People Break Down Which TV Shows No One Else Seems To Remember
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As a kid, I remember being obsessed (like obsessed) with David the Gnome and his fox Swift. I was tuned in daily to watch the adventures, get all misty eyed for the hurt animals the gnomes saved, and sobbed in abject wonder when the gnomes finally lived all 400 years of their gnome life and transitioned into the trees that make up the woods they live in.

The trees are their ancestors, y'all! The treeees! They protect the trees because they're family. Trees grow intertwined because they were so in love when they were gnomes.

Fam! This show was everything ... except memorable for other people because I was in my 30s talking to someone from another country before I met the first person who remembered this show.

Which, honestly, is kind of insulting to gnomes and trees.

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Not all television and movies are loved by all.

A story and its characters have to appeal to you in order for you to be engaged.

It can take next to nothing for us to lose interest and let the screen go black.

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People Break Down The Most Satisfying TV Finales Of All-Time
Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

TV leaves a special impact on the viewer, sometimes more than movies.

It's because we live with these characters.

We take several journeys with them, not just a quick two hour ride.

That's why the finales are so special.

They can complete us or leave us broken for life.

Let's discuss the good.

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Every now and then, we find ourselves watching a film or television show, and can't help but raise an eyebrow over something we just saw.

With all the jumps and dangerous situations he's found himself in, would Tom Cruise really have lived long enough to appear in eight Mission: Impossible films?

Or would Bridget Jones really get a job anchoring a news show with no relevant experience, and only her innate charm?

True, these just require the basic suspension of disbelief we're expected to bring with us to movie theaters.

Even so, we still find ourselves shaking our heads at inaccurate depictions of real life jobs or hobbies which could have been easily solved with a little research.

Redditor Itchy-Ingenuity6833 was curious to hear what inaccurate depictions in film and TV constantly frustrated the Reddit community, leading them to ask:

"What’s something that’s always wrongly depicted in movies and tv shows?"
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People Share The Things They Find Completely Overrated

For the life of me, I can't understand how anyone could still watch The Walking Dead. I just checked and the damn thing has had 11 seasons. 11 seasons!

Can you imagine?

People enjoy watching characters follow a set of train tracks for an entire season I guess. (For context, I made it to the beginning of the seventh season before I threw in the towel, and it was really testing my patience well before then.)

But there's so much more out there that's equally overrated. Television is the least of our problems.

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