Laws are made to be broken. That is a theme in life and a truth. Sometimes insane laws end up on the books because some inept person made an error while swilling tequila. Must the rest of us suffer?

Redditor u/SkrybaArtura wanted everyone to share some thoughts about the current laws of the land by asking.... What stupid laws exists because people were assholes?



There's a big hill in my town and it was a tradition to slide down it with cardboard but people kept leaving their cardboard and other trash so they made it illegal. Fakeuser2048

Oh Ohio. 

In Ohio a policeman is allowed to bite a dog if they think it will calm the dog down. Why the f**k would that calm the dog down. strayadude

This is probably following that myth of establishing dominance in a single move. Mazon_Del


You can't have bbqs in my local park because people used to set fire to the tables. thegayprinter

So they were barbecuing the tables? lady_laughs_too_much

Pickle Tickle. 

Pickles have to be able to bounce in CT since two guys were jerks and sold expired ones. If they don't bounce, they aren't pickles! RollDreams

But what If they do this? rubs two pickles together, making a squeaky sound? Grey_Hawk98



We have a law where if you have a dog and only have a beware of dog sign on the front but not on the back door we would be liable if our dog bites a robber that came through the back. So that's fun....

Okay, this blew up, i didn't expect so many people to notice this, cool. Idk if it helps but its a law in the Netherlands. Its a stupid law and should be removed.


Chewing gums are banned in Singapore because a**holes were sticking it everywhere. klehfeh

I went to Singapore a few months ago for a school field trip, holy crap that place is clean! Voltegeist

But Armour is Hot! 

In the UK Parliament, it's illegal to wear a suit of armour. Gadget100

Ice Cream Trauma.  

You can't keep an ice cream in your back pocket in some parts of America.

In the olden days when everyone rode horses you couldn't just hop on a horse and ride away, that's stealing..

But if the horse followed you home that's ok.

So people used to put ice cream in their back pocket to make the horse follow them. possessed_flea

Glove patrol. 

Not exactly a law, but in a prior job, our rule book (that was written by Transport Canada), specifically stated that gloves were NOT to be put in the microwave.

EDIT: Because "why" keeps coming up: Someone had wet gloves, thew them in to dry them. They caught fire, and they had to stop the train and evacuate, holding up rail (freight and passenger) traffic for hours until the unit was inspected and could be moved. MissGrafin

Fish Tales...


I've heard that you can't get a fish Drunk in Idaho (or Ohio, I can't remember which one). I don't know what the story behind this is, but I can't imagine them deciding to make this law for no reason. GHarold101

I'm betting it has something to do with illegal fishing tactics. Chuck a bunch of alcohol into the water and proceed to easily catch the drunk fish.

Edit: Guys, it doesn't necessarily have to be alcohol. The law probably just outlaws drugging fish, thus, you cant get fish drunk. The_Lost_Google_User


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