Every now and then, we fork over a rather large sum of money to buy something which we think will have a positive impact on our lives. This could be anything from a new home or car, an ice cream machine, or a super big flat-screen TV.

At the end of the day, we find ourselves justifying the purchase as money well spent, no matter how much damage the price tag inflicted on our bank account.

However, not all purchases which could have a hugely positive effect on your life require a loan or a second mortgage to buy.

Sometimes, something we find on sale or a discount store might prove to be the very thing we were missing all our lives.

Redditor polic1 was curious to learn which inexpensive items positively changed the lives of others, leading them to ask:
"What’s something $100 or less but is a total game changer?"

For Safety And Sanity.

"Musicians ear plugs."

"Mine cut down the sound level by 2/3 or so and I use them at every concert, but also on the subway, at loud bars etc."

"They don't make things sound muffled, just quieter."

"Your ears can't regenerate, ever, and my work depends on my hearing so I gotta keep 'em safe."

"And my pair only cost about $25 Canadian!"- bjackilly

No Change Of Getting Tangled Up!

"Under-mattress clips to keep your bedsheet from coming off at the corners."

"It was recommended to me on Reddit and remains one of my favorite possessions."- Nepentheiii

Your Wrist And Fingers Will Thank You Later.

"Nintendo Switch Pro controller.'

'Huge difference over the joycons."- BocTheCrude

Video Game GIF by Fall GuysGiphy

The Good Kind Of Pressure

"A nice shower head."- Astrosloth92

When You're Not Ready For The Sun...

"Blackout curtains."

"Especially if you work second shift or graveyard."

"The quality of sleep goes up so much."- Fourloken

Three Simple Items, One Life-Changing Result

"Vinegar and Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle."

"It's absolutely 100% the best cleaner I have ever used."- evilpigclone

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Let There Be Light!

"An electric, USB chargeable lighter."

'I don't smoke, but I do light a lot of candles, use it to light my fireplace, etc."

"No more dealing with the stupid ones that run out of fuel or whatever."

"Or the little tiny ones with the rollers that I could never freaking get to work."

"Plus there's no flame to blow back at you."

'If something pushes against the electrical current, it just goes out."- beepborpimajorp

Office Mobility

"Roller blade wheel casters for your desk chair."

"Quieter, smoother, and don't damage your floor."

"I finally just got some and I love them, 20$."- bingwhip

Surf With No Interruptions...


"It Basically blocks every ad in your home network from loading."

"Combined with an ad-Blocking browser extension you will experience the internet on another level."- schobaloa1

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It's The Little Things That Get You, And The Thought That Counts.

"I bought my dad a $2 letter opener and he acted like it was the best gift in 20 years."- writingwrongs

As the saying goes, money can't buy happiness.

And it's the simple things in life which make us truly happy.