People Break Down The TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon
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If you missed it, fan-favorite Starz comedy "Party Down" was recently announced as having a new season in development.

A cult comedy classic, the show became a victim of its stars own success as many of the actors on the show moved on to other bigger projects (GLEE, Parks & Recreation, Silicon Valley, etc.) While many fans feel it was cancelled too soon, seeing it come back gives hope to a lot of people.

We all have that one show we wish got the "one more season" treatment, and if you ask us, we'll tell you what and why.

Reddit user, superkevinguru, wanted to know what show was cut off too soon when they asked:

"What is a TV show that was canceled way too soon?"

We like to laugh, so its always a bummer when our favorite comedy goes off the air. It means we have one less thing to make us giggle and brighten our day than we did before.

"Ants. No, ghosts. No, I don't know."

"Better Off Ted" ~ marS311

"such a good show. 100% truth" ~ AnrianDayin

"We want to weaponize a pumpkin." ~ marS311

A Victim Of Real World Circumstances

"Pushing Daisies" ~ pocashauntas

"Stupid writers strike—— I really loved the premise, the cast, and the way the stories were told." ~ JoeMomma1975

Drew Barrymore Eating People. How Can You Lose?

"Santa Clarita Diet! Such a bummer that was cancelled, so funny!" ~ flunkhaus

"This. Man I wanted more of it. :(" ~ AustinJG

"How are there not more comments on this"


Spreading All The Good

"What the hell happened after the cliffhanger in My Name is Earl?" ~ i_simp_4_tedcruz

"Man. We need a final season. I don't care if we find a way to bs the plot so that Earl is still in the middle of that story years later." ~ sketchysketchist

"I remember reading an interview were the creator had intended for earl to never finish his list, that he would come across another person working on their list, and he would see all the good he had spread." ~ Fastman903

There's a lot that goes into cancelling a show. Perhaps the network is moving in a different direction or maybe the show isn't bringing in the ratings they hoped for.

Whatever the reason, it will never satisfy hardcore fans.

Got To Get Ahead Of Crazy

"Mindhunter." ~ theRealAriel666

"Not officially canceled"

"(Holding out hope)" ~ Secondhand_Merkin

"Dude I swear. I have so many questions. The adopted kids character arc was really getting interesting, I really wanna know what happens." ~ theRealAriel666

We Don't Have Enough Comic Book Adaptations

"Daredevil" ~ Thekenobiawakens

"Especially with Bullseye still lurking" ~ Distinct-Seat5853

"For me it's Punisher" ~ Antisteffystah

"Why did I have to scroll so far down for this?" ~ POKing99

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"...Oh Yeah, And Dragons."

"Rome, it was Game Of Thrones 10 years before GOT was even an idea and pretty historically accurate for its scale." ~ Ironically__Swiss

"I'm imagining a pitch meeting for Game of Thrones with HBO execs:"

"OK. Remember Rome? Imagine all the sex and sword fighting from Rome, but turn the backstabbing and political intrigue up to 11. Oh yeah, and dragons." ~ Graybeard

This Show Sounds Nuts

"For those that remember it, Terra Nova. It got cancelled by FOX after only one season and was later bought by Netflix, giving hope the show's fans that it would find its footing elsewhere, but Netflix never did anything w/ it. It had some great acting and a compelling plot." ~ Elegant-Narwhal-506


"Yeah that show was great. Left off on a pretty exciting premise too. So sad it never went anywhere, I'd love to see where the writers wanted to take it!" ~ GumberculesLuvThtGuy

Usually, when this topic of discussion happens online, there's two shows that are almost always brought up as being victims of the cancellation button long before their time...

No Power In The 'Verse Can Stop Me

"Firefly" ~ f-ckpepsi2

"Admittedly while I love the show, I think that the reason for it being so fondly remembered is that it was short and sweet. It didn't go long enough to drag out into mediocrity." ~ NinjaBreadManOO

"the correct answer will always be firefly" ~ AnrianDayin

Go Back And Watch And See How Many Big Names Were On Here

"Freaks and geeks, I would have liked to have seen atleast another season." ~ seank8686

"The ending clearly sets up for another season but executives just didnt get it. Unfortunate." ~ BBQRibs_FriedChicken

"I came here to say this. They kept on getting the worst time slots, such a perfect show" ~ beffiny

Watch what you love. Tell people about it, spread the love, and make sure you support it in whatever way you can. That's the only way you can ensure something stays on for as long as possible.

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