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Just because it has several zeroes on the price tag doesn't necessarily mean it's worth it. And just like antibiotics, generic can often be the better option.

You don't have to go bankrupt to appreciate and enjoy fabulous things.

The sad truth is that too many companies and corporations have swindled us all into believing that their products are top of the line.

And that a certain name on a brand or label means it's made with the utmost care and expense.

When the truth is, we'd be better off fashioning half of these products in our own homes.

Redditor letmebesexy wanted to discuss why more often than not, it's better to just go generic. They asked:

What brand is overpriced/not worth the money?

Most clothing companies are the biggest culprits on this issue. T-shirts from Walmart are just as durable as a shirt from Macy's. Don't be fooled.


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"Not a brand, but once you own a few spices, every "spice blend" feels like a pure rip off... yeah sure I'll pay 6 bucks for 60g of salt, pepper and a few herbs mixed in." ~ theRinRin

It's just fruit...

"Edible Arrangements." ~ dreamHunter9

"It's fresh fruit, cookie cutters, skewers, and about 30 minutes of work. Buying one is a terrible idea, but making a basic one is super impressive to most people and anyone with basic kitchen skills can do it. Making one and then immediately eating it is also a fun couples activity." ~ MaxDamage1


"Monster Cables!" ~ pipehonker

"I was a cable tv/internet service guy for a few years. One of the first thing they told us was when we were trying to track down a signal problem, eliminate the monster cables first. About a third of the time that's what it was. The coax jumpers we made ourselves were nearly 100% reliable."

"The other cables for other things were just cheap stuff in clear plastic bags. We sometimes had trouble with them but it was rare. Not only are monster cables terribly over priced, they are utter garbage." ~ bastion-of-bullshit

Byron Bad

"Anything labelled with "Byron Bay (x) company." I doubt this is as much of an issue in countries outside Australia and maybe New Zealand, but so many brands label their crap as "Byron Bay" something or other. It's almost always trash (Byron bay cookie co. being a notable exception but also probably one of, if not the, first to do it)."

"Otherwise it's just an attempt to capitalise on the name of a tourist town that any area local will tell you is a sh*thole that's only good for trying to hookup with European backpackers." ~ FallenSegull

La What?

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"La Mer." ~ dianaconlon

"You mean to tell me that sea kelp is not worth $175/ounce?" ~ Gen-XOldGuy

I've never understood the nonsense surrounding using items from the sea as beauty products. Just go in your backyard and grab some dirt and a leaf. Trust me.

Bad Land Options

Real Estate Win GIF by Explainly Giphy

"Vancouver Real Estate." ~ slavicbhoy

"Vancouver and Toronto prices have started branching out to other parts of Canada over the last two years and it sucks. The prairies are pretty much the only place you can still find real estate that's been rising at reasonable rates." ~ mockingwillow

It's all cheap!

"Old Navy - their prices used to reflect the mediocre but good enough quality. Now they got big in the head and inflated their prices WAY beyond their worth. I'm not spending $40 on a shirt that will pill and shrink after a few washes." ~ notconvincedicanread

"In 1998 I was headed off to college as a freshman. I wanted to start this new chapter in my life with a fresh wardrobe."

"I went to Old Navy with a $150 and literally got a whole new wardrobe for that price. Multiple pairs of jeans, shorts, T shirts, a hoodie, even socks and underwear. Fast forward 20 years, add in some inflation, and I could get MAYBE 1/3 of all that for the same price." ~ mangoman39

No thanks Kim

"Anything Jenner/Kardashian... I don't know who buys that overpriced crap." ~ Safe-Ad4367

"I once got a Kylie Jenner lipstick for free because I was ordering makeup and they were doing some sort of promotion and the lipstick was just okay it was really dry and definitely not worth the $20 it would've cost if it hadn't been free." ~ Mangobunny98

Workshop Issues

"I've never seen a community love the game but rail on the company more than r/Warhammer40k, and the other Games Workshop miniatures. I know artists gotta get paid, but $66 for three 4" tall minis is insane. Especially when you need three of those boxes to field a decent unit gameplay wise."

"A standard army to play full sized games will run you hundreds. Did I mention Games Workshop is the biggest company in the wargaming industry? They use that to charge whatever they want.I swear they throw darts at prices on sticky notes for some of these boxes." ~ brannanvitek


Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC Giphy

"I know it doesn't happen everywhere but Zara clothing is ridiculously expensive in Latin America and their quality is just average." ~ Johndoe448

What have we learned? Don't be bamboozled! If you can find it cheaper then shop cheaper!

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