Back Talk

mattress bicyclist GIFGiphy

"Also a good mattress. I recently had severe back issues and was advised to change my mattress. I chose a relatively expensive, ortho-specific option and wow, it just feels so relaxing."

- Cthaehen

Winter Time

"A good winter coat (more so for countries where it gets quite cold and/or wet obviously) nothing worse than it being cold and the wind just goes right through you."


"That and a great pair of winter boots, living in a northern climate it's amazing how much longer you can be outside with a good coat and good boots on. Thick sole and wool socks will favor you more than any running shoes in the snow."

- Eris0Adonis


Natalie Portman Wow GIF by Searchlight PicturesGiphy

"Laser eye surgery. Couldn't afford it, went into debt for it but would do again in a heartbeat."

- vefefew


"Real olive oil, not generic supermarket oil. It's freaking liquid gold."

- odd_neighbour

"You can get 100% cold pressed extra virgin olive oil at Costco for a reasonable price. Other than that I'd look at higher end grocery stores outside of the big chains like Kroger, Publix, Safeway."

- psychic2ombie


"Any well fitting quality piece of clothing."

- F-Ciel

"I buy expensive jeans once every 2 or 3 years and they still last beyond the 'new' ones, so now I have a steady growing amount of good jeans. I was not rich growing up and when i started working I couldn't buy these, so I had to buy the cheaper ones. They didn't last more than a year, so I never had more than two. It's not only worth it in the long run for the money, but also for my self esteem that I can finally buy good and comfortable clothes that look better."

- Longjumping_Sleep_12

On the regular...

"Pretty much anything you use regularly, buy a good quality version of it and learn how to look after it. Example: a decent knife and learn how to sharpen it, pair of good shoes and don't leave them out in the rain. But be careful, you wouldn't buy a Rolex when a Seiko 5 would do you just fine."

- Weric0hDear

2 Wheels

Motorcycles GIFGiphy

"Good motorcycle equipment (helmet, gloves, etc), that stuff can save lives."

- Artefact5

I were underpants so infrequently but when I do I spend a little extra. I like to feel comfortable in certain areas. And I also believe in spending a little extra coin when it comes to concert tickets. Anyway to get closer to Adele.

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