People Break Down Their Biggest 'Oh No, I F**ked Up' Moment
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Nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes, and when we learn from them and endeavor to do better, we're all the better for it.

But then there are those epic screw-ups where we know we crossed a line and forged ahead anyway.

Can we ever come back from those? Well, that would depend on how much damage was done.

We've all had these face to palm moments. What's yours?

That's what Redditor PeteK816 asked strangers online but in a more direct way.

"What’s your biggest 'I f'ked up' moment?"

Redditors recalled when their discreet, NSFW activity became exposed.


"When I was in 7th grade, my parents woke me up from bed and took me to the guest room where they proceeded to show me what 'History' on the computer was."

– D4rks1id3

Time For Cleaning

"Had something similar happen to me. A techie guy my parents hired to clean/speed up our computers (2006ish), was cleaning up the one in my bedroom, I was 12-13 at the time. He found the pornographic photos I didn’t delete from my recycle bin. He then taught me how to delete things from my recycle bin and to his credit never told my parents."

– Cpcalio

Shout Out To Techies

"As a teenaged girl that got curious and watched some porn, I also had a techie guy save my bacon. My computer had been infected, lots of pop-ups and everything. I’d mentioned to my parents my computer stopped working and I was going to take it to get fixed and they surprised me by inviting a family friend over to pick up the computer and eat barbecue with us. I had no idea my parents were close friends with a computer savvy guy."

"I had stupidly not deleted my history yet. He ended up taking my computer with him before I had a chance to hide anything. He managed to convince my parents the virus came from me clicking an ad by accident and my mom apologized to me for being suspicious and told me to be more careful."

"The tech guy also showed me how to delete my history so I’m fairly certain he saw the sites I’d been on."

"My parents had laughed when they heard my male cousin got caught watching porn. They laughed when he got caught with a girl. But when his sister got grounded for reading a book with one vanilla sex scene, they judged her pretty harshly and went on a rant about how the devil is influencing the youth of today. They would have killed me for watching any kind of erotica."

"My parents were convinced if I ever watched porn, I’d grow up to be a degenerate. Funnily enough, I watched it the most during puberty when it was forbidden and as an adult with freedom to do it anytime I want, I rarely if ever watch anything erotic."

"Thank you to all the techie people out there saving us from judgment!"

– Taebellz

Unfortunate Release

"On the day i was moving to Jersey from VA, I had a date in VA. I was planning driving straight to NJ after the date. I ate something bad during dinner and my stomach started acting up. But the date was going well and didn't want to cut it short and thgt i could hold it until the date was over. Right after the ended, i got in my car and drove to nearest restaurant to use the bathroom. But nature prevailed and couldn't hold it. I literally sh*t my pants. It was so bad, i couldn't even get out of my car."

"So i drove with sh*t in my pants from VA to NJ. I was worried that i might get pulled over. I got to my apt building at 3am in the morning. walked up 3 flights of stairs to make less noise. got rid of my clothes and took a shower."

"damage: I had to buy tools and throw away the driver side car seat. cost me 2000 bucks. I had it detailed 4 times in 2 months and finally decided to get rid of the car to get rid of the trauma."

"P.S: I married her."

"She does not know the story. Nobody close to me knows. I will take this to my grave."

– joker1547

Employees shared their workplace screw ups.

Costly Mistake

"I was a bank teller working drive through and I had a fat stack of cash in an envelope (roughly $3,000ish) that I had set aside because I needed my manager to take it to the vault because I was over the max amount allowed to keep in the drawer at any time."

"I’m just going through the motions and some guy was doing a cash withdrawal and while I was on auto-pilot I sent back his tube with the envelope containing $3000 instead of the few hundred he was withdrawing. Worst part was I didn’t realize this until about 15 minutes and 10 or so transactions later."

"I immediately called my manager and just said 'I f'ked up big time'. I couldn’t even remember which account it was on so I had no idea who to call or who he was. He could have kept that money and we would have never known."

"Luckily he was a good samaritan and came back into the branch and asked for the manager saying 'I believe there was a mistake, I was given way too much money but I noticed it wasn’t taken out of my account. I don’t want your teller fired over this!'”

"Issue was resolved in under an hour and I’m forever thankful that guy was a good person and came back to return the money."

– HallucinatesOtters

Losing Focus

"I read a manifest wrong and pumped the wrong chemical down an oil well and literally ruined a brand new well worth about 4 million. They had to abandon it."

– Sillyak

The Jenga Effect

"In my 20s while working at Home Depot, I walked by an aisle full of pallets of doors."

"As soon as I casually walked by, all of the doors came crashing down."

"Pallets and all."

"No one knows how it happened but I'm pretty sure I was the one that put the pallets there a few days prior."

"Damages were in the thousands."

"Luckily no one was hurt, but I still think about all of the booby-traps I left in that place."

– Jetix_MK3

Internet Network Disruption

"I once accidentally created an infinite network loop on my college campus' network and crashed the entire school's internet. This was during my certification program as a Cisco Certified Networking Administrator."

– BlackTemplar2154

Return To Sender

"I used to work at an aggregate company. Once I got an order address wrong and sent 22 tones of topsoil to some poor bastards laneway."


– canadaiscoldAF

Dumpster Fire

"I was working a facilities job in my early 20s and was a heavy smoker at the time. I worked for a very wealthy company and had a no smoking rule, so every time I needed a cigarette I had to hide behind the building to smoke."

"Due to a recent change in furniture we were left with lots of cardboard and plastic wrap, so the DO ordered a roll away dumpster to the site. This roll away dumpster happened to be put around the corner of where I smoked."

"One night I was smoking and got a call to go do a fix on a machine, so I put my cigarette out before finishing it with the intent to come back later. The cigarette broke in half while I was doing so and in frustration I tossed it into the dumpster. I do the fix on the machine and go back to the shop office to sit down."

"5 minutes go by and one of the other facilities guys comes running in and tells me there is a fire. I run to a fire extinguisher and run outside to see there is a huge fire in the dumpster, so me and 3 other people jump in the dumpster to attempt to put it out."

"After 2 long minutes I look down and see flames coming from underneath the cardboard I am standing on and decided to call it time to dial 911. The flames erupted 9-10 feet out of the dumpster when the fire department arrived and it took them nearly half an hour to put it out."

"We were all examined afterwards and the fire department recommended we all go to the hospital immediately due to smoke inhalation. My cigarette sent 3 people to the hospital and a security camera above the dumpster saw the whole thing. I was fired and banned from the place I worked. In the end I was very fortunate nothing was damaged and nobody was seriously injured."

"Definitely was an 'I f'ked up' moment."

– MessageLarge5901

These Redditors suffered physical consequences.


"For me not a lot of 'f'ked up' moments yet, but me and my brother sprinted on a pedestrian crossing and got hit by a car about 7 years ago, I realized that I had f'ked up when I noticed I was flying through the air."

– Guillaume_Hertzog

Rough Housing

"wrestling with my brother, I try to throw him over my hip, and I start falling sideways and realize 'oh, f'k, he’s going over my knee' followed by a surprisingly loud pop, don’t know how I didn’t dislocate it or tear a tendon, but I didn’t but yeah, sprained knees ain’t fun."

– bothVoltairefan

Finger Smoothie

"Our very-old blender started smoking when I was using it, so I frantically unplugged it at the wall and started taking it apart."

"It was when I heard the whirring and felt the blade go through my finger tip that I realised that in my panic I had instead unplugged the toaster from the socket next to it."

– taversham

An Expensive And Painful Lesson Learned

"I didn’t goto the dentist for five years out of sheer laziness. Five cavities, one pulled tooth, one full tooth implant and a root canal later……I regret that decision."

– Dust_Parts

As long as we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and move on with our lives after making some of the biggest f'k ups in life, we're good.

Although, that's me just being optimistic–even if a hypothetical miscalculation you made may have cost an employer an exorbitant amount of money.

If they kept you on payroll, despite your costly mistake, congratulations. Keep in mind, however, there will probably never be a "next time."

I bet the Redditor who had their finger blended will always double-check the electrical sockets before sticking their fingers in any electrical devices from now on.

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