People Share Which Expensive Purchases Are Worth Every Penny

I love to save money. And sometimes I tear up when I have to pay a bill that feels a little high.

I love to look at my bank account and watch the amount rise.

When it falls, I shudder.

So I will always look for a deal when shopping. Give me a clearance rack anytime.

But even in my delirium of thrift I can admit, that sometimes, there is an item or three where higher quality counts.

And higher quality often comes with a higher price tag.

So I spend what I have to... and then cry.

Redditor seilseil wanted to discuss all the items that may cost a lot, but the price makes sense.

They asked:

"What's expensive and worth every penny?"

Adele tickets.

The last row in the arena is NOT the same as the front.

So yes, I'll pay for the Queen.


Good Sitting

"A nice desk chair." ~ Ulzaf

"I bought my own for work. My spine thanks me." ~ Bloobeard2018



"Regular dental care. I didn’t & now I face $10,000 to repair the damage." ~ Aunt-jobiska

"On vacation in Thailand right now. Spent $400 for what my US dentist wanted thousands to do. And I’ve been treated with such kindness and respect. Hospitals are great and reasonable too. I’ve had to use their services a couple times in my travels, currently going thru rabies regimen. Avoid cats you’re not familiar with." ~ MdnightRmblr


"If you cook, a high quality chef knife." ~ NearPeerAdversary

"There is a point of diminishing returns above 100$ per knife. They get better the more you spend, but no that much better. I have had a few cheap knives and a few really expensive knives. IMO the Victorianox knives are the best value, you can get better but it will cost you." ~ BlackSuN42

Buy Cheap

"Proper tools." ~ mf_dcap

"Mythbusters said it best. The first time you buy a tool, but a cheap one. Sometimes the cheap ones work great and last forever. If you use the cheap one and it doesn't hold up, then buy the expensive one, because then you know how much you need it.

Edit: I had I kind of wrong. 'Buy cheap tools until you know what you really need from that tool, then buy the best version you can afford.' -Adam Savage." ~ blanchov


"Good employees." ~ IntegratedSSR

"My old boss said, I don’t think it’s his saying, but it was something like 'I'd rather spend money training you to be the best even if you leave, than not train you and you stay.'" ~ OhIamNotADoctor


Are you listening employers?

Pay people what they're worth and they'll show up for you!


"A warm winter coat/boots. Running shoes A good set of knives." ~ rudebish



"A front and rear dash cam for your car. Expensive is subjective." ~ Master_Tao

"Yes. I was recently in a car accident. Dude lost control and slid into me head on, thankfully everyone was ok. None of the CCTV cameras picked up the wreck."

"He went in and said I was the one that hit him. It’s been a two month long battle even though every ounce of evidence points to him. The main reason it’s still going on? No video evidence. I’ve already got a dash cam installed on my other vehicle." ~ I_AM_AN_A**HOLE_AMA

Lift Easy

"Movers. Especially if you’re moving out of or into a place with stairs!" ~ NotMilquetoast

"I wish my family knew this. I’ve moved both sets of grandparents 4 times total and my parents 2. They own lots of antiques and heavy furniture. Growing up they told me why pay for movers when I have you and your brother?" ~ ElPuertoRican15

Feet Kindness

"Good shoes." ~ AcceptableSized*enis

"I’m a woman and even forgetting heels, a good pair of sneakers is really worth the money. I have plantar fasciitis and have to get specific shoes that could cost up to $200/pair sometimes. The relief I feel with those after continuously wearing regular $40 sneakers is definitely worth it!" ~ itchy-n0b0dy


"Don’t cheap out on anything that connects you to the ground, it’s literally supporting you. Beds, tires, chairs, and shoes." ~ gramathy


For the Rest

"A quality mattress." ~ sfriesen33

"My 3 year old sleeps on a better mattress than I ever had until I was married and in my 30s. My wife made me realize just how bad having low quality mattresses can be." ~ drhibbart

"Came here to say this. Bought a $3K Temperpedic 2 years ago and have zero regrets." ~ REDDIT

Auto Parts

"Good tires for your car. I’ve cheaped out, never again." ~ hdiayw55

"This really goes for anything on your car. I went cheap (I never go cheap I don’t know why I did) on windshield wipers. They were terrible. When they broke I spent the big bucks and went high end and they’re so much better." ~ REDDIT

"The moment you realize that the tires are the only thing connecting your car to the road, you're going to give them more attention." ~ rjvmsantos

Suck it Up

"Vacuum cleaners." ~ dxrtycvb

"My robot vacuum isn’t the best sucker, but with no kids or pets it does the job I most despise." ~ newaccount252

"No one has mentioned Miele yet. Miele vacuums are amazing, just like all their appliances." ~ DrunkasaurusRekts

400 dollars in a heartbeat...

"Whatever helps improve your big hobby. One of the nicest presents I've ever gotten was a 400 dollar pool cue (that was on sale for 350). It completely changed the game, because now I'm able to be more precise than I ever could with a house cue. If I had to, I'd spend those 400 dollars in a heartbeat myself the second I had the extra cash for it. It's indescribable just how much more smooth and controlled it is compared to a regular one." ~ FedoraChronicles


"A good knife." ~ personofinterest18

"Early on in the pandemic I bought a couple of really nice Japanese knives. Will never go back. It is a night and day difference." ~ jimmyjohn2018

raul julia GIF Giphy


"Laser jet printers. Never have to worry about toner (laser’s version of ink) drying on you if you only print here and there." ~ clideb50

"Went back to school last spring. I invested in an HP Neverstop. I print a crap load of things since and the free toner it came with isn't even at 20% consumed. Apparently the free toner can print 5000 pages and a brand new toner ($80) can do 20,000 pages." ~ DekeKneePulls

Deep Down Taste

"Maple syrup." ~ harrisloeser

"I know, right? Real maple syrup comes up from deep down in the ground, perfectly filtered by the tree and concentrated into the perfect sweetener that (based on the health of the ground the tree is growing in) contains minerals you can only get otherwise by chomping rocks." ~ laddersrmykryptonite

Area Codes

"Living in a nice neighborhood."


"Depends on the HOA. Some are great, some are nightmares. The HOA my parents are a part of costs some money but they maintain the front of everyone's property." ~ TitaniumDragon

happy pbs digital studios GIF by PBS Giphy

That last one... yes, YES... YES!!!

Restful sleep, happy feet.

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