Few things bring me as much joy as some of my kitchen appliances. Yes, I love to cook, and over the last few years, I've learned to up my game. Between my amazing blender, my food processor, my kitchen scale, and a few other odds and ends, I feel more confident in the kitchen than ever. Best part? I purchased just about all of these items for less than $100 (and received others as gifts, which doesn't hurt!).

After Redditor KingPin1010 asked the online community, "What life changing item can buy for less than $100?" people weighed in and we hope you're taking some notes.

"I recently bought..."

House plants. They will make you happy looking after them. I recently bought a venus fly trap, she caught her first fly today. So proud.


"Can't tell you..."

Motion sensor night lights. Can't tell you how many stubbed toes or falls they have prevented. Also a cheap intruder alarm.


"In my opinion..."

In my opinion definitely a weighted blanket if you have a hard time sleeping at night or have anxiety. They have some at target for $25 currently.


"Push it against your car window..."

A glass breaker on a keychain. Push it against the glass of your car window and it shatters immediately, helping you get out of a car underwater, broken door etc. Super cheap and life saving.


"It is amazing..."

May sound simple, but a good pillow. It is amazing the change in body aches, and sleep you see when you have a good pillow that fits you.


"At my old house..."

If you have a large lawn or a property that requires a lot of yard work get some 3M Worktunes. About $50 and they're combination hearing protection and Bluetooth headphones so you can actually hear your music without destroying your eardrums.

They're a good gift too for anyone you know with a lawn or wood shop or something.

At my old house it was a 4-5 hour ordeal to mow and trim the property. I'd likely have went fully insane without those.


"You will not believe..."

A good shop vac. You will not believe how many uses around the house you'll find for it. Cobweb removal, water removal, gravel removal, vent cleaning, soot trap cleaning, (after a good scrub since it's likely dirty from other tasks) car vacuuming, dust sucking, the list goes on. Seriously if you plan to buy or already own a home go get a shop vac.


"You can get one..."

Light hearted, but... a pressure cooker! You can get one for around $100, and it can easily cook a genuinely staggering variety of food, and cook it well.


"Don't think I could ever go..."

A decent light wake up alarm clock. Completely changed my mornings. Don't think I could ever go back to using my phone or a simple alarm clock.


"You'll end up eating healthier..."

A good chef's knife and a cast iron skillet. When you have tools that are satisfying to use, cooking becomes less "chore" and more "hobby". You'll end up eating healthier, cheaper than takeout/restaurant, and ditching the dull Walmart knife and scratched up nonstick aluminum skillet are the best place to start.


"I picked one up..."

A rainfall showerhead. I picked one up for around $50 and showers are so so much more enjoyable. I actually can't use a regular sized showerhead anymore because I'm too used to the coverage. It feels incredible and totally changes how relaxing a shower can be.


"If it's too big..."

The right sized purse, not name brand will cost less.

If it's too big you'll feel tempted to load it up with 'extra essentials' that you just might happen to need but never use like a hairbrush, half your makeup kit, food, dog leash, whatever. Not to mention if it's too heavy you'll give yourself back issues later.

If it's too small you can't fit more than your wallet and phone inside (even some phones are too big for certain ones!). You'll be forced to leave things behind you do need, especially now with the Coronavirus if you are not able to fit hand sanitizer and or a backup mask in your bag.


"Writing everyday..."

A journal.

Writing everyday about your feelings, ideas, experiences and projects takes you to the next level.


"Don't forget to replace..."

A combination smoke and carbon dioxide detector.

Don't forget to replace all of your smoke detectors every ten years or so! Smoke detector function depends on a (very slightly) radioactive element, and after ten years there probably won't enough left to function reliably.


"Spent about one year living without one..."

A vacuum cleaner! Spent about one year living without one after leaving the nest and just got a small, handheld one. I have never had such a clean room before, never saw a point in clearing the floor since I didn't need to and had dust buildup in some corners.

It might not be a necessity but it sure was life changing for me.


"No more need to worry..."

A desk pillow. No more need to worry about awkwardly positioning your laptop, scrap paper, or paper notebook/journal on your lap - now you can use 'em all on the go as a passenger in a car/bus on road trips, etc.


"You can get in seriously good shape..."

A pull-up bar. You can get in seriously good shape with this alone!


"The audio quality..."

Some decent ear-phones (with a mic too, to do calls hands-free).

The audio quality is normally much batter than the sh*tty free ones that come with your phone. Plus doing 10min+ calls is so much more comfortable, not having to hold your phone the whole time.

Most have good noise blocking too.


"I bought..."

I bought a $1 back scratcher from an asian market in town.

Best $1 I ever spent.


"I started using them..."

A nasal irrigation kit - either the electronic pump or simply the squeeze bottles. I started using them both leading up to surgery on my sinuses, and I haven't stopped using them since. It takes some getting used to, but the relief and clean feeling is amazing.


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