Items That Are Criminally Overpriced

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Have y'all seen the price of eggs?

This situation is madness,

It's an egg!

It's not made of gold!

And soda at a gas station... where do they get the price point?

Are you serious?

The list of robberies is endless!

Redditor Coach_Carter_on_DVD wanted to share notes on all the things we're being fleeced over and asked everyone:

"What is criminally overpriced?"


Crazy Greens

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"Have you seen the price of lettuce in Canada?"


"Oh yes... I am a Chef. Lots of restaurants aren't serving lettuce at the moment. Even burger joints are charging extra."

"GFS shredded lettuce 2021: $3.50 per bag Now: $21. Yeah. F**k lettuce."





"Tell me about it. I lost my baby brother on 8/21 and my granny on 8/27. I had to pay for 2 funerals in 6 days this year. Literally about killed me financially, considering I was paying for cancer treatment for myself as well."

"My brother’s funeral was nearly 17k and my family helped with granny’s but that was still another 10k I paid and my family paid the rest. That’s not including the headstones, food, venues for the luncheon after the services. That added another 10k. I was out nearly 40k in 6 days."



"Human pharmaceuticals. My dog needed a chelation medication that my vet specifically said was on the pricy side but recommended a pharmacy that she worked with. I called with prescription in hand, and they quoted $3,000+ for a month’s supply. Then the rep stated they accidentally read the cost for humans. Dog cost was actually $60. Same dosage, same pill count, but adding chicken flavor and putting a little dog on the label dropped the price 98%."


Pen Safety

"Epi-pens in the U.S. I mean, at least it's not something I need to use regularly, but those things are SO expensive. I'm just trying to not die if I accidentally eat a peanut. Thankfully I found a much cheaper alternative, but they're hiking their prices now too. I currently have an auvi-q, but they are going up to $100+ after this year as I was recently informed by my allergist."


laser it...

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"Ink jet cartridges."


"I would rather not own a printer than have to endure ink jet. I love my laser even if I can learn Sanskrit while it warms up."


Ink pens are pennies. How is this possible?!

I'll Cheat

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"College books."


"No, no don't worry! You can sell them back at the end of the class! Well, some of them you can... for 1% of what you paid for them."


Necessary for Life

"Inhalers. I have a crappy high deductible plan and pay $220 a month for something I need to breathe. For Symbicort. I'm an oddball and Albuterol doesn't work for me. My inhaler is that price until I reach my (high) deductible. I use the generic, but I thought it was easier saying Symbicort than typing out the generic name. If I use GoodRx, it doesn't apply to said high deductible. I appreciate everyone's suggestions."


"Look at Mark Cuban's cost plus drugs. You can get 3 albuterol inhalers for $39.90 it's, and they don't accept any insurance by design so they can sell their drugs at that price."



"My husband needs rituximab infusions due to a rare kidney disease. They are $16,000 each. That's $16,000 per four hour infusion. And they aren't covered by our insurance."


"Rituximab has a manufacturer program that provides the drug for free or low cost if your insurance has denied it. Ask to speak to the hospital social workers about it. I deal with this on a daily basis and its a fairly easy program to qualify for! That being said, drug prices are insane and should be criminal."


I'll Wait in Line

"Ticket website service fees!"


"Metallica announced a tour recently and the tix my friends got were $260 before fees. There were then $80 in fees. Running a ticket website must be the easiest business ever. A lot of the time you can’t even buy physical tickets for a concert at the venue anymore because these sites get exclusive deals with bands. It’s such bulls**t."


Eat at Home

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"Airport food and drinks. $7 for a granola bar. $6.95 for water. $22 for beer. $17 for a chicken wrap. $9 for trail mix. It’s criminal."


Airport food is full on sky-way ROBBERY!

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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