People Break Down The Things That Men Refuse To Tell Women

Our thoughts are sacred, and when someone asks at any given moment what we're pondering about, we are not under any obligation to invite them into our heads.

There are various reasons for this.

Some are too personal, while others are more or less out of caution to avoid disrupting the status quo.

But when it comes to specific genders dealing with topics that are better left unsaid, Redditor SleepyHead017 asked:

"What do guys 'never' tell girls?"

Whoever smelt it, dealt it.

The Gas Leak

"It wasn’t silent and yes, I can smell it."

– Phrobowroe

"Ah yeye, that reminds me of the ice breaking moment with my gf. We had been dating for some months and one weekend she visited me in my one bedroom apartment. She went to the rest room, which had a paper thin door, and ripped a pretty loud one."

"A few seconds later she asks me if I heard that. Didn't know a proper answer, so I just responded 'No!.' I was also on the tipping point of ripping one, so I did and asked her 'Did you hear that?.' She didn't answer, but I could hear her giggle."

– slimcdk


"For my last girlfriend, I would get up in the middle of the night to 'pee,' except I would just walk into the kitchen and release all the farts I had been holding in while in bed. The one night I ran into my roommate who also had his girlfriend over, and we just stood in the kitchen farting until it was time to go back to bed."


"Just fart man. If she farts back, put a ring on it."

– Green-Jello-Farts

Death Breath

"You have Cheez It breath."

– Poorly-Drawn-Beagle

Sometimes, it's best to be a mystery.

Genuine Thoughts

"i am deadly afraid you will think i am creepy. that why i am awkward."

– electric-angel

Inside My Head

"What I’m thinking about when you ask me what I’m thinking about because you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what it really was."

– bcereus8

Behind The Wheel

"I don't usually have strong opinions about 'where to go for dinner' because I'm already the only person that drives the car, and I don't want to seem like I'm controlling everything we do together."

– Mr_Shakes

Reading Between The Lines

"Just because i text 'good night' doesn't mean i go to sleep immediately. I just need some time alone."

– Sincityutopia


"We're not scratching our balls, we're either adjusting them, getting them unstuck from our leg, or plain playing with them. Itchy balls require a pinch and twist."

– UnoriginalUse

Two Modes

"We have two modes. We either notice every tiny little thing but don’t say anything or we just don’t care about most things. It entirely depends on who we are talking to."

– thatonepingu

Pure Fear

"That I'm scared out of my mind to talk to you."

– Quick_Damage4512

If the truth can hurt, why cause harm?

Alone Time

"While I'm quietly saying good night to you and the kids, inside my head William Wallace is screaming 'FREEDOM!'"

– gentlemancorpse42

Boys Club

"Where our really cool boys only treehouse is and no you can't come it's boys only."

– TedIsCoolIGuess

Bordering On Body-Shaming

"When you ask us if a dress is making you look fat or not, we are scared af. We can be your friend, son, brother, bf/fiancé/husband, father but we are scared to to tell you if it actually makes you look fat."

– More-Masterpiece-561

Guys withholding information from women could stem from the stereotype that the fairer sex needs protection from emotional distress.

But if that's the case, being non-communicative depending on the situation can be a disservice, and it undermines the tolerance level women are capable of having.

However, exercising discretion is advised, regardless of gender. Unless the recipient is willing to hear it, harsh truths are better left unspoken.

What do you think?

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