Life after death... that is one of life's greatest mysteries. What is going to happen after we leave this Earthly plain.

Is there a Heaven? And let's hope there isn't a Hell. Will there just be nothing?

Will there be pain? So many questions.

Many people have claimed to reach the other side just to be brought back.

Are they imagining it? Is it just hopeful thinking? Again... more questions than answers.

Let's see if we can find something definitive.

Redditor APater6076 wanted to hear from everyone who's lives were almost shuttered.

They asked:

"Redditors who have ‘died’ and been resuscitated, what was your experience? Did you see bright lights? Nothing? Do you remember anything about it?"

My near death experiences are about avoiding death, not experiencing it.

So I have nothing to share.

But I am fascinated as death is my greatest fear.

And taxes.


"Just blackness and a really warm and comfortable feeling like if you were being hugged by a bed but I could hear a low muffled sound f people talking." ~ Turbulent_Squash_301


"Makes the thought of dying someday less frightening"

"I felt the same as if I had went to sleep. (I had an alcohol withdrawal related seizure and woke up in the hospital bed, I was told my heart stopped for 8 seconds) Although the one thing I 'remember' is this feeling that the weight of the world lifted off my shoulder. It was such an indescribable feeling, but it was as if everything thing that I care and/or worry about is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Makes the thought of dying someday less frightening." ~ MuluLizidrummer


"A very warm blackness. Wasn’t cold or scary. Very calm and serene. Best nap I’ve ever had. Five out of five stars, not in a hurry to do it again but certainly not scared to die when the time comes. Now the heart surgery I had after being resuscitated, that was painful and awful, so I do not recommend heart failure. Zero out of five stars." ~ _addycole


"The most beautiful comforting warmth. Every 'care' I had on earth seemed so freaking meaningless. Like really you cared about money, cancer, popularity, like anything man made seemed like when you were a kid and thought losing a sports match was the end of your life. Then you come back and are expected to care about those things the same."

"Everyone thinks I have depression, but it's more like a peace knowing what's coming and not feeling the need to 'perform' in the meantime anymore. I just want to go back and be in eternal peace, but I can't help but feel I wasn't kept there for a reason. I have more to learn and connect to here before joining it again." ~ ono412

The Tough Boy

"My son said he climbed a blue ladder into a boat, but then I came and got him. He’s little though." ~ RileyTheCoyote


Well a lot of that sounds more pleasant than not.

I'd still rather live, but at least if I have to go, I'd like it to be peaceful.


"Warm, dark, and heard me late best friend's voice, kept telling me to keep trying." ~ Fluffy_Article_8690


I was 16...

"From what I can remember (I was 16), I had a big operation and we did not know I was deadly allergic to morphine. It was the most peaceful 'Sleep' I have ever had in my entire life, it felt like nothing but somehow something you know? I vividly remember seeing someone resuscitate from another point of view but I could have made that up."

"Woke up with my dad holding my hand saying you scared the crap out of me. A couple years later my dad had the same experience after an operation and the same thing happened to him as me, he woke up (I couldn't be more thankful saying those words) and after we told him he grabbed my hand and said 'I got you back.'" ~ Bobbacata12


"A warm fuzzy silver room, last best memory with family all around but only in shadow form watching tv, everything was so fuzzy and shakey.. I think the warmth came from pissing myself during a grand mal seizure. It was a comfortable feeling though." ~ ssdoots

You're not alone...

"Reading this has made me feel kind of better. My dad is dying in the hospital tonight & I know this is Reddit & a bunch of strangers. But it’s nice to know he probably won’t feel anything but peace when they take him off life support. Thank you for this thread. Hug your loved ones close." ~ throwawaymenance

A Preview...

"Not me but my grandfather. He had a heart attack and he said before they shocked him back it was the most peaceful experience of his life. I hope his actual death 20 years later was just as peaceful." ~ aydeeachdee


Death is coming for all of us.

We can't avoid it, and until it happens to us, we'll probably never really know.

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