Zen People Reveal What Makes Them Instantly Angry

Thanks to the advancements in technology and social media, our world is more connected than ever. Because of this, our worlds are exposed to more and more triggers than set us off. Irrational actions of people to the ignorance of massive corporations, even the most zen people can find themselves easily set off to explode. Reddit user, u/domifitness, wanted to know what makes you angry when they asked:

Redditors, what it something that makes you angry immediately?

Just Let Me Get Started, Karen!

When I am just beginning a task and someone proceeds to order me to do exactly what I just started doing.


Just Let Me Fix It, Derek!

Mine is the same with a small little tweak. I HATE when I get corrected before even having the chance to make the mistake. Say like your boss tells you to do something, so you are in the process of doing it and right before you DONT make the common mistake, your boss goes "Make sure you don't..."Come on, I've known NOT to do that since I started and you didn't even give me a chance to NOT do it this time before you corrected me...


Maybe Do Your Reading At A Library

Lack of spatial awareness.

No I'm not mad you're reading the nutritional facts of this cereal I'm mad that you're standing in the middle of the aisle while doing it and my buggey can't fit around you


Don't Tell Me What To Do...

When out of nowhere you're asked to stay calm.

I am already calm.

Can't you f-cking see it?!


You Know People Can See You, Right?

Reading the Facebook comments on local TV station's posts.

It's not even anonymous, which makes it so much worse knowing the names of people who say such awful things.


Don't Surprised With The Spit In Your Food

People being mean to service staff just because they can get away with it.


We're Not About That Drama Life, Yo

Looking to find drama where there is none.


Wait For It...

Someone interrupting m-




Get To The Point, Lisa...

People trying to sell me something.


Especially when it's a bait and switch.

Don't invite me to have a glass of wine and then try to recruit me into your MLM candle/essential oil/yoga pants selling scheme. I get it - You spent nine thousand dollars on inventory and no one wants to buy it despite all of your facebook ads. You're freaking out, this didn't go the way you planned at all. As a friend I feel for you, but don't try to trick me into joining your failing business.


Let's Pick It Up

there is a special place in hell for people who drive 20 under the speed limit for no reason.


Horse Mouth

People who chew with their mouth open, talk with food in their mouth, smack their gum, etc.


We're Borrowing This Planet

Littering is terrible!

I also hate it when I'm driving behind someone and I see someone dumping just piles of trash out their window. (Cough, looking at you Chicago). Like you can't just hold on to it until you get home? A gas station?


Informal Formality


I really feel that. Similarly, I also hate it when people I'm friendly and often informal with still compose their text messages like they're writing a formal e-mail. Kind of like this. It drives me nuts!

Sincerely, crankenstein94


Let's. Go. SHANNON.

People who walk slowly in the hallways.


A Line Of Four

People in groups who walk side by side in a narrow hallway or path. Just move to one side you silly selfish pricks!


It's ALL Sugar

People who say "You shouldn't really drink that... It's kinda bad for you..."

Like you're some kind of horrible monster for wanting to drink a classic coke


How Dare This World Be Here When I Wake?

Doesn't matter how much sleep I get. Every morning I wake up mad.

Like how DARE I have to wake up and go deal with this world ????


Pollution Of The Lungs And Ground

Seeing a smoker flick a cigarette butt onto the ground. Bonus rage points if they were close to a trash barrel.


...What Does It Look Like?

I can't see my forehead


Now my eye muscles hurt from trying


...Now I Feel Personally Attacked....

People Who Put A Capital For The Start Of Every Word In A Sentence Over Text Messaging


H/T: Reddit

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