People Break Down Which Things Should Be At Least 5 Times Cheaper Than They Are
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Among the biggest casualties as a result of the global pandemic are ongoing supply chain issues, which has resulted in a number of items costing considerably more than they once did.

As a result, a coffee and pastry will likely go for $12 or more.

But even before the pandemic first hit in March of 2020, the cost of various things still proved to be a major point of contention, namely at how overpriced they were.

These could be things which might seem frivolous in the grand scheme of things, such as a Caribbean vacation, or things which were literally life or death, such as healthcare.

Redditor madmart07 was curious to hear the things the Reddit community were worth far less than their asking price, leading them to ask:

"What should be at least 5x cheaper than it is?"

The hefty price of education

"Graphing calculators."- floofyskypanda

"College textbooks."

"They are charging insane prices and switching the required books often."- SuvenPan

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Want to stay alive? Then pay up...

"Prescription meds."- Straight-Audience-91


"For something that could potentially save a life shouldn’t cost that much."

"Some people even carry an expired epipen because they can’t afford to get a new one."- xiaom1ng


Let people die with dignity


"When I die I’m getting turned into a tree."- TheEvilestArtichoke

Guess we'll just starve.


"Due to commissions, a kilo of onion costs more than onion imported from China."

"That is the case for most good items."

"Bangladesh here."- niamulsmh

Might as well just buy a new printer!

"Printer Ink."- bruinblitz

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Don't be fooled by the price tag...

"Transaction fees."- BadBadGrades

Wish I could see it...

"F*cking eye care."

'Glasses and contacts."

"I’m lucky with decent health insurance that the style of glasses that I wear is only $20 copay but Jesus! "

"It’s all so expensive!"- SwigSwoot92

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Not everything should only be enjoyed by the super wealthy.

Let alone the right to live.

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