People Share The One Thing They Will Never Buy Again
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Buyer's remorse is an incredibly common occurrence.

Who among us hasn't left a store or hit "submit" on an online order only to immediately have that feeling in your stomach, that regret that comes with the idea that you spent money on something you don't really need?

Or something that you'll never use, or something that you know is going to be a burden on your life for years to come.

These are those stories. Thankfully, these people felt it necessary to share their tales of regrettable buys.

Reddit user, ScreenOptimal, wanted to know what to avoid next time they go shopping when they asked:

What's one thing you won't ever buy again?

Some items, right out the gate, are immediate returns. After all, what are you really going to do with a boat? Seriously?

Be honest with yourself.

It's...A Lot To Sail The Seas

"A cabin cruiser."

"I was told before I bought my boat that the happiest days I would have with it would be the day I bought it and the day I sold it. I did not think this could possibly be true."

"I was wrong."


"I had a summer job working at a marina, which I loved. I would watch all the boats being launched and going by, and I remember saying to my coworker "I wish I had a boat.""

"Her response: "no you don't, you wish you had a friend who has a boat""

"I've never bought a boat, but she's probably right"


Never Stray Far From The Path

"Ordering a different Chinese takeout than your reliable local"


You Only Get The One...Orifice

"1 ply toilet paper"

"Its not worth it"


"In our family, that's known as "prison paper".


You Don't Know Their Skill Level

"A car that has been modified by the previous owner, especially if he indicates that he bought it like that and cannot say exactly what has been done to the engine. This is just an endless money pit..."


Where Does The Water Go?

"A Front Loading Washer!!!!!!! The negatives here are too many to list….. but "rotten fish" smell about sums it up!"


The greater world at large is designed to steal your attention, and your wallet. Be mindful and know when someone might be trying to eek out another couple dollars from you every month for the low, low price of "protection."

The Item Will Work, Like, 99.9% Of The Time

"Lowes protection plan on power tools"


"Any protection plan, other than from the manufacturer, is a scam 99.9% of the time."


"Yep. There's a reason businesses offer these things, and it's because they make them a lot of money. There are definitely some cases where people bought extended warranties and had to use them and it all worked out, but in general you're betting against the house by buying one."


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They're Selling You Love

"Dating sites membership. It's focused on making money, not finding a partner for us. If we found partners, they'd lose customers and money. Back in the day okcupid was pretty decent, not sure how it is today. Last year I joined Match, I had to pay extra fees just to read messages. They're big on extra fees for everything, I just can't remember them anymore. They sent me a few emails every day of the same photos of people I had seen."

"Even after I was no longer a member and I had to reach out and tell them to stop harassing me. Coming across the extra fees, I cancelled my membership the day I signed up, giving it a month to see if it would work out. Then I read an article that confirmed what I'd been thinking, that they aren't about love, they're about keeping us single to pay for their services, and I said I won't ever have a dating site membership again."


And There's Never A Contractor Available Anyway

"Homeowner's warranty. I was given one when I bought my house, they would charge $75 to come out to look at an issue then tell me it's not covered, taking my money and offering f-ck all in return."

"Kitchen faucet stopped running, not covered. Above the stove installed microwave popped and caught fire, not covered. Water leak, not covered. And then when it ran out they had the balls to harass me to renew and I was like, I got this for free and it still cost me money, go jump."


Dropping Money On The Newest Trends

"I was hungover yesterday and bought a $600 NFT. Never again..."


And these?

Sometimes it might take a little more effort to stop buying the things that are worst for you.

What's That Smell?

"Mando helmet from Amazon, dented, cracked, smelled strange"

Lt_Lickit Is The of

"Anything from"


"I will always warn people away from Wish."

"I used to work for a bank and one of the most common calls were people questioning amounts as low as 99c up to about $5.99 coming out of their accounts periodically. It was wish."

"They were taking money out of accounts after one time purchases without the consent or knowledge of the customers."

"It was scary the amount of times I'd have to cancel and reissue a bank card, because once they have the card details, cancelling it is the only way to stop the payments from coming out. And advising customers to submit a transaction dispute form to get their money back. Wish is a site with scummy practises."


Vodka Headaches

"1: Uber Eats. Just don't do it. I already knew how bad reputation was, just figured what are the chances. Bad. 2 1/2 hours to deliver freezing cold perkins breakfast missing half the order. From one mile away. "

"2 would be skull vodka, the generic variety. Puke every time on just half a pint and get a killer headache."


Just Keep Quitting Until It Sticks

"Cigarrettes, hopefully"


"It's funny, it took me a long time to quit smoking cigarettes and the number of times I said, "this is the last one" are too many to count. Now I can't even stand to smell them. It's the one thing that I point to myself about anything hard. If you can you break your nicotine addiction and practice self control at that level you're capable of so much. Congrats bud."


This Feels Like A "How Can You Miss?" Situation

"Bacon flavoured popcorn."

"It basically made my entire house smell like sweaty butt. I'm not kidding it lingered for days. It tasted dreadful too."


You Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone

"Soda. After 10 years of drowning in Pepsi, I actually feel better having quit. Feeling hydrated is something I can't go back on."


"I quit drinking soda as well and when I stopped I got the worst caffeine headache for 1 whole day. I did not think I was addicted to caffeine like that it really surprised me"


This is why receipts and return policies were created, right? Never feel bad for taking something back if you can.

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