Nobody's perfect we all have our little quirks that make us who we are. But sometimes these otherwise "fatal flaws" can have some perks! These people reveal what less-than-desirable quality they are actually grateful for.

1/26. I have a concave chest. It's great for when I want to lay in bed and eat cereal without a bowl.


2/26. When I was in high school I weighed about 340 lbs at 5'7, pretty big boy, one day at lunch I was crossing the street and was hit by a large dodge dually truck, going about 40 mph, had 8 broken ribs, internal bleeding and and a lot of road rash. Doctor said if I was not so big I would probably be dead.


3/26. I have so many food allergies that I never have to worry about becoming obese because I CAN'T EAT ANYTHING WOOT WOOT!


4/26. I'm red-green colorblind. I love it because everyone sees it as some kind of alien trait. It's a great conversation starter, all the ladies give me pity for not seeing the world in perfect color (when I was dating a girl she actually cried when I told her, so much relationship karma from that). It also puts me in the center of attention and the butt of all the jokes in a class. But I'm okay with that, because I love attention.


5/26. I look better with glasses anyway.


6/26. My autism. I'm at a lighter end of the spectrum, so I'm more asperger-y than full-on autistic. Anyway, I'm very good with computers, can remember anything about just about any video game or malware for Windows, remember entire scrips from movies, have a hell of a poker face, improvise badass speeches off the top of my head, edit videos, love cats more than I'll ever love a human, and act up a storm. And I owe it all to that loose wire in my brain.

Thanks, Mom, for passing on the 'sperg gene.


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7/26. My tourette syndrome gets me to the front of all the rides at Disneyland.


8/26. I have OCD, and my house is f*cking clean man.


9/26. My girlfriend died 2 years ago, I've been going out to try and meet new people but I've been out of the dating scene for a long time and don't know what to do when it comes to seeing and transmitting feelings in ways other than words.

But being single for so long got me to re-evaluate some aspects of my life and my grades as well as my art work is at an all time high and things are only getting better in those aspects.

Sure it's lonely and I have no clue what to do if a girl happens to try and get my attention at a club, but I'm looked at by all my female friends as what one of them describes as "a perfect gentleman, not what a girl is looking for but what a woman is looking for" and I honestly wouldn't trade that for anything. Life is precious to me now, I treasure every second of it and I try to help those around me realize the same thing.


10/26. I'm an average-looking female. Not being constantly whistled at and hit on and followed by creeps is a very very good thing. I have no problem finding dating partners when I want to look for them, and my self-esteem is pretty level.


11/26. I have had acne most of my life, and it has taught me to see people for what/who they really are.


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12/26. I have synesthesia, and see colors when I play chords on piano or guitar. It's fun to bring up at parties.


13/26. I have ADHD syndrome and it helps me multitask really really well. The downside is, I NEVER GET THINGS DONE.


14/26. I get really bad hangovers. Worse than anyone I know. It keeps me in check when I go out drinking.


15/26. I'm now down to around 220 if anyone was wondering.I get motion sickness whenever I watch TV or play video games. It's severe enough so that I never do it. I'm using all my extra time training for an ironman.


16/26. I have fibromyalgia (a pain disorder) that makes me feel like I've been hit by a bus most of the time. I am hyper sensitive and feel pain from regular activities, and pain meds don't do sh*t. BUT the hypersensitivity makes it incredibly easy to orgasm.


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17/26. I have an incredibly low sex drive in all cases. Something's probably wrong with me, but I prefer playing the piano to pretty much any possible experience in life.


18/26. I was born without wisdom teeth. Never had to go through that milestone, and I am so glad I didn't.


19/26. I have a metal plate in my leg. I like to say it bothers me whenever my friends want me to play basketball with them or something. They never asked why it doesn't stop me from doing anything I like.


20/26. My hair started turning gray when I was 14. It's very salt and peppery now (I'll be 25 in June). It's been really awesome at attracting older women.


21/26. I'm gay.

No straight guy has any idea what they're missing out on. All I can say is there's no blowjob better than a blowjob from someone who has the same junk.


22/26. My deafness (severe/profound hearing loss in both ears). I LOVE IT. The Deaf culture is amazing and I never let my deafness keep me from doing anything, it actually got me to where I am today. I just graduated from NIU with a leadership award that only 32 out of 5000 graduates can get and I'm now a Camp Director for kids that has the same issues as me (Camp Lions in Illinois) and my goal is to get into the Deaf Rehabilitation Services/ Counselling Masters program in order to help high school/college kids to get to where they want in life.

Growing up people has constantly made fun of me but that just made me stronger and made me strive towards to where I am today! When people find out that I'm actually Deaf they're just amazed that I'm me and would have never figured that I'm Deaf.

I have to say is that people with disabilities should consider it as a challenge that they have to go through and it will make them a better and stronger person!



23/26. I'm 28 and can pass for 18 if I shave.


24/26. I have a learning "disability." It takes me longer and more effort to learn things, sometimes just a different out-of-the-box method, but once I have it I'll know and remember it a lot better then anyone else.

Other things also come natural:

I did plays and musicals in high school, I would only read the script 3 or 4 times and my lines would be memorized. No idea how this sh*t works, I just know I'm a cognitive learner, so acting it out and doing the motions for the play/musical amplify's my learning maybe..? I also play drums. One day I just hopped on my cheap drum set my rents got me for band in 5th grade(I didn't play on it until I was 16) and just started beating on it. I learned 5-6 different beats in one day just by listening to them without ever playing drum set seriously before.


25/26. I cannot smell. I have anosmia.

Skunks are cute.


26/26. "Flaw?"