Everybody loves to save pennies.

In this time of financial worry saving money is a must.

One of the ways we've always saved is by buying generic.

Sometimes the name doesn't always matter.

But there are instances when those extra pennies need to be spent.

Sometimes name equals better quality.

Redditor AndrewIsMyDogwanted to discuss what things they will always spend a little extra on just because of the name.

They asked:

"What 's a name brand item you refuse to replace with generic?"

I do mostly generic, except when it comes to vodka. Quality matters when it comes cosmos friends.

Vest of...

cerkl team GIF by CerklGiphy

"Post-It Notes And practically anything else made by 3M."


"3M is S tier. Basically every product they have is the best version of that product."



"Swingline stapler. If they took my Swingline, it'd be the last straw."


"I inherited my grandpa's Swingline when he passed away. He had his own business and had the darn thing for years prior. He's been gone for 23 years and that stapler ain't never gonna quit."


"I just looked over at my favorite stapler at work and saw its a Swingline. The thing was like $30 but it takes a beating and has never jammed."


Store Brand



"Cheaper doesn't always cost less. Story below..."

"I worked at a Lab and for a little while they had a program where if you made an improvement that saved the company money you got a reward for a portion of the savings (10%). It was meant for process improvement, increased efficiency, etc. but the person who worked in purchasing got one for saving money on office supplies by switching to cheaper 'store brand' supplies. I think they got about $20,000 for it."

"Anyway I went from having a Sharpie last 1 to 2 months of writing on glassware, slides, petri dishes, etc. to going thorough a pack of knock off sharpies a week. Any savings in per unit cost were wiped out, and then some, by increased consumption of supplies. They switched back to the previous supplies within a couple months."

"I'm guessing someone had some serious explaining to do to the senior executives once they found out they gave someone $20k for an idea that cost them money."


God, it's so good...

"Also Crayola crayons, markers, color pencils. I’m all for the store private label options in other areas. However the off brand art products are crumbly and produce mediocre results."


"I buy Crayola not only for their overall quality, performance, and durability, but also and most importantly I buy them for their iconic scent. God, it's so good. All core regions of my brain light up when I take that first hit off a fresh 64 pack."


"Crayola ultra wash is the only brand of marker and crayon allowed in my house because it is really easy to get off of most surfaces."


Be Clean

Season 5 Episode 10 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

"Dawn dish soap. It's just good, and really not that more expensive."


"I've used blue Dawn to take old oil stains out of concrete."


As you get older, you don't realize how important dish soap is.

Top of the Line

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"This is pretty specific but Scotch Commercial-grade Packing Tape. The Uline tape is freaking terrible."



"Nilla Wafers. The off-brand versions tend to be flavored differently and they leave a funny aftertaste."


"Slayton Bakery Vanilla Wafers are so much better! H‑E‑B has them in Texas. They make Nillas taste like the crappy store brands."


"Swap a graham cracker crust with a nilla wafer crust. Especially with something like lemon cheesecake. Way better. In both taste and texture."


The '09

"409 cleaner. Nothing else works the same."


"Same. But I've been noticing that Clorox is downplaying 409 in favor of Clorox brand, the amount of shelf space of 409 is shrinking."


"They also keep changing the freaking label or adding all these different product lines... 409 Plus! 409 Bathroom! No, I just want the regular 409 cleaner."


Lead Perfection

"Ticonderoga pencils. All the other ones don't hold up to intense note-jotting."


"The Dixon Ticonderoga set the bar for pencils. But, friend, you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a spin on a Papermate Mirado Black Warrior. https://www.amazon.com/Paper-Mate-Mirado-Warrior-Pencils/dp/B00006IEES"


"You freaking pedestrians aren’t ready for the Palomino Blackwing. 'The Cadillac of pencils.' - Wirecutter https://blackwing602.com/products/blackwing-602-set-of-12"



Wrap Moving GIF by 3 Men MoversGiphy

"Plastic wrap. It's worth it to buy the name brand because the box doesn't fall apart."


"Have you heard about our Lord and Savior, Kirkland? I've been using my same roll for years."


Generic is a good deal. But sometimes you need an upgrade.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment below.

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