Everyday seems to bring about more somber news and confusion. But just because the outside world seems to be coming to a pause that doesn't mean education has to stop. It fact it is imperative that learning be one of the fundamentals of this experience. Many, many students have been forced to switch to learning from home online. And be educated online can be an "interesting" experience.

Redditor u/lengelmp wanted to hear from all the students out there who are homeschooling it through this crisis by asking....

Students who's classes have been moved online: what is the funniest thing to happen in an online class so far?


Not even 2 minutes into first online live stream class, moaning noises start coming over the stream. Thinking its a joke, professor stops and asks whoever it is to stop. Noises keep coming, and suddenly they get really loud. Next thing we know, someones mom starts screaming and yelling at someone in the background, and sounds of crying are heard. Turns out someones brother was watching *ahem* adult films and accidentally hooked up to his speaker instead of his headphones, although still not sure how one can actually make that mistake without knowing it.

Anyway, professor continued on with class trying not to laugh as we got to hear every word the mother told her other son from the other room. Best part was after the mom had finally calmed down and stopped yelling the kid who's mother it was got up and called from his doorway, "Mom, can u keep it down, I'm in the middle of online class room". The mother came into the room 2 minutes later and apologized for the excess noise. BEST. LECTURE. EVER. AcceptableRub1



You can set a virtual background e.g. green screen - Set up me in class with Kim Jong-Un beside me for the whole hour at the desk. Robindinho

So Loud. 

Don't know if its funny but my math teacher decided that he wanted coffee, so instead of muting himself he started to boil water. It was the loudest thing I have ever heard through my headphones. It took him another 30 seconds to realize that he didn't mute himself and quickly did. MaxusBork

A student joined in.....

A student joined in, didn't mute his microphone, and started making fun of the teachers name with a family member who was in the room. Didn't realize for a couple seconds before finally muting his microphone. Everybody heard him including the teacher. microbazinga



My professor had allowed his daughter to use his device before starting the video chat. We were silent for a moment until we heard the My Little Pony song playing in full volume. My professor was moved into instant shock and anxiety. DrPorterMk2

3 in....

Professor uploaded 3 videos on 3 topics. Alas, in the last video, there was no sound as his microphone was off.

Poor guy. He had to record and re-upload the entire last lecture. But kudos to him, he did it within a couple of hours. soubhik_

One of You! 

Someone's mum came into my classmates room and told her that she is disappointed and disgusted that she clogged the toilet. PeeLITunder"Which one of you clogged the toilet?

"...WELL, IT WAS DAMN ONE OF YAS!" LotusPrince

Going Black. 

My teacher sent the link to his son to get to online classes as a test to see if it worked. The boy (who was in 7th grade) kept the link so when we were in the middle of class he got on and said, " Help, help me, i've been stuck in this computer for 4", years then the screen went black. My teacher explained it to us then we all laughed. boyler2025


One of the lecturers recorded a powerpoint with voiceover unaware that his webcam was also capturing video. He shared the audio, the presentation and a one hour closeup of subtile movements of his crotch to all his students. The powerpoint presentation didn't excite him much. trinityxxiv

Turn it Off!


Currently enrolled in a electrician trade school. The first class went a little messy. Some of the moments include.

The teacher finding out how to share his screen, then proceeds to draw giant dongs on a white board program.

A loud "can you turn that damn movie off" from one classmate to another, since he had a movie in the background.

A guy thinking he had put his mic on mute, and asked his gf/wife for head (he didn't have a webcam on)

Many, Many technical difficulties (Understandable due to many of the guys in my class being 35-40 range)

A guy drinking a beer, in a tank top, just acting chill about it.

I know many of these are not out of the ordinary, but for a school setting, i couldn't help but laugh. KidVibez

Damn you Mario!


My professor turned on closed captions and when he finally figured out what it was he was like "what type of communist Nintendo technology is this?" gabriey

This is Me... 

Had a seminar this afternoon. I joined the Zoom meeting to see my Oxbridge-educated, world-leading-expert professor lying horizontally in bed.

It's a Master's course and for some reason the image of him giving utterly zero craps just killed me. countrycider

I don't know if it would have been better or worse if he was lying vertically. LoveDaLlamas

Obese Cat. 

On our second online class, one of the kids didn't realize his mic wasn't muted, and proceeded to start talking to his cat (offscreen), who was apparently drinking out of the kid's water glass. It went something like this: "You damn obese cat, you just sit there on your butt and eat all day; you don't even do a damn thing for us."

Before any of us could react, our teacher (a devout environmentalist and the most aggravating teacher I have ever had) started lecturing this kid for being cruel to his pets while we all just watched. Then she actually made this kid apologize to his cat, which took him a long time to do because he was laughing so hard. Lunar_Wolf770


My teachers dog (a small one) run to him during the class. It would've been cute, but it get hilarious when his other dog (Great Dane) run toward him too like it was jealous. It bumped him out of his chair and seemed to be licking him. agenericgirlithink



Someone ripped a massive fart while the teacher was talking and no one knew who did it. sentient_spaghetti


I was attending my class and my roommate who was in the very corner of the camera didn't think he was visible on my camera and proceeded to take a really big hit from his bong when I was talking so my camera was blown up on everybody's screen. duston199o

Cut to Black. 

I had an online meeting with my department about online exams and how they're implemented. One of the senior staff members cut off every once in a while for 5 seconds. Once it happened in the middle of a sentence where he was describing the procedure if a student disconnected during an assessed skype meeting. He went "and in case one of the students cuts off..." and his video feed went black and sound cut off. Beautiful. Geronimou

Waving Bye.....

If anyone has used blackboard for online lectures, you'll know you can click a button to "Raise" your hand and a little icon will pop up next to your name. Since discovering this, everyone on my course has taken to "Waving" bye to each other all at the end of a lecture by repeatedly raising and lowering our hands. It's not much but it's hilarious to see a bunch of notifications pop up at the end of a lecture. tidus9000

50 People Deep.... 

Today was our first online class and I ran really quickly to get my phone from upstairs right... when I left my brother who's 11 ran into the room blasting Minecraft songs and my dog was jumping on him and barking... well I forgot to mute myself so everyone saw and heard what was going on and now my English teacher thinks my family has issues. :) Also, forgot to mention there were like 50 people live on this chat looking at my screen while hearing everything in the background. jasminesoriagonzlez

You're Out!


We were playing a video game on discord while being muted on the call with the class. My friend then decided to lecture me our other teammates how we were bad and what we should do differently, while using a ton of swear words and yelling. Turns out he somehow unmuted himself, so he got kicked out of the call. Fil-IP


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