People Explain Which Items They Never Buy On The Cheap

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People Explain Which Items They Never Buy On The Cheap
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We all love to save some coin. It's one of my favorite things in life. Even saving a quarter makes my day. But there are just a few things over time where going on the side of cheap, really isn't the best move. Sometimes, those few extra duckets spent are worth it. Let's hear from experience....

Redditor u/Wesology87 wanted to know about when "quality" counts the most by asking... What is something you WILL NOT buy the cheap version of?

I always buy generic. And I am proud about it. But once and awhile, especially when purchasing medication... I get nervous. Pillows can be cheap, and comfortable, but life saving meds... not so much. Let's compare notes.

Safety First

tangled up skydiving GIF by Thomas RhettGiphy

Safety gear.


When I got my first harness, I kept giving my husband heart attacks cuz I'd do stuff like put it on the ground while putting my shoes on or something. He'd be like "OMG THERE COULD BE STUFF ON THE GROUND THAT MELTS YOUR HARNESS." And then I developed a new fear.


The Boulder Holder

Bras. It's hard enough getting one that fits properly. If it fits nicely I don't care about the price.


I hate that my bras are so damn expensive. I recently tried a $15 Bali bra because I didn't want to spend another $60 on one bra. I seriously could not believe how bad it was.

Now I remember why I always buy expensive bras.



A winter coat and winter boots - they are SO worth the investment. You could get four or five - or more - good winters out of this investment.

I used to buy cheap, especially the coats as a good one can be costly, but a really warm, waterproof coat for winter makes the commute that little bit easier and life that little bit cosier. Sturdy, water-proof boots are also a great investment - no more cold toes and wet socks and the expensive ones really do last well.

I'm due a new coat for this winter and I've already started to put a little bit aside each paycheck for it.


The Body Artist



The Hepatitis C outbreak in my neighboring county was traced to a single tattoo "artist". He made a tattoo gun out of an electric toothbrush and some fine guitar wire, and would take it to parties to give strangers tattoos (get a tat to commemorate this epic party brah!).

He had HepC himself, and would always go first to prove how good he was.

He sterilized the needle with a lighter, but he double dipped the ink, and managed to give dozens of people HepC. They eventually sent him to prison after he killed someone via sepsis from a seriously infected tattoo

The news story about his arrest didn't mention his name, but the Facebook comments were full of shit like "I bet it was <his name>, he gave my sister HepC".

Get tattoos from a professional shop, not some random dude.


Back Support

happy office GIF by PRTGGiphy

An office chair is a great investment for the long run. Saves your back.


Imagine my surprise when I was able to pick up two Herman Millers for $20 from someone liquidating their business assets 🤤.


See, that is a lot of... spend the coin ideology. A good office chair saves lives. And a safety harness is always a must... no matter what. Let's see who else won't compromise...

For $20?

Bored Married With Children GIFGiphy

PSU for a computer, get one from a reputable brand, not the $15 from some random brand no one has heard of. if you cheap out on a power supply you're asking for it to fail and take other components with it.


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Feet Talk

Shoes. Mostly running shoes but all shoes really.


I only buy on sale items... Of name brands. So they could be a season or two old butt I'll never buy the fresh new pair.



I won't buy the cheapest electronics. Mid-range or higher is what I look for.


Best Buy cashier: "Would you like to purchase an insurance plan for that?"

Me: "It's a five dollar pair of earbuds. I think I'll be fine."


Sleep Well...

Pillow. $150 but feels like a poofy cloud. Have had it for 2 years now, so less than $.25 a day and going down.

Edit: I searched my old emails and found it for u guys! Hope it can help some of you out. It says side sleeper but I sleep on my back and and sides, love it. Good sheets help too I have Egyptian cotton 600 thread count.

Down fill, gusseted sides, and a decent fill weight are a recipe for success. If it gets a little low just punch in the sides and back to floof.


Catching Zzzzzz

Tired At Home GIF by IKEA USAGiphy


If you have only bought crappy cheap beds your entire adult life, save your money for awhile and buy an awesome bed. That purchase can change your life. For real.


The EYES have It!

Lasik eye surgery. Friend I worked with kept telling me I could get it for $500 in Colombia. Did it here in Georgia for $3k with a doctor who had done over 100,000 procedures. I'll stick with having perfect vision.


To the Center

My co-worker and I had LASIK the same week. She went to a center 200 miles away and spent $250. I had mine done in town by a world recognized surgeon for $5k. I breezed through, she had complications for months and had to drive back to the center several times. Best money I've ever spent!



Work boots. on your feet most the day, out in construction or sketchy areas for your feet? a great pair of work boots makes all the difference in the world.

edit: Thorogood is the brand of boots that changed my perspective on just how important great footwear truly is.


Chef it Up

Henry Danger Wow GIF by NickelodeonGiphy

Kitchen cookware.


The difference of quality between knifes is night and day. I have Victorinox and a Zwilling & Heckel 8 inch chef knifes and while Victorinox is good, the other one is just amazing.


The Great Outdoors

Camping tents. I've been Chinese water tortured on a rainy night in a cheap tent one too many times to ever skimp again.


Just outdoors gear in general. Cheap stuff will break when you need it most. There might be a few exceptions but for the most part avoid the cheap crap you get from places like Walmart or Aly express.


Important Facts

Tampons. OB or nothing


I love No Name brand stuff but I always get name brand Kraft Dinner!


Don't trust Balducci's...


Feeling guilty that some kind soul gave me a Helpful award for this one-word reply, so here's some unsolicited advice. :-)

Grocery store sushi is usually a hard pass, but there are a few exceptions. Where I live (US East coast), both Balducci's and Wegman's have very high quality sushi. Balducci's in particular rivals many respectable sushi restaurants I've been to.

Both also offer sashimi and low-carb options (usually they'll make rolls using a very thin sheet of sliced cucumber in place of the rice). Whole Foods (at least the 3 I've tried) is surprisingly disappointing. While the quality is fine, the portions are small, and the fish-to-rice ratio is way too low.


And Shoes...

spongebob socks GIFGiphy

Socks. No more cheap socks for me.

From now on I only buy socks made from 100% merino wool. Typically Darn Tough socks since they have a lifetime warranty.



Toilet paper.


This is true, some people leave a hand towel by the toilet and wash often though that's a little much for me.

To further back you up, when drying off your wet boom hole you want that thick TP as the cheap stuff would disintegrate due from the water.


Cheap Electrics...

Electronics. With cheap electronics you realise why they were so cheap so quickly. Cheap headphones for example.

By a mid range or high end product and you'll have it years, buy something cheap and you'll bee replacing it every few months or its so bad you hate using it.


In the Ear

bart simpson GIFGiphy

Q-tips. Suffered for two years because a 500 count was 2 bucks cheaper and I was to stubborn/cheap the throw them out.


Quality is quality. There are just somethings you can't skimp on. Trust me, I've tried. I love a good sale but are you paying for less then? Think about it.

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