People Share Crazy Facts That Could Actually Save A Life
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Life can be full of scary things, including fatal injuries or situations. That's why it's so important for human beings to tap into their creative side, and listen to other human beings.

Redditors are a great example of creative and information-sharing human beings. They've posted many, many crazy facts that could actually save a life!

We have Redditor hazard35 to thank for this, who asked:

"What are some real but crazy facts that could save your life?"

Call The Hospital

"Not too crazy but if someone is acting drunk but didnt had any alcohol, ask them to smile, if one side of their mouth is down, take them to a doctor cause they are having or will have a stroke"

– Simecrafter

Good Advice

"If you sit down to sh*t in prison, remove one foot completely from your pants so you can get up and fight if attacked."

– shoognite


"Car jacks are for lifting, not holding."

– SmackedWithARuler

"So f*ckin true. The amount of people that go under their cars while its on a jack is astounding. Jack stands arent even that expensive; there is no excuse to not have them"

– TurretX

Sweating Your Life Away

"If you find yourself stranded in a desert, ration sweat, not water. Of course don’t drink all of your water in one go, but the rate a which you’ll dehydrate and overheat if exerting yourself (e.g. walking/hiking too fast or climbing over obstacles in the heat of the day) will kill you much quicker. Many people are found dead, with water, which is terrifying."

– kfnola

Household Hospital

"Teabags stop bleeding. They have an acid called tannic which is a natural clotting agent."

– kerryseven

Disaster Is Coming

"If the forest suddenly falls silent stop and listen. More often than not it means apex predator is near."

– Accurate_Western_346

"Or earthquake or some other natural disasters is incoming QUICK. This happened to me before a 5.(something) in California. The forest got deathly silent, creeped the hell outa me."

– SsjAndromeda

In The Meantime

"A non-permeable snack bag, like a potato chip bag, and duct tape can be used to seal a sucking chest wound long enough to get the victim to a hospital."

– HeinzThorvald

"Would imagine though, it would be best to ensure the side covered in flaming hot cheeto dust is on the outside"


""Dude your breath totally smells like cool ranch""

""Drive me to the hospital a**hole""


Who Knew?

"If you see a male who’s been in an accident and he has a massive b*ner; then he likely has spinal damage. You should not move him in the slightest, unless otherwise directed."

– __Osiris__


"If your house smells like fish for absolutely no reason, 9 times out of 10 it means that there is an electrical fire. The other time it means you need to take a shower."

– graipape

Lightning Strikes

"If it’s cloudy outside and you suddenly feel static run down your body and your hairs raise. Better pucker them cheeks and drop to the ground. Lightning is about to hit dangerously close to you."

– pruflaas

I just learned 10 new facts that will help me to save a life. Of course, I hope I never have to!

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