Us women have to put up with a lot of weird sh*t from men. Sometimes, it seems that they're just completely oblivious to what we want and need, but we just can't figure out how to say it. Luckily, we can all vent about it on Reddit. Here are some of the things guys do to seem sexy, when in reality, they just aren't.

u/Ulcrar asked: Women of Reddit, what is something Men do that they think is sexy/attractive but really isn't?

What makes them think this is a good idea?

On dating websites, post photos of them posing with at least 8 scantily clad women who work at the tropical resort that the guy is staying at.


"See what girls I can pay to stick around me, be thankful I might bone you."


So disappointing.


Going to into great detail about all the things they're going to do when they get you in bed, and then doing exactly zero of those things.

Don't bring me into the bedroom thinking I'm getting an evening of pleasure when the reality is 10 seconds of jackhammer that's only enjoyable for you.


"I'm going to roll you up in a blanket and feed you pizza."


Yes and yes.

If you have to constantly tell people how big of a deal you are, you're not a big deal. Also don't be a jerk to the staff.


Yes please. If you're awful to hard working people who just do their jobs, you're awful in general. Such a turn off.


Talk about toxic masculinity.

Dated a guy once that took the masculine thing too far. I couldn't call him cute without him flipping out. He wouldn't ever call anything cute either. Wouldn't even run his hands through my hair because it was too girly.

Guy I'm with now falls asleep playing with my hair and it is HEAVEN.


This is weird.


Order my food for me. Not in a cute, I know what she wants kind of way but a dominant a-hole kind of way.

I once was taken on a date, he insisted in driving and drove like a jackass there and back, blasted the same T-pain song over and over, then as we proceeded to order, he ordered everything for me, from the water to my horrible salad. I STILL PAID HALF THE BILL!!!!! One of the worst dates ever. 0 out of 10 would recommended dating this guy.


So annoying.

Being overprotective in a cringy way. I have nothing against a guy who is considerate but I really don't need someone who wants to punch every other guy that just looks at me (or even someone who makes sh*t up like "I heard these strangers over there talking about you" and frowning at them).

Like wtf dude, make me feel safe if you want to but don't make me feel like I'm made of glass.



Trusting you know what your girl wants is not the same thing is telling her what she wants.

One is knowing her well enough to give her what she wants the other is doing what you want and telling her she should 'lighten up and give it a try'.


We see right through it.


Lying to make themselves look smart. The truth will come out. And when it does, they will look like a dumb*ss.


I was in a relationship with a guy way before all this metoo and the mentioning of red flags. I knew he was lying but I was so sucked in and people just kept saying to give him a benefit of the doubt. He lied about SO MANY things. Like buying Christmas gifts for me and my family and the gifts breaking in the mail. He made my cry at least once a day then broke up over the phone with me.

He knocked up some girl and got married a week later. He's a scumbag with two ugly kids and she's a MLM consultant.


Let's be real, they probably can't,

Talking about how they can "take down" someone. Okay you do that..


Oh god I HATE when men tell hypothetical stories about the type of guys who would get their a**es kicked if they dared to disrespect them. It's not making you look like a hero, just a violent jack*ss.


That's uncomfortable.

I had an ex that would put on his "sultry" voice and tell me it's time for bed.

It really came out sounding creepy and not a bit romantic.

Physically, we had good times but I had to cringe past his verbal intro.


I don't think anyone feels comfortable with that.


When they stare at you from across the way and don't stop.

I don't feel comfortable when that happens.



Physical violence/fighting. Last thing I want on a night out is for you to get in a fight. It's just a mindless display of testosterone. Give me a man who walks away from a fight any day.


No means no.

When they try to "win you over" after you've rejected their advances.

It has never once been attractive behaviour, only really weird for me. But then again I'm not attracted to men so perhaps that's just a me thing. Maybe some guys can make it cute by just showing they won't leave you right off, the ones I've encountered just sort of seem to be pushing themselves on me and I'm not a fan.


That's not confidence.


Talking about HoW I DoN't CarE ThAt I DrESS wIErd, YoU'Re sO LuCKy To EVen bE WiTH ME when they actually have very low self esteem and push people away because their insecure, but come off as cocky and "confident", and dress funny to stand out and seem like they "aren't like other guys".



Trying to have sex with me but judging me if I have sex with them on a first date.

I don't have time for that game.


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