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Children and adolescence are often completely inept and socializing responsibly.

Their hormones are flowing. They're obsessed with status and social hierarchies.

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The minds of teenagers are about as mysterious as the outer recesses of deep space or the dynamics of life at the ocean's bottom.

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Come on, old folks. It's time to do the thing where we give teenagers advice that they will probably forget until it's too late.

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High school, well adolescence really, is a super confusing time. Emotions that you don't quite understand hold you in their grasp. More often than not it can lead to some "questionable" behavior. Let's just be real.... high school is a hotbed of crazy and a social soap opera. Bad behavior can run amok. But the stories are fascinating to tell decades later.

Redditor u/humbert-ridingLolita wanted everyone to fess up and share some salacious tales about the good old days by asking.... What's your wildest high school secret?
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At around age 5 or 6, we begin to attend school.

On a personal level, that is the day that we begin to make years-long friends, develop interests, grow more comfortable with adults, and learn how to function in society.

But if we take a bird's eye view, that is the day we become one individual student shepherded through a massive, complex, and influential institution.

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