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People Reveal The Most Hurtful Thing A Medical Professional's Said To Them

What happend to a bedside manner?

There is a quote from the legendary Dorothy Zbornak played by the incomparable Bea Arthur on 'The Golden Girls' where she confronts a doctor, who when she was in her greatest hour of need, told her to go to a hairdresser. She says to him -in a crowded restaurant- "I don't know where you doctors lose your humanity but you lose it. You know, if all of you in the beginning of your careers could get very sick and very scared for awhile, you'd probably learn more from that then anything else!" Mic. Drop.

Redditor u/slinkslowdown wanted medical folks out there to hear from a few former patients by asking the people of Reddit to share.... What is the most hurtful thing a medical professional has ever said to you? Who wants a Dorothy moment?

I have a mirror. Thanks. 

I went to get an earache checked and the first thing the doctor said was "Yeah so I'm gonna put you on some medicine for the ear but we've gotta do something about your face, your acne is absolutely terrible."

Thanks doc. CasenW

Lead with truth. Lives depend on it! 

Getting out of the army- you are 100% healthy. My medical record was about six inches thick. Went to a civilian doctor and they were astonished anyone would say that. I am rated 80% disabled. larrycorser

My mother and grandfather were both injured in the army. They will do everything in their power to claim that you are healthy, because if you are injured they pay your medical bills for life.

They tried to tell Grandpa that losing all of his teeth and having a crack down his forehead did not qualify him for a purple heart.

Insert cringy surprise at how this blew up here. Story: Grandpa was in a tank, and a tank shell bounced off his turret and slammed his head into the other side of the turret. The reason they did not want to recognize his injuries is because he pulled the teeth out himself (they were loose) and refused treatment on the skull fracture. AntifaAreFascists

Can you hear me Now?

When I was 16 and dealing with partial deafness: "Sometimes being a teenage girl is hard, but it's hard to parent them too so there's no need to exaggerate things to make things harder for your parents. Knock it off, there's nothing wrong with you."

Two tumors, 9 surgeries, and a CSF leak later, yes doctor. There really was something wrong. ur_tears_r_tasty

Shake it Off! 

You can't be in that much pain. You must have more energy than that. Turns out the lining of my nerves was being destroyed. I was becoming paralyzed, painfully. whyamisoawesome9

MS? My wife was finally diagnosed with that. Took several years and several Drs. If it is MS, or really anything else, then I hope whatever medication you're able to get helps prevent any further progression - best of luck and best wishes! IchthysdeKilt

Let's talk about your ears?! 

"It's all between your ears" after missing at least one, but probably two crippling vitamin deficiencies by not ordering the right test. It took me two and a half years of thinking I was lazy and pathetic before I went to another doctor and got diagnosed. Zoefschildpad

But you're so young! 

"I just don't know how you could be in so much pain being so young, I'm not going to be able to write you a prescription."

My response was, "You're a dips**t; I came in because I was hurt at work, doing heavy construction." I never asked for a prescription in the first place, I had assumed I was vetting an xray to see if I had broken anything. Lord_Stag

Walking is the Elixir!

You have no idea! I was in an auto accident when I was 14 but the doctors refused to do surgery to fix the issue because I was still growing. A few years later everything acted up and I ended up desperately needing that surgery. Afterwards I still had significant pain because my nerves were all screwed up because the issue had been left for so long. Every doctor I saw about it told me to "walk it off" and refused to give me any pain medication just because I was 19 at the time. I tried other stuff for a few years until finally, at 23, finding a doctor who took me seriously. IcedMercury

Bless you Miss Jeannie... 

Wasn't said to me, but someone I knew. I work at a hospital, so does my mother. We had a forty-three year old woman who had a very rare form of cancer that spread incredibly fast to just about everywhere in her body. From diagnosis to death was about twelve weeks. The medications and therapies and the general lack of mobility caused her to become swollen and obese. She was a terribly sweet lady.

They took her down to Radiology for a scan and the technician made a bunch of really mean comments about her weight because she was too large for our machines so they had to arrange for a transfer to another hospital for her scans and then have her transferred back. The technician thought that because Miss Jeannie was dying and sick that she was deaf or didn't understand English any longer, and so while they were alone she made so many mean comments. Miss Jeannie waited until she was back in her room waiting for her transfer before she started crying. I'll never understand people who feel the need to make others feel less than or badly. carmelacorleone

No Words...

No me but my mom is a nurse. One of her patients got shot in the foot holding a door closed in a school shooting. He was back in the hospital because he got an infection after surgery. Doc walks in and goes "so I hope you learned your lesson about playing with guns." anoll69

Size Matters! The End. 

I went to get a lump on my groin checked out, and had to remove my underpants. The doctor started a whole speech about "size isn't everything," which isn't what I went there for. stooble

Defibrillate this! 

Not psychologically hurtful necessarily, but the most terrifying thing I've ever been told...

"We're going to have to defibrillate you and we don't have time to sedate you."

They rolled the crash cart with paddles into my room and I said "Get that thing the hell away from me!" and almost cried. My mom was in the room with me and was absolutely hysterical.

Thankfully a cardiologist was able to look at my EKG in the nick of time and determined my heart rhythm was stable enough for me to just be transferred to a room for further evaluation without defibrillation. HorseMeatSandwich

Well you're no prize Sir.


When I was 21 I went to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor asks me to lift my shirt and I do. He immediately says "egh" and makes a look of disgust on his face. I was an idiot and was gaining weight too quickly, due to this I had stretch marks. I've lost the weight and am normal weight now but I still can't shake that moment. This was 8 years ago. Reddit

Don't strike a pose... 

I started going to a dentist that had come highly recommended by a few different people. When I asked him about the possibility of straightening my front teeth, he said "Well, you'll never be on the cover of Vogue, but I think we can help you out."

I stopped going to him a few appointments later when he got mad at me for telling him that the filling he did months ago still really hurt. Jollyville

Boys & Their Boobs... 

"What are you going to do if your boyfriend would rather you had bigger boobs?" - said by the doctor to 15 year old me. I was getting a consultation for a breast reduction, because sporting G-cup was a nightmare. Still got it. No regrets. thekeyboardhero

NO ice cream for you Miss.... 

Me, when I was nine, about to go under anesthesia for the first time ever for oral surgery, and being extremely scared.

Nurse: You need to grow up. I've had kids half your age not be as much a scaredy-cat as you.

My mother was not, by any means, a helicopter parent.. .but the thrashing she gave that nurse, the other nurse who chuckled at it, and the doctor who came in was insane. And then she took me out of that office (the surgery was not a time-sensitive thing, just to fix a soon to be impacted adult tooth) and for ice cream. I had the surgery done at a different office with a staff that had far better bed-side manners. WalkerBRiley

Well Death it is! 

Doc: "I can tell you're incredibly sick by your skin"

Me: (looks in the mirror) "oh no I always look like this"

Doc: "no it's grey and sallow and the heavy dark circles under your eyes; you look clearly very unwell"

Me: "really, I swear I aiways look like this without make up"

I really did look exactly how I do on a daily basis. Apparently deathly. BrassLabradors

Want a punch in the face?!


"You're 19, you shouldn't be having problems with anxiety!" MrSonicOSG

A Lack of Trust... 

What chronic illness are we sick with today?

I was 12 years old. Puberty was kicking my butt. I was depressed and constantly sick because my home life was in shambles. But my mother dressed nice and was a well known figure in the community, so I was faking the illnesses I guess. Anytime a kid acts out for attention, I pay attention because it means something is going on. But that doctor just shamed me into the pit of despair. I've had trouble trusting any medical professional since. americanskux

I am who I am....


New doctor took my height measurement and jots it down before issuing me a very casual.

"Huh, tall for a woman."

I am a bearded man. MrBitchin

How about I sit on you Doc? 

He said I should be happy carrying around a bit of weight.. Because in drought the fattest cows die last.... Seriously wtf. jezabelsoni


People Reveal The Dumbest Reason They've Ever Lost A Friend

Reddit user Mister_Moho asked: 'What is the dumbest reason you've ever lost a friend for?'

People Reveal The Dumbest Reason They've Ever Lost A Friend
Helena Lopes/Unsplash

Maintaining friendships as we get older becomes a challenge.

The fact is, people evolve as they move on to different chapters in their lives, whether it's work-related, changing schools, or raising a family.

And while we do our best to keep the friendships involving our besties who've seen each of us go through our various ups and downs in life, it's inevitable that some gradually fade into the background and are eventually forgotten.

Curious to hear from those who've lost touch with friends, Redditor Mister_Moho asked:

"What is the dumbest reason you've ever lost a friend for?"

Workplace friendships can change without notice.

The Hurt Coworker

"We were coworkers, best friends. This dude quits the job and blocks me on everything?? I still don’t understand why."

– ToastedTurtle420

"He was probably hurt that you quit and apparently didnt know how to express his feelings in a healthy way, being a 45 year old man. 5 bucks say he got into his car after work that day, put on some sad music and cried."

– Waflstmpr

Gone And Forgotten

"I got laid off from my job a few months back that I’d only been at for just less than a year, and my best friend, whom I worked with during that time, of 5 years still hasn’t contacted me. That sh*t hurt."

– HyrumCWill

"Got hired, became great friends with a guy that's been there 25 years. We both hated the 'new owner' who owned it 5 years. (I was brand new)."

"Worked side by side for 6 months, went out 3-4 days a week after work for a beer. Every Fri we set our schedule for Monday. I worked in the field, he worked in the shop. We both arranged our schedules to help each other out."

"He'd said many times, 'we' had the best system he'd worked in 25 years there."

"I quit at 6 months. He knew I'd be quitting, we both talked about quitting as the owner was an idiot."

"I called him that Fri to see if he wantedd to grab an afterwork beer."

"45 yr old guy literally yelled into his phone 'no one here likes you so stop calling.' I chuckled, thought.that's weird, but ok."

"Called back. He answered, was really serious. Said it again. Calmer."

"Said look guy, you were never one of us, and you proved that when you quit."

"It was the weirdest and most chick-like breakup I've ever had!"

"I thought, a week ago, we took the company truck on a delivery, and his wife made us sandwiches at his house for lunch?"

"Always wondered if he hated me because I 'made it out'?"

"I picked the time to leave right after a big project, so he wouldn't be stuck doing my job. The timing was perfect to hire my replacement. Was really weird. Guess I hurt a 45 yr old dudes feelings somehow?"


Some people are terrible at communicating.

Non Answer

"Friendship of 20 years, She never told me why ('you know why") thats the dumbest reason ever."

– AssociateMany102

"Something similar like this. Best friend since kindergarten decides to suddenly ghost me after she ended up moving schools during junior year. The last several times we saw each other we never said much even at sleepovers. October, 2 months into the school year I noticed she has me blocked on social media. It didn’t help that throughout the rest of the year where people asked me how she was doing since we were always close. Took them about Senior year to stop asking and getting fake sympathy from a few including my parents. Meanwhile some of her acquaintances who she still had contact with always glared at me in the halls. Looking back at it in that last year, I can say we had our differences…."

– _hot_maruchan_


"Same. I was good friends with a guy for 15 years. Hung out at least once a week, usually minimum of 1 day at the weekend if life was busy. We would game together most night, grab a takeaway at the weekend and nothing seemed out of the ordinary."

"We had a meal one night and had even been discussing plans for the future and the next day he cut off contact."

"Blocked me on everything including my number as my calls just wouldn’t go through."

"After about two weeks I decided to go around his house and make sure he wasn’t dead. No answer. I tried a few more times, also email and phoning. Eventually after about a month I had to assume he was dead as I didn’t really have any contact with anyone else that knew him so I left it."

"After about 6 months I managed to find an old email messenger by accident I had forgotten about like 10 years ago and it said he was online so I reached out and he replied about 3 days later saying sorry he had been to some place for work and had to help there."

"Well turns out that was a lie as that location has never (and hasn’t since) had a store at that location."

"He then gave me his 'new' number and said he would fill me in."

"Number was not his, and immediately after he sent it to be the messenger changed to 'this person can no longer receive messages from you as you have been blocked.'”

"Never got an explanation or what I’ve done wrong."

– Interesting_Tone6532

"I also lost quite a bit of money because of this as I had been planning to go to an event which I had pre paid for and he said he would go if I booked it. I had told him when I was booking it for and he had verbally agreed to go if I sorted out all the details. Well I got some back for cancelling it but not everything as I didn’t want to go alone."

"The last thing is that his friend did the exact same thing to him over a girl about five years into us being friends, and he said to me then and swore that he would never do anything like that to anyone, and I believed him because if he was always pretty blunt when he didn’t like someone."

Sorry for the long message, I’ve never really found the right post to rant about this."

– Interesting_Tone6532

Some friendships aren't meant to last forever.

The Drug Dealer

"Had a friend that got pulled over by police and caught with drugs with intent to sell. All good, I always knew he consumed and it was not my problem. One week goes by, I give him a ride home during the afternoon and when I meet him at the same day during the night, I find him looking for his stash that he left in my car without telling me. He was surprised that I got mad. Entitled and spoiled kid. I cut all our ties."

– shur_t

Bad Taste

"My best friend in high school stopped associating with me when I started listening to bands other than Green Day."

"I wish I was joking."

– StrixArcana

"I'd see this happening in middle school, but high school?! Damn, someone was superficial..."

– OP

"In middle school someone told me I wasn’t “allowed” to listen to the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill. I had to pick one."

– unit_79

You can't always predict everyone's behavior but based on their reactions to various circumstances can be very telling of who your "friends" are.

When their true colors reveal an individual to have a personality that contradicts the affable image of them you had before, it just shows they were never a friend to begin with.

The examples above were definitely reflective of the notion that it's not a matter of how many friends you have on your growing list on your social media friends lists.

It's the ones who will have your back no matter what that you want to hold onto.

Little girl covering her face
Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

We all have things that scare us enough to keep us awake at night.

A phobia, if you will.

Some of these are fairly common, be they somewhat trivial, such as heights, rodents, or the supernatural.

While others are on the more serious side, such as the possibility of your friends and families being in danger.

Others suffer from phobias which are anything but common.

Ridiculous as they may seem in the eyes of others, these phobias still send shivers up the spines of those who suffer from them, scaring them far more than a scary story or a turbulent flight.

Redditor NeZur was eager to hear the things that make the hairs on the backs of people's necks stand on end, leading them to ask:

"What type of phobia do yo have?"

It Is, In Fact, One Of The Most Dangerous Modes Of Transportation...


"I drive every day."

"People be crazy out on the roads."

"Scares me to death."- Same-Ad-1266

Arachnophobia To The Max...

"Spiders."- evandollardon

"Especially with big paws."- NeZur

"A pregnant spider, with big paws."- TwoLittleNeedleMarks

Some People Stick To Puddle Stomping

"Thalassophobia, the fear of deep bodies of water."- GentlyDead

Searching For The Nearest Boat...


"I especially hate it when the traffic backs up and you are stuck on the bridge."- mspolytheist

Design 3D GIF by BADCODECGiphy

The Only Thing Scarier Than Snakes on A Plane...

"I have a phobia of anacondas coming up the toilet while I'm taking a dump."- dingbatyokel5000

Especially When They're Your Own...


"Scare the living sh*t outta me."- Randomees

Anything Scarier Than Getting Shot? Getting A Shot...

"Needles."- Chocolatelover4ever

"I always faint with needles."

"My blood pools into my legs and I'm out like a light."

"I have to clench and squeal if I see a needle ANYWHERE."

"I used to get faintish but COVID flashes of needles actually desensitized me a bit."

"I've only had one nurse keep me conscious through a blood draw and it was because she (Lowkey knowing I faint) started ranting about how her brother went to Colorado and got to smoke like snoop while she takes the other 'high' road (nursing)."

"Versus a nurse doing the cliche 'what's your favorite XYZ' while drawing 6 vials."

"She apparently got to 4 when I told her I was going to faint."

"She got another vial in while I was out."

"I got help from my ex to a room as they checked my pulse saying I was coma levels."

"Shots, I'm alright if I can lay down or sit with my head between my legs."

"I have tons of piercings but no ink."

"Hell I even pierced my own labret."- This_User_Said

Getting Nervous Could Be A Problem...


"Haven't puked since preschool, now I'm a college freshman."- thrashmusican

gross james van der beek GIFGiphy

There Is Little Worse Than A Cracked Nail...

"Anything to do with damage to finger/toe nails."

"Makes me seriously queezy thinking about it."- silentarcher00

As If The Sound Isn't Scary Enough...

"The garbage disposal."

"Under NO circumstance will I put my hand in there."

"Lost a spoon?"

"It's dead to me until my husband gets home."- potato-keeper

Two For The Price Of One...

"Forgot the term for it but underwater machinery and deep water in general."- Limp_Telephone2280

Das Boot Water GIF by WoodblockGiphy

Not "Sailing Away" Any Time Soon...

"I don't like the open sea as a concept."

"Not a fear of sharks/drowning or anything specific."

"The sh*t is just horrifying."-TreefrogJ

SIze Does Matter...


"I am pretty scared next to tall buildings and statues."

"For some reason I can't look up when I am close to it."- MIKE_THE_KILLER

Holey Moley...


"Lately on my FYP, those videos of people with tons of seashells (I think, I didn’t get a close look) attached to they’re arms or legs keep popping up and it makes me physically sick."

"It legit ruins my mood."- irllylikeurpeaches

According to FDR, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

If only all phobias were so simple...

Parsley sprigs and red berries next to cheese pizza
Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash

Because there's so much variety, there are very few people in the world who do not enjoy pizza.

But unlike pineapple on pizza, which some people root for and some people hate, there are some ingredients that everyone can agree should absolutely never, ever get anywhere near a pizza.

Redditor jray1126 asked:

"What is something that should never go on pizza?"

No Ketchup

"I’ve mentioned this before, but I once had the displeasure of eating a pizza where they apparently decided to use ketchup instead of the usual marinara sauce. Worst pizza I have ever eaten in my life."

"Please never do this, people. Just because they are both red doesn’t mean you can substitute one for the other!"

- NelsonDLinkous

Never Even Real Cheese

"American cheese… I’m talking to you, Altoona, PA."

- revolutionoverdue

"Holy s**t, this explains so much. The worst pizza of my life came from a relatively small city in Pennsylvania, and it came with American cheese on it. They must have been going for this style..."

- Fangled_Astronaut_40

Opinion-Free Zone

"The weight of other people's opinions."

- Laurab2324

"I disagree with this opinion strongly!"

- circsensation

Inconvenient Olives

"Olives that still have the pit. Almost broke a tooth the first time I had pizza in Portugal where evidently putting whole olives on pizza, stones and all, is fairly common."

- HIteejMOP

Fair Enough

"Bones. I want my pizza boneless."

- DarkseidHS

The Most Divisive Comment

"Whoever says pineapple, come fight me."

- partypartyyeahh

"I sometimes think people say they hate it because the internet tells them to. It’s delicious on its own, with cheese, in burgers, on pizzas, on your mum, in salads, in wraps."

- javajuicejoe


"A second, smaller pizza."

- seanofkelley

"Why does that sound cool actually?"

- blepgobrrr

Extra Salty Pizza

"I recently tried anchovies on pizza… f**k that. You might as well just pile on a bunch of salt on your pizza."

- Borgalicious

The Story Behind This Combo...

"Kellogs Frosties."

- Frl_Bartchello

"Someone tried this, didn't they."

- joelsaturnip

Keyword: "Ex"

"My ex ate pizza with a fork and a knife and used ketchup. All around disturbing to watch."

- Classic_Ingenuity299


"Do NOT f**k with the sauce. That’s what makes pizza, pizza!"

"I’ll eat just about anything as a topping, so maybe I’m just deranged. But the sauce? Don’t f**k with the sauce."

"Barbecue is fine as long as it’s not some cheap s**t. But for the love of god, USE MARINARA SAUCE! NOT F**KING KETCHUP! this has happened to me far too many times."

- SW4G1N4T0R

Only Eligible for Speed-Eating

"As I actually learned today, burrata should not be included when it’s 38 degrees out. It literally tasted like milky pizza by the end and was almost unpalatable."

- Tough_Current_4302

"I have a feeling burrata would be better on like a cold veggie pizza. The kind where the crust gets baked but the toppings don’t."

- StarfishOfDoom

Sounds... Heavy

"Mashed potatoes. I know this first hand."

- heyjudemarie

"100% agree. Potatoes are amazing, but on pizza, it's gawdawful."

- Fun_Constant_6863

The Most Inclusive Food

"Trick question."

"Pizza is for everyone. Pizza believes in equality and equity. Pizza loves you and will accept you, regardless of whatever unique toppings you prefer."

"Unless you dip it in ranch dressing. F**k ranch dressing. Just admit you you don't like your pizza, and stop ruining perfectly good pizza with salty white goop."

- thenichem

While everyone's free to enjoy pizza however they wish, these seem like reasonable items to skip the next time you order a pizza, or it might ruin the whole vibe.

Some people say, "It's just a movie. There's no need to think so deeply about it."

However, some plotlines are just too problematic not to notice.

Despite people pointing these problems out, they are rarely ever addressed.

These problems can be as minor as a woman having perfectly manicured nails despite being trapped in a cave for an extended period of time to something as big as characters not contracting life-threatening diseases despite not having proper nutrition, shelter, or medical care for years.

Redditors have noticed this too and were ready to share what they think are the biggest problems in apocalyptic films that are never addressed.

It all started when Redditor ShinyDisc0Balls asked:

"What's a problem that's never addressed in apocalyptic movies?"

Vroom, Vroom

"If it goes on long enough, keeping cars operational. Tires going bad, gasoline going bad, even fuel lines going bad if a car's been sitting for a few years. Mice chewing on the wires. Sometimes they'll show the effort to obtain gas (but never address it going bad over time) and sometimes they'll show a battery being jumped, but mostly it's hop in a car you just found and drive off."

– froglover215

"Station Eleven (the novel, haven’t seen the show) was very fixated on the idea that gasoline goes bad after about three years. After that, it’s all horses all the time."

– Yellwsub

Medical Issues

"No one has dysentery. Everyone would have dysentery."

– YaBoyfriendKeefa

"Especially if you’re on the Oregon Trail."

– rapalosaur

""Where are we going?""



– Buckus93

"Disease. Seriously if most doctors and infrastructure are gone, people would be dying left and right, and zombies or radiation would be the least of their problems."

"Appendicitis. I didn't even think of things like that! People would die of pretty routine stuff that they couldn't get treated easily."

– Affectionate_Ad_7802

"The big killer with food poisoning is all the water you lose when your body literally flushes out whatever you ate."

– P-Tux7

Or Dental Issues

"Dental care. How many people would be straight up dying from abscesses, or in pain from f**ked teeth."

– softcore_UFO

Silence Is Golden

"Why do "traditional zombies" only make noise when they're right up in your business?"

"Zombie moving through the woods in stealth mode, no branches snapping, no leaves rustling, no moaning or growls."

"But right when they're about to get their funky zombie mitts all over your throat, they are loud as sh*t."

"What's the deal?"

– Reddit

No Escape

""Speaking of which, why don't they ever use bicycles to get around? They're quiet, comparatively low maintenance, can go over most ground, and definitely faster than any zombie."


"Realism" (within the context of zombies) has always been my go-to for why slow zombies are scary enough on their own and fast zombies are a lazy shortcut."

"Yeah, they're slow and loud and clumsy. A brisk walk is enough to get you away from any zombie, or group of zombies. In a fight, they're predictable and slow. But they're immune to pain, and immune to fatigue, immune to fear or bribery or demotivation. And their main physical vulnerability - "destroy the brain" - is way more difficult than TV and movies portray: headshots are tough to pull off with guns, and skulls are actually pretty durable. Get into a physical altercation with one, and that's actually serious trouble - you'll get tired real fast but the zombie will not, and one f**kup will be enough to get you bitten."

"Briskly walk away? Sure, you can probably sustain that for a while. But where are you going? Zombies are everywhere, so you might be briskly walking from one meat grinder to another. And of course there are potential dangers on your chosen path. And still, you'll need to eat food and drink water and sleep and the zombies will not."

"In reference to the old fable of the tortoise and the hare -- the tortoise won the race. And slow zombies are the tortoise."

– effseadot

Perfect Looks

"Body hair for women."

"I mean, you will see this woman in rags, covered in dirt, with the stringiest hair that looks like it hasn't been washed, much less conditioned in a year. Yet, they have perfect brows and look like they've had a full-body wax within the past week. So, they must be doing this somehow."

– zazzlekdazzle

"Also, they'll still have perfectly straight, white teeth."

– Buckus93

Cold, Cold World

"Camp setting in general. You know what is bad for your health? Cold ground. You want to have a failure in your every organ below the ribcage? Couple of months of outdoor sleep would definitely do it. Sleeping bags are great, but they are designed to keep you from losing heat into the air, not into the ground — think of them like of portable blankets. You don't see apocalyptic survivors making an insulated bed or sleeping in a hammock."

– Alex_Downarowicz

"Can You Hear Me? Over."

"Charging their walkie talkie batteries."

"Zombie apocalypse and they always have freshly charged radio batteries that last... forever."

"Just once I wanna see someone sit down and stick their radio in a charging cradle."

– dirtymoney

"Or furiously turning the crank on one of those crank-operated radios or flashlights."

– MedusaStone


"Don't forget tampons!"

– Nightmare_Fuel-

"Ellie in the Last of Us was soo pumped when she found a box in one episode, also Joel was excited to have a fresh pot of coffee as well."

– Will0w536

The Grass Isn't Growing


"Not all of them, but TWD for example, all of the lawns were tended to as if there WASN'T you know, a zombie apocalypse happening."

– Plus-Statistician80

Unrealistic Travel

"People in movies often travel a lot of distance with next to no food or water on them. If you are on foot you would need a descent amount of calories to sustain your energy. And a good pair of shoes. Your feet would be a mess in no time. And you would stink to high heaven."

– KevinDean4599

"And that would attract zombies….the scent."

– RedditRee06


"Caffeine and nicotine withdrawal. After a week, there are going to be a bunch of very grumpy people around."

"Cigarettes and coffee are going to be valuable exchange items."

– rosanymphae

As if a zombie apocalypse isn't scary enough without thinking about the loss of coffee!