People Share What Everyone Should Fear Less
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Everyone has a fear they wish they could overcome but just can't.

Some fears are specific and too complex to attempt at conquering, like a fear of heights, spiders, or even a fear of clowns.

Other fears are actually harmless, and it's possibly due to people being socialized to believe otherwise.

But they come out of a fearful experience and realize the unknown was nothing to be terrified of after all.

Curious to hear what strangers online thought, Redditor UnwantedJason asked:

"What should people be less afraid of? [serious]"

These can help in taking ownership of who you are are.

Dust Yourself Off

"Failure... sh*t happens and you learn..."

– DrowLivesMatter

Having A Backbone

"Standing up for themselves. Saying no. Taking some time for themselves."

– punkinpoppin

Choosing Your Battles

"Middle age. No, you don't look as good as you did 30 years ago and sometimes your body betrays you. But it is more than offset by being able to tell what's a huge f'king deal and what isn't."

– Kayakchica

You're More Important

"Other people."

"That hot chick/guy who is barely texting you back isn't out of your league, if they treat you like you arent important, they're showing you that they don't care enough to keep you around. There are good looking people out there who don't play mind games."

"That intimidatingly cool club you don't want to go in is full of people pretending to be their coolest self for approval. If you go in, you are free to do the same and play pretend along with them."

"That terrifying employer who yells at you is overcompensating for their own insecurities. Keep your head up and know your worth."

"Decent people don't need to inspire fear, and there's no need to fear sh**ty people who do it for their own power trip."

– eatpoetry

These seem like hard choices to make, but the outcome can be favorable when getting past the fear.

Ruffling Feathers

"disappointing a loved one. you can't be always perfect."


Accepting Vulnerability

"Asking for help.You don't have to do everything on your own and whilst I know it's a cliché, it's okay to not be okay."

– roast-sloth

Complacency Is A Life Blocker

"getting out of their comfort zone."

– FullBear8

"Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!"

– markymrk720

These terrifying fears are often depicted in movies. And for good reason.

But these Redditors believe these so-called fears are unfairly portrayed.

Creatures Of The Deep

"Sharks. I mean its understandable to be afraid of them, they do kill, but what I find amusing is how we characterize them as terrifying ruthless monsters when THEY are more of the victims here."

"An average of 10 people die from shark attacks worldwide per year, whereas FrEaKin 100 MiLliOn sharks are killed by us each year! and that's not exaggeration!"

– aerodynamic-pano69

Our Final Destination

"death. I know people who are depressed all day, just from the thought of dying one day."

"I get it. no one knows what happened and that's scary. but death is one of the only things no one can avoid. so you shouldn't live in fear all your life."

– MaverickFalls

Indiana Jones Trembled In His Boots Because Of...

"Snakes. They've seriously got a bad rap. They're one of the best kinds of pest control you could ask for, will usually leave you alone unless you bother them and, unless you live in Australia, the vast majority of them are non-venomous."

"They just want to keep to themselves and eat rodents."

– Jermicdubya

Eight-Legged Freaks

"Honestly, spiders and tarantulas. So many people have arachnophobia. It's honestly sad.. When I was in the first grade, I had to make a project about tarantulas. In my classroom, we had a live tarantula."

"It was giant, and most people in my class (including me then) were afraid if it. When I was done with my project, I had learned so much. Tarantulas are normally harmless, and they are more afraid of humans then we are of them."

"Since then, I am no longer afraid of spiders, daddy long legs, or tarantulas."

"Also, I still have my model tarantula. His name is King George VI."

– _etherLust

Like someone here mentioned, death is something I used to fear. But as I grew older, the anxiety of ceasing to exist has waned.

Death is an inevitable certainty, and when I accepted the harsh reality that no one is getting out alive, I made peace with it.

I believe it's a transition into something beautiful beyond our mortal comprehension. I just want that transition to not be painful.

That's not a big ask, is it?

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