Theme parks can be a grand old time. I love water parks, for instance, though it's been years since I've been to one. And I didn't go to a "traditional" theme park, like Six Flags, until I was in my twenties. It was... fun. Fun enough. After waiting for a long time, the experience felt rather anticlimactic, sorry to say.

But at least my experiences at theme parks have always been what I'd refer to as "lukewarm." Nothing crazy or negative has happened, thankfully.

But others weren't so lucky. We heard their stories after Redditor rifac asked the online community,

"What is the worst experience you've ever had a theme park?"

"We stood in line..."

"We stood in line for just over an hour, then the operator told me I was too tall."


I have always wondered is Shaq would be allowed to ride Space Mountain.

"Someone threw..."

"Someone threw a small plastic pumpkin off of a ride going probably 40 mph and it hit me directly in the throat while I was standing in line."


Ummm... that's pretty scary. Surprised you weren't more seriously injured.

"Sat in vomit..."

"Sat in vomit or a vomit like substance almost immediately after entering the park."


Okay, this immediately grossed me out and reminded me that I don't want to go to a theme park again because I don't think I want to be around children.

"I took my daughter..."

"I took my daughter and had to walk around four hours and wait in long lines and pay through the nose for parking and food."


You see, this is why I don't even want kids, let alone care to be around them... at a theme park, no less.

"That pretty much..."

"Waited 2.5 hours so my daughter could meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen for like 1 minute. After that, I asked what she wanted to do next. It was to get back in line to meet Anna and Elsa again. That pretty much killed theme parks for me."


Thanks, I hate it. No thank you. And is it just me or has Frozen not aged all that well?

"My six-year-old..."

"My six-year-old and I went to Great America the weekend of 4th of July. It was a mistake once we saw that we had to park in the area that was in the back, back, back lot. We went on a total of---3 rides."

"He wanted to play arcade games. I told him "I will buy you ice cream if we skip the arcade games." Pay $90 in tix to put in more money for arcade prices? Kid, sit down on a coaster and cry or something."


Nothing about this sounds fun to me.

Am I just... boring?

Am I a boring adult?

Is this who I am now?

"I was stuck upside down..."

"I was stuck upside down on The Demon in Six Flags Great America. I was at a light angle (on my way down the loop, just barely) and it just was uncomfortable beyond reason. I was stuck there for almost an hour and it was really hot. Sitting on metal in heat plus being upside down is a terrible, terrible combination."


This is the stuff of horror movies as far as I'm concerned.

If you'll excuse me, I'll go back to another rewatch of Final Destination 3.

"We had just passed..."

"We had just passed the gates and walked into the park when my mother-in-law got the call that her mother had died. Only been back there once since, and it was ~14 years ago."


Ouch. The theme park isn't at fault here though, so enjoy it! It was just bad timing I guess.

"People in the last row..."

"People in the last row of the roller-coaster puking when it reached the top and was about to go down to the slope."


You see, if I go to an amusement park, there's a higher likelihood that I'll have to deal with someone's puke and I really don't want to.

"I was at..."

"I was at Alton Towers this year when The Smiler crash happened. We'd been debating whether to go on it, or go for lunch first. Lunch won out, and thank god it did."


You see, I was just talking about Final Destination 3... it sounds like you cheated death so you might want to watch out.

Feeling like getting on a rollercoaster right at this moment?

Think again. Stay on the ground with the rest of us.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!