There are very few people in the United States who don't indulge in fast food every once in a while.

Sometimes it's out of pleasure, taking an occasional indulgence in the delicious, salty, if less than healthy, treats the food chains provide.

Other times, it might be out of necessity, as it might be the only option while on the road or waiting in the airport after your flight was canceled for the second time.

But there are some fast food chains to which people have such an aversion to that they simply will not eat from them, even if it is literally the only option.

Making one almost wish that these places would go out of business, so that they will never even be an option.

Redditor rcinvestments was eager to hear which fast food chains people wish would go out of business, and thus no longer be found in rest stops and airport food courts, leading them to ask:

"What fast food chain should go out of business?"

Long John Silver's

"i swear Long John Silvers is just a money laundering front."- FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF1234

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"I’m starting to question getting subway multiple times a month."- Moose_dude16439


"They brand as fresh and healthy but are neither."

"The food is awful."- Emergency_Sundae6842

"I’d be down to get rid of subways but only if all locations were replaced with better sub/deli sandwich shops."

"Cause that’s about the one thing Subway has on anyone else, proximity."

"I do love the cookies too."- Forsuremaybe_


"You can’t get a footlong for less than $10 now and it’s not even a good sandwich compared to just about anywhere else."

"Firehouse and Jersey Mike’s are better, but nothing great, don’t @ me. Go local on this one fools."- AllGarbage

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"KFCs quality has DROPPED in the last 10 years."

"It’s not the same delicious, well cooked chicken I remember."- Graceland1979

Burger King

"Is Burger King even trying anymore? "

"When I was a kid I remember them being a legit competitor to McDonalds and Wendy's was barely an afterthought."

"Now its McDonald's vs. Wendy's for me."

"McDonald's vs. Burger King for me now feels like WalMart vs. K-Mart and then Wendy's is Target."- basedlandchad20

"Going to a Burger King is like playing Russian Roulette but with food poisoning."

"The quality of the locations varies so much it's crazy."- SquilliamFancySon95

"As sad as it makes me, Burger King."

"At least in the part of the US I live in."

"It’s been years since I was satisfied by the taste, thanks to undercooked Pattie’s, cold hard buns, stale fries, employees that seem like they’d rather not be there, drive through as that smell like rotted soft drinks, and overall the locations are looking run down."

"Even their advertising has been sloppy and sometimes outright inappropriate."- RustliefLameMane

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Golden Corral

"Golden Corral needs to go."

"People touching food, coughing and sneezing by the food, kids grabbing plates and then putting back."

"Food is absolutely bland."

"The best tasting food there is the iceberg lettuce if that's any indication how bad the food is."- kimsuh

Of course, the quality of the food might not alway be the reason people wish some places would go out of business.

Sometimes, the food might simply be so good that you find yourself unable to resist your temptations.

Ask anyone with an office in close proximity to a Shake Shack.

And these days, who's office ISN'T in close proximity to a Shake Shack...

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