There is so much to learn about one another.

But we never ask.

It's all too embarrassing for most.

It's why most teens tune out Health class.

RedditorTWDTourist69 wanted all the ladies to fess up with their burning questions.

They asked:

"Women of Reddit, what question about men do you wish to be answered?"

I've always wondered what the ladies want to know.

Stay Standing

Schitts Creek Pain GIF by CBCGiphy

"How often do you guys accidentally sit on your testicles? I can't help but think it'd be happening to me all the time if I had them."


"Depending on the size of your testicles/thighs, but I personally never sit on them. I guess they're just not loose enough to get underneath my legs, which I'm very glad about."



"How do you pee if you have an erection? Or is that not an option? Is it painful?"


"It's h*rd (pun not intended)! Depends how erect the penis is. Full mast = almost impossible, without rotating 90 degrees. Bound to make a mess. Flow is very low and it'll take forever to finish. Half-Mast: Doable, not as comfortable as normal, but generally fine."


Sit Here

"Do you guys actually like when a girl sits on your lap?"


"Easy yes as long as she is light enough to not cause legs to cramp. If not, still yes but she needs to be aware that we will NEVER say anything and instead suffer in silence but she should either shift around a bit to allow us to adjust or just do a quick tease then change positions."


Hold Me

"How normal is it for you to hug your best friends?"


"If we haven't seen each other for a while, sure. most of the time it's more like a pat on the back coupled with a handshake, if that counts."


"Bro hug. Time of embrace is dependent on three (3) factors..."

"a) Strength of bond (Super Bro / Bro)..."

"b) Length of time between seeing each other..."

"c) Comfortability of other friend to accept said warm embrace..."

"If it's been a few weeks since I've seen my super secure super bro he's getting a solid 3 seconds."


Hold Me

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"Do you think about our boobs while hugging us?"


"Not all the time, if we're interested in you then yes."


Can we just hold one another? Make it easy.


"Do men actually like thighs?"


"There is entire TV series and books devoted SOLELY to thighs. Heck there is a RELIGION devoted to thighs. Yes, Yes we do."


Wet Parts

"Do your family jewels ever sweat like our boobs do?"


Absolutely. In fact, that is mostly the reason you will see us 'adjust' so much or spread our legs. That crap will glue themselves to your thigh and nothing short of manual adjustment will remove them."


"God yes. Testicle hygiene is extremely important. Don't put up with a guy who doesn't regularly wash them."



"Do you find the narrative of men not being able to control themselves when it comes to sex annoying and/or offensive?"


"You can definitely control it, don’t let any man say otherwise. It’s disappointing rather than annoying or offensive because bad men have used it as an excuse so much that there are people who believe it."


"Hate it when I’m movies there is this scene where she kisses him and he accepts, but has a partner and says he’s a man he couldn’t control himself. Totally bs yes you’re horny but that’s only a slight inconvenience."


Take This

"I often want to get my hubby a 'small appreciation something' that would be the equivalent to flowers, chocolate, etc for us. What is a similar-intended gift that would make you smile?"


"Initiate some token of affection. Women vastly underestimate the impact of something as simple as a hand on the back, or a 10 second shoulder massage. We don't need things - We can buy our own sh*t. We can't buy genuine affection, appreciation, or the feeling of being needed or depended on."


The Great Divide

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"When using a urinal - do you want a small divider panel or is it pointless?"

"Men I've polled give mixed responses."

"Signed - Female architect."


"Men who don't care about a divider, won't care that is there. Men who prefer to have it, would curse at the architect or the builder for cheapening out on a sad sheet of metal that does a lot of peace of mind."



"Why is it that sometimes you can go for one round, but then other times you can go four rounds back to back?"


"Sex drive and stamina, can vary day to day.:


"Like everything in life, why can you eat alot and sometimes barely finish your plate, why can you go intense in the gym and sometimes barely be able to finish your reps, etc."


Self Care

"What do you guys do for self care. Like if you just need some time to yourself, or if you treat yourself to something special."


"Not enough, it's the reason male mental health is in such crisis."

"We do have hobbies like gaming/sports/projects but I find those more to be escapism than actual self care to address our feelings/needs and reflect on them."


Rosetta Stone

"I just want to understand what that secret, unspoken language you all have with each other is."

"It sometimes seems to me that just a single look or a nod at a guy you've never said a word to, is years of conversations?"


"The up nod is for the homies, the down nod is for fellow men. Eyes go wide and stare straight at you means 'wtf is happening?' but eyes go wide then dart in a different direction means “'ollow my eye point to see a grade-A booty'”.


Temp Control

"How are you never cold?? My guy friends/male relatives are always lounging around with their shirts off. I’d be freezing my a** off if I did that."


"(Some scientific explanation from the web) Partly this is because, for a given bodyweight, women tend to have less muscle tissue to generate heat."

"But the hormone oestrogen also has a big impact because it has the side effect of thickening the blood slightly. This reduces blood flow to the tiny capillaries supplying the extremities."

"A 1998 study at the University of Utah found that this can mean women have hands, feet and ears that are 3°C colder than a man’s."

"(Personal experience) Often we just don't care about being cold or we act like we're not freezing to portray ourselves as 'strong' or 'manly.'"


Token of affection

"Do you feel emasculated when a woman performs a typically male-assigned gender role? (ie. buys you flowers, opens the door for you, proposes to you)"


"Dude, if my SO would buy me flowers, I would be over the moon. That’s deeply romantic to me."


"My partner makes more than I do and supports us financially. While I still have a 9-5, I do almost all of the child raising stuff such as cooking meals, bedtime, etc. The roles are reversed in our case. I love it. I absolutely adore having a strong, powerful woman in my life. But it takes a secure and confident man to be able to do that. You gotta fully let go of societal expectations."


First Move

"Is it actually attractive for a woman to make the first move? I've been called weird or trying too hard because I try to initiate a conversation."


"It’s usually really awkward for a guy to think of how to start a conversation with a girl. If you like a guy and he’s been wondering if you like him, then yeah it’s a pretty attractive trait that most guys like."


Men are weird. What did you learn ladies?

Any questions you'd like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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