People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Dropped
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When I was a kid, and my mom finally deemed me responsible enough to let me babysit my brother while she and my dad went out, I proved I wasn't at all responsible by dropping and breaking my mom's favorite ceramic plate.

I then tried to hide my mistake by shoving the pieces into the pantry. Needless to say my mom found them. She wasn't happy.

We all have those moments where we drop something important. Sometimes we break those things; other times, the item comes out unscathed, but we don't, becoming subject to angry adults or pure embarrassment.

The one constant is, this is not rare. We all do it.

Curious about these situations, Redditor GamesQueen61 asked:

"What’s the worst thing you’ve ever dropped?"


"When serving as an altar boy, I inadvertently dropped the priest's chalice on the marble floor when transporting it from the altar to the sacristy after the liturgy."

"The crash resounded through the cathedral's ample acoustics."

– Back2Bach

My Eye!

"When I was working at a restaurant I was making buffalo wing sauce. So I had a gallon jug of hot sauce that I was pouring into a 5 gallon bucket. Slipped. Landed perfectly upright and an Old Faithful geyser of hot sauce hit me in the eye. I've had worse."

– Frodo_71

Technological Error

"Not a morning person. I did a load of laundry before work one day and the washer started making this horrible “ka-chunk, ka-chunk” sound. That’s when I realized I was no longer watching the video I’d paused on my iPad… while I was loading the washer."

"Yep. iPad was completely waterlogged and dead as a door nail."

– SiameseBouche

"Did the same thing with an iPhone about 10 years ago lol. Where did I put my phone…clunk clunk clunk"

– strangemedia6

Kiss Them Goodbye

"Dropped my keys in a gas station toilet one time....."

– BacdWoodzFoto

"Just burn the car in place. It's the only way."

– TheGoodJudgeHolden

Thanksgiving Is Ruined!

"thanksgiving, i was 11, my grandma told me to bring in the pie from the car, it was in a plastic container with a handle on the lid, the lid wasnt clicked in, pie in the street. it's since been a joke in my family that im banned from carrying food on holidays"

– uncontrolledswine97

Quite The Clean Up Job

"I was 15 and working at a coffee shop. Before my shift ended, I grabbed a bag of cream (I think they're ~2 gallons each?) to refill the machine on the line. Well, I put the bag on my shoulder and started walking. As soon as I did, cream started shifting it's weight around. It ends up sliding out of my hands and hits the ground hard."

"The whole thing burst open getting heavy cream on the walls, all the boxes, and all the shelves, ceiling, and floors. Took me hours of cleaning to get it all back to normal. The worst part was the floors and walls: this walk-in refrigerator was attached to the walk-in freezer, so when the cream was freezing in sheets. It was a nightmare."

– Royal_Cryptographer7

Statute Of Limitations Is Up

"Maybe not the worst thing I've dropped, but the most memorable... When I was little, my dad and I had matching yellow umbrellas. Cute, right? One day at kindergarten, I was peeing at a urinal and tucked my umbrella under my chin so I could use my hands. It fell into the urinal and I peed all over it. I thought it was hilarious and kept peeing on it. The other boys in the bathroom thought it was funny so they all peed on it too. When the fun was over, I retrieved it... Didn't wash it... And set it outside in the sun to dry then took it home in a plastic bag... Then immediately switched it with my dad's when I got home. Months later he commented that it was discolored, but he kept on using it for years. I told him a couple of years ago about it all... Almost 30 years after the incident!"

– Codyram5

Poor Kid

"Dumped a box of expensive drinking glasses on the floor of a store when I was a kid. Whole place went silent"

– Virtuwillonline

When An Employee Is Kinder Than Your Mom

"I dropped a Yankee candle in a Yankee candle store in front of my mom, the employee, and a mother and her daughter. Employee said it happens all the time. My mom said she just said that to make me feel better."

– saramarie007500

"And your mom just said that to make you feel worse?"

– Additional_Hair_8301


​"The box with my dad's favorite dog's ashes because I was goofing around. My butt hurt for a week."

– Jedi_5409

That could happen to anyone...I think.

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