People Share The Cruelest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them To Their Face
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People can be so cruel sometimes. Some of the things that come out of certain peoples' mouths can only make you ask, "who the heck hurt YOU?" Honestly, hearing cruel things about yourself tend to be just projecting from their own insecurities. So if you've dealt with sh*tty people, know that you aren't alone.

u/NicolasDelg asked: [Serious] What's the cruelest thing that's ever been said to you?

F*ck that.

I have body issues. I don't wanna say it's because of how I was treated as a child/teen but that was definitely a part of it. The hardest impacted words came from my mother: "if you stop gaining weight now maybe you could grow into your weight", "you think a good man wants a fat girl?", "fat girls get practiced on for a man's real/future girlfriend/wife", "the only men who actually like fat girls are perverts", "people are only friends with the fat girl to make them look better"

Not until I turned 18 did she ever mentioned health as a reason for me to lose weight. Just the type of guys I would attract and the reasons my friends kept me around.

I'm 22 now, lost 115 pounds and am in a healthy weight but I still look in the mirror and see an obese girl that no one will love. bk


Who says that?


"You make life miserable."

I've been told that by two different people within a few years of each other as a teenager. One of them was my mother and the other was my sister's friend. It really messed me up and affected my ability to form relationships. I try to be as nice as possible while still keeping a distance because I think that any less-than-nice thing I do is making the lives of others miserable. I think I'm finally going to get help for it soon.


What the hell.

"This is your fault, all you did was stress him out." About my father's suicide.


Um, what?!

When my father found out that the man I had planned a wedding with had never broken up with his girlfriend before me, and that he was planning a wedding with the other girl as well, I was crying from the depths of my soul. Those of you who have cried like that know exactly what I mean.

My father looked me right in the eye as I cried and said, "it's because she actually went to a university and you're just in community college".




When I was in like 3rd grade I was told that I was, and I quote, "The most annoying person in the grade".

It wouldn't be a big deal if someone told me I was annoying now, but boy, my 9 year old feelings were demolished.


Trigger warning: self harm.

When I was in high school some folk found out I was cutting myself. They followed me on my walk home telling me I should cut deeper and told me I should let them watch the next time I done it. They then decided to throw rocks and stones at me when I ran away. Sh!t sucked, but I'm a million times better now and haven't self harmed in years! I hope those guys realise what a sh*tty thing that was so do to someone and have grown up but I hope to god they haven't had to go through any of that sh*t.


What a sh*tty child.

"You're ugly and no one will ever love you"

My "best friend" told me this in the playground. I was eight. Guess how that helped my self-esteem?




"You're my least favorite sibling."

There's more context behind it, but that stung a little.


Glad she's your EX-wife.

Little back story: My ex wife had a cocaine and drinking problem, among a myriad of emotional and mental issues.

She was home alone with our new born (he was 3-5months old at the time). She blew up my phone while I was at work one day because she "just can't take a crying baby".

I told her to check his temperature, make sure he's in a clean diaper, make sure he's not hungry, or to try and soothe him down for a nap. Told her to call me back if there was a fever, but for everything else that's just normal parenting.

She told me I'm a horrible father and I don't deserve to have a kid.

Even though logically I knew she was wrong, it still hit me like a ton of bricks.


That mom has serious issues.

I was spacing out in the car once on a long ride; I think I was eleven or twelve. My brother, mother, and I had left my father two-ish years prior and were staying in a domestic violence shelter.

Mom was explosive and violent and all-around volatile, and she liked to start fights in the car because we couldn't leave.

So I'm ignoring her ranting and she finally stops and just stares at me in the rear-view mirror and says "You have eyes like your father. Sh*t-colored eyes. Sh*t-colored eyes with nothing behind them at all."


What a d-bag.


I was begging for help, telling my boyfriend that I really hate my life and I want to kill myself and he replied with

"Don't be r****ded, just get over it already."


I'm sorry that happened.

There used to be a bunch of girls that didn't like me at school, I think this was 2-3 years ago now. They called me duck, ugly, weird, etc. I didn't really care about those insults. One day they said: "You don't belong anywhere." It wasn't cruel per se, but it stuck with me and I still believe that lie sometimes. I get scared that it's true and that I'll be an outcast everywhere for the rest of my life. The bullying has stopped, I made friends, but all the time I just suddenly feel lonely in the crowd and I feel like the girls were right. I really, really, hope they weren't.


What the F*CK.

I was told by an a**hole on YouTube that my grandmother deserved to die for being related to me and that she sucked and it was a "good" day when she died. Never wanted to throat punch someone as much as I wanna throat punch him.




All through out my high school and middle school career my dad and step mom told me " You're just like your psycho mom". Both of them knew I had negative feeling to her, both of them knew all the awful things she did to me a kid. Both of them didn't care.


That's messed up.

"How's your father?" - a girl (young teen, a little younger than me at the time) when I came back to school after my father died. She knew it.