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People Who Know Someone Super Rich Explain What Makes Them Different

Reddit user sunnybestie asked: 'To people who have also worked with multimillionaires or billionaires, what is something different they do from ordinary people?'

Rolls Royce hood ornament
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The super wealthy aren't like most people.

How can they be?

They live in a world of rarefied air most people will never even glimpse.

That privilege inevitably warps perspectives.

Reddit user sunnybestie asked:

"To people who have also worked with multimillionaires or billionaires, what is something different they do from ordinary people?"

To Drive...

"Years ago a friend of mine’s dad was trying to sell his start-up company and picked-up an investor at the airport."

"He was proud of his classic Rolls Royce and noticed the investor looking around, playing with the air vents."

"So he said 'Is this your first time in a Rolls Royce?'.”

"The guy said no, but it was his first time in the front seat."

~ LanceFree

...Or Not To Drive

"I used to do in person one on one market research interviews with luxury car owners and one thing that struck me after hundreds of interviews was that the only people who drove Rolls Royce's themselves were self made 'new money' wealthy people."

"The old money people all HAD Rolls Royce's but they were driven around in them because one of the reasons that you get a Rolls is the incredible back seat. If the old money were driving themselves, then they would have luxury cars but they very rarely drove Rolls."

"It may have been one of those social faux pax to wealthy old money to be in the same seat as their drivers or something like that but I never actually asked about it."

~ alwaysfailatlife

Sharing Is Caring

"Well the owner of my small company is incredibly wealthy but also rad as f*ck and he drives a literal tank on property all the time just for the fun of it."

"He also owns a very old, gorgeous estate from an extremely influential family (think Vanderbilts) and we throw parties there. But on top of it, he lets his employeees borrow it for events."

"So my husband and I are throwing an anniversary party (never had a reception) in 2024. We have the entire estate and all 10 bedrooms for a whole weekend and it isn’t costing us a single dime.

"If I didn’t work for the company, the cost of the venue would be upwards of $25k for the day."

"I never expected someone so incredibly wealthy to be so down to earth and generous. It’s exactly who I would strive to be at that level of wealth."

~ HistoricalHeart

"Hire a private chef for a casual Tuesday lunch with her girlfriends..."

"$2k, just like that."

~ Tall-Poem-6808

"About 25 years ago, a friend of my dad was turning 65 and treated 50 of his best friends to fly 1st class to London for 5 days, INCLUDING tickets to Phantom of the Opera for all."

"One of his products was just picked up by Walmart for exclusive sale, and he wanted to spend a small bit of his good fortune."

~ perfect_square

Time Is Money

"He managed time very differently than anyone I was used to. E.g., our meeting with him began precisely on schedule, lasted 30 minutes, and there was no chit chat."

"Before this meeting we had a pre-meeting with his admin to discuss expectations. The admin explained that we had to be on time, no introductions/titles just name, no small talk, no marketing, be prepared to answer technical and financial questions quickly and succintly."

"For this latter, if there were numbers we had to know precisely which page of the material had the information."

"When the meeting took place we were brought in exactly—to the second—at the start time. Sat down and within 30 seconds he was asking us all manner of questions."

"I had to field technical questions that appear to be asked not so much for whether my answer was right, but that I didn't hesitate. I also gained a healthy respect for my manager as he was SHARP and answered quickly and accurately."

~ frank-sarno

Simple And Not So Simple Pleasures

"When in elementary school my son's friend's dad was one of the 2 founders of Capital One."

"Mom had a secretary for play dates."

"Dad would fly to London to watch Tottenham football matches—had a permanent seat. Their London house was next to J.K. Rowling's."

"You couldn't tell by the way they dressed or their cars. But their vacations were the big difference."

"Their son loved a mango juice sold maybe 10-15min from their house. I always made sure we had some at mine."

"I send it to him via Amazon occasionally."

~ dcgradc

Higher Expectations

"One old money rich person treated me to a fancy meal and she was super polite and nice and tipped well, what struck me was the decisiveness and confidence that everyone there would cater to her, and they did. She wanted x dish that they didn't make that day and they made it.

"The one that sticks with me was at the end she said "I want a cappuccino with (something) I want them to put a design on it" like I've gotten cute cappuccinos in my life, it doesn't even cost extra."

"It never occurred to me to just ask for everything I want all the time."

"This was the same person that on a business trip hugged me after the flight 'I did it!' Me: 'Oh was this your first time in economy' and she goes 'No, flying commercial'."

~ woman_thorned

"The expectation that someone else will always cater to you is spot-on."

"I work at a really fancy hotel within walking distance of an ivy league university, and the super wealthy people just... expect certain things."

"Most people around them who aren't their friends or family are considered 'the help' (even if they don't say it out loud)."

"They also feel pretty entitled to things, like they will just walk up behind the bar and grab a bottle of wine that they want."

~ Dana_Scully_MD

Fines Are Payment To Do Whatever You Want

"In SoCal there's been a little problem with water so fines were instituted for overuse. $10k/month for really excessive use—water management thought this would really put a stop to wasting water!"

"Folks with enormous lawns at their 2nd or 3rd home in Palm Springs considered $120k/year a 'gardening expense' and continued on as before. It wasn't even a blip on their radar."

"Things did improve a bit when the whole situation was 'named & shamed' in the media... but I bet they're back to the lawns again by now."

~ qpgmr

"For a rich person, anything illegal that results in a fine can be ignored because they do it then just pay the fine."

"Lawyers and political donations are there for the rest."

~ bk2947

"Punishable with a fine' means 'legal for a price'."

~ fightingfish278

"Wealth allows people to express their pre-existing antisocial tendencies."

"Some of us go out of our way not to make life harder for others. Others just don’t give a damn."

"We let the wealthy ones get away with it because of their money."

~ iuseallthebandwidth

Delegate The Mundane

"That's the thing with the extremely wealthy, an overwhelming portion of the time and effort that ordinary people expend just maintaining their lives are taken care of by other people."

"It's very easy to find the time for social and leisure activity when someone else is taking care of all of the mundane sh*t for you."

~ tacknosaddle

"That's the real answer: they have people who handle things for them."

"I dated a gal whose family was 'well off'—dad had sold a company you've heard of for about $600,000,000."

"The whole family had a 'professional assistant', Janice. If someone needed something arranged, text Janice."

"Seven course catered dinner on Christmas Eve? Text Janice. Prep the semi-private jet for a flight cross-country? Janice will set it up."

"Need the oil changed in the Chrysler Town & Country minivan (seriously)? Janice will have it done. Need access to the family's private ranch outside of Aspen? You'll work with the caretaker, and Janice will coordinate."

"I got to spend some time with Janice and she was paid very fairly for her work."

~ persondude27

It's certainly an entirely different way of life. Wish we could text Janice for some things, though!

Do you have any stories to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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''The Sixth Sense'."

'I love movies with plot twists, but I never imagined this one. It caught me completely off guard."- lucasduka

Haley Joel Osment Movie GIFGiphy

The Title Is Also Misleading...

"The second half of 'Parasite'."- iwontrememberthat4

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"'The Game'."- DudeHeadAwesome

"Good one!'

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One Unforgettable Opening Scene


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"IT LIES."- buckyhermit

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"'From Dusk to Dawn' — midway point."

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"'The Others'."

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Or what if we have a familial stake in lands and businesses?

Also, this is a good way to NOT end up dating blood relatives.

The more you know, the less awkward later.

As much as there is a lot of trauma there could be a lot of cool facts to to discuss at parties.

Redditor ForthrightPedant wanted to hear some interesting family histories, so they asked:

"What is a historical fact about your family that you think is kinda neat?"

I don't have any family history.

Of course I've done no investigating.

Maybe I do.

I should look!

Super Talent

Excited Happy Hour GIF by Boomerang OfficialGiphy

"Great-grandpa created the Flintstones. Dan Gordon. Drew lots of Hannah-Barbara cartoons, and directed the first three animated Superman films at the beginning of WW2 as well as several seasons of Popeye, Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound."


Bad Voyage

"My grandfather disliked America and wanted to return to Ireland. He booked passage on the Titanic’s return voyage. If it wouldn’t have sunk, no of us would be here."


"My great-grandmother was a Titanic survivor. She was a steerage-class Lebanese immigrant in an arranged marriage. Her husband went down with the ship but she managed to make it to a lifeboat and made it to the Carpathia. Then she remarried in a Lebanese neighborhood in Virginia. Had it not been for the iceberg that struck and sank the Titanic My family lineage would be different and I wouldn't be here. My family's official toast is 'to the iceberg.'"



"My husband's grandfather was one of the 'forgotten soldiers' in Canada. He was a Canadian-born Chinese man who asked the Canadian government to fight for his right to vote and a passport. Even tho he was born in Canada in the 20’s since he was Chinese he was not considered Canadian."

H"e was dropped into the Burma jungle and was told he would likely never return. He was in the 10% that did return. He was given the right to vote, to a passport, and to University."

"His wife is still alive today and my son is named after him."


​Can you imagine?

"My great-grandmother had 13 kids, so she was pregnant for literally a decade. There’s two hundred of us now, all because of this one woman."


"My great grandma had 14 kids. My grandma was the youngest. She died giving birth to my grandma. The oldest child who was like 22 years old raised my grandma. My great-grandfather remarried a woman who had 10 kids of her own. My grandma would tell me stories of them all living together. Can u imagine? 😦."


Long Ago

american wtf GIF by unimpressionismGiphy

"The land my dad was raised on and my cousins still live on was deeded to the family by George Washington as compensation for service during the Revolution. There was a document with his signature on it at the courthouse until a fire destroyed the records a few decades ago."


So much land and fortune and HISTORY has been lost due to fire.

Thank God we keep more than paper records now.

Over the Moon

Michael Jackson Dancing GIFGiphy

"My second cousin is David Scott who walked on the Moon and drove the moon buggy. My mom does. He was so busy during the time when I was young that he even said later in life that he wished she’d gotten to know more of his family."


The Union

"Great-great-great grandfather on my mom's side was working his field in the part of Virginia that split off and became a new state because they didn't want to secede from The Union. Union soldiers came along looking for conscripts and he was a young, able-bodied man so they told him to come with them. He informed them he was a Quaker and thus a pacifist. According to family lore, that discussion went on for a bit but he would not give in. So they shot him and left him there. Good thing he had a couple of kids well before that day."



"My great-grandfather was offered a chance to invest in a new invention by a guy by the name of Alexander Graham Bell. He declined, saying at most there would be one telephone per town."


"That is apparently my family too."

"One uncle apparently built a version of a hot water heater and then sold the design to GE for a good sum back then."

"Another uncle was asked if he wanted to be in a photo during his military service. He said no so they raised the flag on Iwo Jima without him in it."

"No idea if any of these are true, at best they are enhanced truths, but for me, I really hope they are true."



"I have a relative who worked for the Underground Railroad and had a price on her head in the South."


"My uncle was a carpenter. And was doing restoration work on old houses in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Many of those old, historical homes had underground railroad passageways and hidden walls. He got to see and restore many of them. He had photos of some of the work he was doing and I got to see those as a kid. Living in Southern Ohio, we have a lot of rich underground railroad history here."


​Family Empire

blood discussion GIFGiphy

"My great-grandfather was the town police chief in the 1920s. His brother was the Mayor. Their cousins ran the casino."

"My family was a smaller version of Boardwalk Empire."


Wouldn't we all love a show based on our families?

Then that's even more neat family history.