The Most Unnatural Body Standards That Have Been Normalized By Society

Botox injection on the lips
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The one thing vain people can agree on is the fact that aging is not their friend.

The beauty and cosmetic industry is an extremely profitable business because there is a universal need for many consumers to defy getting older.

Some people go to extremes by going through exhausting beauty enhancement processes and surgeries. But at the end of the day, if it makes them feel good about themselves, there's no harm in subjecting themselves to the rigorous rituals of maintaining their looks, right?

However, one could argue things are getting out of hand.

Looking to highlight the obsession people have with their looks, Redditor Itheworstofall asked:

"What is the most unnatural body standard that has been now normalised?"

Many people try to keep up with appearances or hold on desperately to their youth. But others can see right through them.

"All Natural" Isn't What It Seems

"The fact that what so many people think is an 'all natural, no makeup look' is actually concealer, powder, contour, blush, lip gloss, lashes, brows, and often eyeshadow and liner."

– marquisdelafayette3

Luscious Locks

"As I’m (F55) getting older, I naively thought I’d always have thick hair. You see older women with thick, luxurious hair all the time on TV/film/advertising. Some I’m sure have genes that let then keep their hair, but it’s not the norm. Only recently have I learned a lot of these older women use hair pieces, extensions and wigs to give them youthful looking hair."

– jbarinsd

Stiff And Swollen

"Overly filled lips, excessive botox/fillers in the face. Everyone looks the same."

– Conscious_Heron_8532

Using filters to enhance one's looks has become an all-too common practice on social media.

Smooth Countenance

"Skin with absolutely no discernible texture."

– SarahSureShot

Request To Go Back To The Way It Was

"I hate social media for the filters. Can we go back to natural beauty flaws and all please?"

– PrincessPeach1229

A Singer's Makeover

"Every time I watch Carrie Underwood sing the Sunday Night Football theme I think to myself, 'She is an objectively attractive individual. Why on earth do they airbrush her into a horror show?' It's so jarring. And you see this in all media, all the time. Men and women. I hate it too."

– rhetoricalnonsense

Foreign Erotica

"While stationed in Italy, I was shocked at their porn magazines. It's just regular women with really sh**ty makeup. Nothing airbrushed or tweaked. American stuff looks cartoonishly ridiculous in comparison. I prefer the real stuff."


Bad Standard

"I… HATE.. seeing airbrushed photos of women ."

"I’m a 30 year old dude. It’s unnatural, it’s unattractive, and more importantly it sets seriously unrealistic standard for women and girls, especially those who use social media."

– jawnlerdoe

What about the chompers?

It's Blinding

"Obnoxiously white teeth"

– UnluckyInflation4130

The Gleam Beam

"Just saw a guy on People's Court that had obviously whitened teeth. Wasn't too obvious until he smiled, and they seemed to be radiating their own light..."

– GrandSpecter

Stigmatization Of Enamel

"Dentin, the substance beneath your tooth enamel, is a pale yellow. That's all it is. The new trend that only bright white teeth are healthy teeth is money making bullsh*t."

– rhetoricalnonsense

We all have a streak of vanity–some stronger than others.

It's the individual's prerogative to do what is necessary to make them think they look more appealing.

I won't speak for everyone, but I've accepted the fact we can't reverse the aging process and that fighting it is futile.

I've grown to own the wrinkles on my face. They're marks of the highs and lows of life, which are indicators that I'm still grateful to be here, white hairs, age spots, and all!

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