People Break Down The Things The Pandemic Has Taken Away That We'll Never Get Back

People Break Down The Things The Pandemic Has Taken Away That We'll Never Get Back
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We've been dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for two years now and for many, that time might as well be an eternity. The pandemic has robbed us of our ability to make plans and thus the ability to have something to look forward to.

Many still haven't seen their families. And many others are trapped in a cycle of work, sleep, repeat.

Then there are the people who've lost loved ones and there are far too many of those out there. It's a grief that may subside but it will never go away entirely.

People reminisced over all the things that we've lost after Redditor CucumberMo5725 asked the online community:

"What is one thing COVID has taken away that we’ll never get back?"

"The ability to..."

"The ability to cough in public without thinking much of it."


Yes, I do miss being able to cough without terrifying the rest of the people on the train.

"The notion..."

"The notion that "we're all in this together."


It's quite clear that we are not and this is a big reason why the United States has been dealt much of the worst of the pandemic.

"The notion that most people..."

"The notion that most people are actually nice and have at least a baseline respect for others. In the past I would say 90% of people are genuinely good but that’s lowered to about 40% for me. These last couple years have really brought out so many people’s ugly colours."


This is very true. I had to cut some people off. It was the smartest and healthiest decision.

"One look..."

"One look at the toilet paper aisle in March of 2020 told you all you needed to know about humankind."


Ah yes, the hoarders who made things worse for everyone at the height of the crisis. How could I possibly forget?

"Because of the lack of PPE..."

"Because of the lack of PPE, I was forced to miss a cancer screening in March 2020. When they did it in 2021, everything had spread too far, too fast."

For me, it's not just time in lockdown, or avoiding crowds. It cut a decade off my life. If I lucky, I've got another good 6-9 months."


So sorry to hear this. This is devastating. This is truly the worst case scenario when hospitals are overrun with unvaccinated Covid patients.

"For me it has taken away the trust..."

"For me it has taken away the trust, that the people in power actually know what they are doing. They don't. The whole pandemic was, and still is, a circus management wise."


The government seems to truly be flying by the seat of its pants, doesn't it? Wild.

"The general feeling..."

"That general feeling that modern society would be able to handle a large scale medical emergency appropriately."



Yeah, we sure messed that up, didn't we?

"The illusion..."

"The illusion of how many jobs require us to commute to an office."


Right? Granted, I've been remote for years now and it works beautifully for me. I was saying that for years. Did anyone listen? Nooo.

"I would love to go to a concert..."

"Long term planning. I would love to go to a concert that's a year from now. Willl I get to go by then? who knows? it'll probably be canceled....or not!"


Yes, this is very difficult to handle and is even a source of depression for many people.

"It's a big struggle..."

"My ability to sing, I got Covid twice. I can't sing long notes or high notes anymore, it's a big struggle to return it to the way it was. Which is unfortunate for me because singing well has been something I was proud of for so long."


This must feel devastating whether you planned to make a career out of it or not. Singing is a form of self-expression. Ro lose it must hurt.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed life for us all. Now can you imagine what life might look like once we take the lessons we learned and apply them? It's a major effort – that's what is ahead of us.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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