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Being a teen is hard: hormonal changes, raging emotions, high school, college exams; there's a lot going on in teen's lives. It can often seem like a bit of a hopeless time and for many people, life really does get better.

It can be awfully hard to believe that anything will really improve when you're just starting high school, everything around you changing and seemingly out of your control. The things we go on to acheive later in life seem downright impossible, but we manage them anyway.

Wanting some input from others, Reddit user timchar asked:

"What would 14 year old you think about current you?"

Not Everything Gets Better...Er, Bigger

14 year year old me would be so sad to find out her boobs will never get bigger.


14 year old me would be so sad to find out his pp will never get bigger lol


Boring Can Be A Good Thing

He'd be sad that I'm not dating the same girl and would think I'm boring.


Sometimes You Don't Grow Out Of It

I don't know. 14 year old me was an idiot.


Good to know I'm not the only person who intensely dislikes 14 year old me.


50 year old me is still an idiot. :o


Travelling FTW

I'm taller than I was at 14 (I was always on the shorter end of guys growing up - so I was a little obsessed with my height)

Also I think I would've been super pleased with all the traveling I have done.


I was thinking yeah my 14 yo self will think what a sell out. But I am proud of all the travelling I have done


MTG Makes It All Worth It

So you didn't become a music teacher. Your life is awful.

You didn't get married right after college, WTF is wrong with you?

At least video games are better in general now. And you have disposable income for Magic the Gathering.


Living The Dream

Happy and relieved. My life isn't perfect, but I'm living in my dream city in cushy digs with a long-time partner. I am healthy. I have time to pursue my creative endeavors. I graduated from university despite my learning disability. I went through years of therapy and am now happily estranged from all members of my abusive family. I have no debt.

That may not be enough for everyone, but it's not bad for someone who grew up in painfully disadvantaged circumstances.


Earned That High Five

He'd wonder why I have the job I do, why I don't have a motorcycle anymore and then high 5 me for being engaged to a smoking hot English woman.


Totally Cool As Hell

Currently twice that old. Got off work today, and skated in my driveway with my buddy while drinking and listening to punk rock. I'd probably think I'm cool as hell.


Hell, I think you're cool as hell.


Sometimes It Takes A While To Figure Out What You Want

I can imagine I'd be thinking..."Wait, you said yes?"

When I was around 13-14, one of my best guy friends had asked me out. I said no and felt so bad, but I didn't wanna hurt our friendship. 5 years and a few bad relationships later, we have now been dating for nearly 10 months.


Social Skills Are Something We All Strive For

I'd probably think I'm pretty cool. I'm a completely different person from when I was 14. I'm stronger, taller, got a deeper voice, can grow facial hair, got a car, money, and friends. Maybe even more handsome? I'm so much more mature and I have social skills!


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Books are life. Recently studies have been published that reading for fun, reading for knowledge, just interest in reading in general is down, and that is a tragedy.

We've become too obsessed with our binge watching and ADHD mindset that we've lost focus on one of life's greatest joys... literature.

There are some stories and books that should be a mandatory read for life. There should be age benchmarks that require knowledge of certain books in order to progress. I know, how "1984" of me. ;)

Redditor u/bugtanks33d wanted to hear about what literature we should all be familiar with sooner than later by asking:

What's a book everyone should read at least once in their lives?
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